Cervical Mucus Before Period

Throughout your monthly cycle, the cervical mucus in your vagina will change. Right before your period, the cervical music will be different than it is at the end. This does not mean that anything is wrong with you; it is completely natural for things to change throughout the month. Even beyond monthly changes, it is also normal for there to be a variation between different women. Each woman may have a different cycle length, fluid discharge and symptoms. Often, younger girls will even have cervical mucus begin to discharge for several years before their period actually begins.

Although it may be weird to think about, cervical mucus can actually be a practical thing to track. This will help you to know when you are about to have your period once you get used to tracking it. In addition, tracking your cervical mucus over a period of a few months will help you figure out when you are most or least likely to become pregnant.

What Happens to Cervical Mucus Right Before Your Period

Your body will normally produce cervical mucus throughout the month, but it will produce the most right before your period against. Mucus levels normally peak about five days before your period, and it will appear clear and thin. During this time, it will be fairly elastic. If you were to have the mucus between your fingers, it would stretch easily. Basically, the thickness, clear color and the texture of the cervical mucus are all signs that your period is about to begin. This occurs because a boost of estrogen right before your period signals glands in your body to release extra mucus.

Your body is designed to help you get pregnant, whether you want it to happen or not. When your body is at the peak level of fertilization, it will produce mucus that contains extra acid. This acid essentially provides an extra layer of protection for the sperm, and your body temperature increases for this reason as well. Right before ovulation, your body will boost acidity and temperature for the best environment for the sperm. During ovulation and right beforehand, you are at your peak fertility. If you were to have unprotected sex at this time, the sperm would be able to easily move through your body and fertilize the egg.

The Stages of Cervical Mucus Production

Before your period and at various points throughout the month, your cervical mucus production will change. Immediately before your period starts, cervical mucus may dry up in preparation for your menstrual cycle.

Stage One: Immediately after your menstrual cycle ends, it is quite normal to be dry. Basically, there are a few days where your body is gearing up for the transition from your period to normal. During this time, cervical mucus will disappear, and you are unlikely to become pregnant. You should still practice safe sex, however, because the presence of sperm in your body can actually stimulate your body to release an egg if it is close enough to your normal ovulation day.

Stage Two: As you enter the second stage of your cycle, your cervical mucus will start to increase in quantity. It will most likely feel sticky at this point, and this indicates that ovulation has not occurred. Before long, this situation will change as your body prepares to ovulate in another week.

Stage Three: During the third stage of the month, you will notice a marked increase in cervical mucus. It will appear cloudy and may appear on your underwear when you go to the bathroom. This stage is extremely important because it means that you will ovulate within the next couple of days. If your goal is to avoid pregnancy, this is the worst time to have unprotected sex because you are extremely likely to get pregnant. By tracking your cervical mucus, you will have a better idea of when you can and cannot get pregnant.

Stage Four: If you have a 28-day cycle, then day 14 is normally the time when you will ovulate. At this point, cervical mucus will increase even more and it will look similar to egg whites. It will feel elastic, clear and have the consistency of egg whites. Basically, your body is trying to create the perfect environment for a pregnancy. This stage takes about three days, and it is when you are at your peak fertility. If you are trying to get pregnant, this is the time to schedule a date night with your partner. Your body has made the right acidity and lubrication for the sperm to reach the egg, so you are ready to get pregnant if you want to.

Throughout your menstrual cycle, your cervical mucus can change drastically. By tracking your cervical mucus, you can know exactly how fertile your body is and be prepared for your upcoming period. If you do not plan on having children however, you should continue to use protection so that you do not end up pregnant.

Cervical Mucus Right Before Your Period

As a general rule of thumb, you can assume that you are near your most fertile when watery, lubricated cervical mucus is present. Creamy cervical mucus is thick and may stop sperm from entering the cervix, so you have a lower chance of getting pregnant during this time. Sticky cervical mucus is known for being the least conducive to pregnancy. During this time, your cervical mucus may have a pasty, chunky texture that makes it harder for sperm to enter your cervix.

You are at your highest level of fertility during the month when you have egg white cervical mucus. This is the best acidity for sperm, and the higher heat in your body makes it easier for sperm to swim to the egg. During this time, cervical mucus can be stretched without breaking and will seem elastic. Spend a few months learning to track the differences between the different types of cervical mucus so that you are able to tell your fertility level at a glance.


  1. My period was due today, no sign of it. I have had more creamy and egg whiteish CM in the last week leading up to AF. Been TTC and haven’t succeeded yet. Any ideas? My cycle is a normal 28- day cycle and is always on time.

    • It may just be slightly off. Lifestyle factors or even the stress of trying to conceive can throw you period off slightly. You can always take a pregnancy test if it does not start soon to find out for sure. Otherwise, I would just wait for your period to start. Good luck, Lee!

  2. TTC. Has sex during my ovulation window. I got a positive ovulation test. Never had spotting or brown spotting btw my period. My period is 5 days away. Only symptoms I’ve had from my ovulation day until now is bloating,only 2 days of tender heavy breasts , mild cramping off and on. We are wishing for baby #2!

    • Some of those symptoms can also be caused by PMS, so don’t get your hopes up too much yet. All you can do is wait until your period was supposed to start, take a pregnancy test and hope to get a positive result. Good luck, Angel!

  3. I also have been tracking my cm, my husband and I are ttc,i have been having severe back pain, stomach cramps,adominal pain, constipation,leg Pain, tender breast I also take folic acid…. I really freaking out my period is due on the 7th. Pls help

    • You could be pregnant, having an early miscarriage or have some type of gastrointestinal infection/disorder. The uterus expands in early pregnancy, which can lead to some stomach or lower back pains. Unfortunately, some of these pains may also occur if you are having an early miscarriage or a number of other problems. The best thing that you can do is to call your doctor, tell him/her all of your symptoms and see if they want you to come in and get checked out.

  4. I have only been tracking my cm for a month but i have done extensive research on it and i feel comfortable knowing the difference. My hubby and i have been ttc. We have had sex every other day of my ovulation week. The day of my ovulation we also had sex. Every day after that my cm has been creamy. My period is due on the 8th. I have extremely sore breast which is normal but my nipples are really sore which isnt normal. I have had constant heartburn randomly throughout the day for the last three day now & i am extremely constipated. All test i have taken said negative. HELP! Im freaking out wondering am i pregnant or is this pms

    • Either option is possible. Unfortunately, it may be too early to test because your hCG levels might not be high enough to register until after your period is supposed to start. All you can do is wait until after the 8th, see if you get your period and then take a pregnancy test again. Good luck, LThomas!


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