Chances of Getting Pregnant from Precum

In order to get pregnant, you need a few things. You need a good, healthy egg released from the woman and some good sperm delivered from the man. You need a warm, healthy and hospitable environment to encourage the egg to not only become fertilized in the first place, but also to move along the fallopian tubes and make its way to your uterus where it will implant and hopefully stay for approximately eight and half to nine months when you will then develop a baby.

We all know how the reproductive system works but despite this, there are still many misconceptions flying around, just one of the being that you can’t get pregnant from pre-ejaculate, or precum as it is commonly called.

If you’d heard otherwise, the information you’re receiving is wrong. It IS possible for this to happen and the chances of getting pregnant from precum are probably higher than you may have first thought.

Chances of getting pregnant from precum

Although pre-ejaculate generally contains less in the way of active and mobile sperm than ejaculate itself, studies have shown that there is still quite a high sperm count in that precum. This means, if you are having unprotected sex around the time your egg is due to be released, there is still a chance that you could get pregnant.

The chances are greatly reduced than if the man was to ejaculate inside you but sperm can still live for up to seven days in a warm and hospitable environment meaning that within that precum, the sperm could still live in your vagina and cervix for seven days potentially causing unwanted pregnancy.

Most people aren’t aware of the precum ever being present, let along that sperm may be alive and mobile within it, making it harder to know whether or not you have actually be in contact with the body fluid, but when you consider that a man will generally start creating this natural lubrication when he starts to become erect, there is a chance that the fluid will have been there right from the beginning of your activities.

In conclusion 

Although it isn’t very common, there is still a chance that you could get pregnant if you come into contact with male pre-ejaculate. If you have had penetrative sex with your partner and your vagina or cervix has come into contact with his body fluids, there could be sperm present also.

The chances are increased further if you have already had sex with your partner, or your partner has masturbated earlier on that day. In cases such as this, there could still be sperm present in the vagina or penis and when the pre-ejaculate starts to flow, this could sweep the remaining sperm through.

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  1. i had masturbated a bit the same day earlier but did not ejacualate , i peed twice throughout the day about 10 hours later , we were just fooling but I put the tip in my girlfriends vagina and pulled out about 20 seconds before I was gonna cum , were scared of my Precum , can she be pregnant ?

    • It is less likely that precum would get your girlfriend pregnant, although it is still possible. Urinating before or after sex does not decrease the chances of getting her pregnant. The only thing that prevents a pregnancy is to use condoms, birth control or a combination each and every time you have sexual intercourse. She is probably not pregnant, but you need to start using condoms to prevent a future pregnancy.

  2. Me and my girlfriend had unprotected sex and I took her virginity for the first time ever this was actually our first time having sexual Intercourse she gave me a handjob I cummed but then I peed 15 minutes later I heard that pee kills sperm cells so we had sex later on I had the condom on then I took it off then we had sex until her hymen popped I never even came or anything I was just wondering if any Precum could’ve gotten her pregnant

    • Pee does not kill sperm cells. Even if it did, there are millions of sperm in your ejaculate, and only one has to live and get through to cause a pregnancy. While precum is less likely to get someone pregnant, it is still possible. She is probably not pregnant, but you should really make sure to use condoms each and every time there is any genital contact.

  3. I had sex the 25th of February he didn’t ejaculate inside me and I got my period March 7th. Is it possible to still be pregnant

    • You are most likely not pregnant. If your period was normal, then it is unlikely that you were pregnant. You can always take a pregnancy test just to be sure, but you are probably not pregnant. To prevent a pregnancy in a future though, you need to make sure that you use protection every time that you have sex.

  4. Hi there,
    I am 16 and am freaking out because I am worried about the chances of me being pregnant.
    My period started Sunday, March 12th, and my boyfriend and I were together on the 15th, both our genitals were exposed, and he did not have a condom and I was not on any birth control. There is a possibility that some precum could’ve gotten on my vagina, but he did not penetrate. He also ejaculated away from me, and it did not touch me. The next morning I took the Plan B pill just in case.
    I am so paranoid that I will have a baby, and I cannot handle that responsibility in my life. I am stressing so much and I am worried I am going to start having panic attacks. Please help!!

    • It is unlikely that you were pregnant. Precum is already less likely to get your pregnant, and it sounds like you did not have sexual intercourse either. You can take a pregnancy test after your period is supposed to start to be sure, but you are most likely not pregnant. If you do not want to get pregnant, you need to use condoms whenever there is any sexual contact and you may want to go on birth control. If you do not want to or cannot do either of these things, you may also need to consider abstinence as an alternative.

  5. My Boyfriend and I had sex today… Two days after my period completely stopped… He is directing his penis in my vagina and started thrusting but the penis didn’t cam inside of me, however it only lasted for only at least 10 trusts, and I stopped him. I wiped my vagina after and noticed some wet, I was confused if it’s from him or mine so I smelled it and it smells vaginal discharge so I was relieved. A minute after, I had to pee, so I peed. Does it decrease the possibility of conception? Another thing, we did it again but this time he ejaculated before and we did the same scenario, no penetration at all, just thrusting but it didn’t came in and it didn’t last that long, because I was too scared… If my period just stopped completely two days before we had sex, which was March 22 because I had my period on the 16th, am I ovulating? Also, am I pregant?

    • Peeing does not decrease the possibility of conception. Precum can get you pregnant though (although it is far less likely), so you really need to start using condoms every time you have sexual intercourse or start using birth control medication. It is also probably too early for you to ovulate unless you are having an irregular cycle this month. You are most likely not pregnant, but you should really find a birth control method that works for you to prevent future pregnancies from happening.

  6. My boyfriend and I had a little bit of sex, where it is possible that he could have precumed inside of me. He didn’t fully come that night at all.. nor prior to us having sex.. and I wasn’t ovulating could I be pregnant?

    • While it is possible that you could be pregnant, it is unlikely. Precum has a lower concentration of sperm, and you were not ovulating. While you may not be pregnant now, it is important to always use condoms and/or birth control medication whenever you have sexual intercourse unless you plan on becoming pregnant.


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