Chances of Getting Pregnant from Precum

In order to get pregnant, you need a few things. You need a good, healthy egg released from the woman and some good sperm delivered from the man. You need a warm, healthy and hospitable environment to encourage the egg to not only become fertilized in the first place, but also to move along the fallopian tubes and make its way to your uterus where it will implant and hopefully stay for approximately eight and half to nine months when you will then develop a baby.

We all know how the reproductive system works but despite this, there are still many misconceptions flying around, just one of the being that you can’t get pregnant from pre-ejaculate, or precum as it is commonly called.

If you’d heard otherwise, the information you’re receiving is wrong. It IS possible for this to happen and the chances of getting pregnant from precum are probably higher than you may have first thought.

Chances of getting pregnant from precum

Although pre-ejaculate generally contains less in the way of active and mobile sperm than ejaculate itself, studies have shown that there is still quite a high sperm count in that precum. This means, if you are having unprotected sex around the time your egg is due to be released, there is still a chance that you could get pregnant.

The chances are greatly reduced than if the man was to ejaculate inside you but sperm can still live for up to seven days in a warm and hospitable environment meaning that within that precum, the sperm could still live in your vagina and cervix for seven days potentially causing unwanted pregnancy.

Most people aren’t aware of the precum ever being present, let along that sperm may be alive and mobile within it, making it harder to know whether or not you have actually be in contact with the body fluid, but when you consider that a man will generally start creating this natural lubrication when he starts to become erect, there is a chance that the fluid will have been there right from the beginning of your activities.

In conclusion 

Although it isn’t very common, there is still a chance that you could get pregnant if you come into contact with male pre-ejaculate. If you have had penetrative sex with your partner and your vagina or cervix has come into contact with his body fluids, there could be sperm present also.

The chances are increased further if you have already had sex with your partner, or your partner has masturbated earlier on that day. In cases such as this, there could still be sperm present in the vagina or penis and when the pre-ejaculate starts to flow, this could sweep the remaining sperm through.

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  1. Hi. I Had sex with my ex on Jan 22nd. We started off using a condom and ended up taking it off. Mid-way through the sex I stopped him. Meaning he did not ejaculate in me. Using a fertility app, the first day of ovulation was due on the 27th of Jan. On this day (the 27th) I also had unprotected sex with my usual partner and he ejaculated in me two or more times. On the 29th we did it again and he ejaculated in me again at least two or more times. On the app it says I was most fertile on the 29th. Now I am 18wks pregnant, with my conception date being the 29th of Jan. Who do you think is most likely to be the father? My ex or current? Please help me, it’s driving me crazy!!

    • It is most likely your current partner. While there is always a chance that it is your ex, precum is not that likely to get you pregnant, so it probably is not him. You will still have to wait for the baby to be born to know for sure.

  2. i had unprotected/ protected sex with my gf, im afraid that my precum may have gotten inside her but i hadn’t came since the Thursday before. we had sex that sunday which was 4 days later. its been three days and a response would help me out alot because i am very scared. can you please tell me

    • It is possible that she is pregnant if you ejaculated in her. If it was just precum, then it is possible, but not likely. The only way to know for sure is to wait and see if her period starts. In the future, make sure to use a condom or other form of birth control any time you have sex.

  3. Yesterday my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex. Which he pulled out well before he came but I am still really worried. He did cum before from other sexual activities but well before we did anything else because we took breaks.. in not sure what I should do? Should I be really worried? My period is supposed to be starting soon if that means anything

    • You are probably not pregnant, but you should make sure to use protection whenever there is genital contact. You probably weren’t ovulating, and precum less likely to get you pregnant anyway. While there is still a chance, you probably are not pregnant.

  4. I had sex 8 days ago. He did not use a condom, however he pulled out in enough time to get into position for me to swallow. I am on the pill and have been consistently. I forgot to pick it up and started my pack a day late. I’ve been told it should still be effective? I happened to see it was around my time of when I would ovulate (even though my bc pill stops that) so 11 hours after I took Plan B. I am a week out from my period and just totally freaking myself out. Should I be okay?

    • You will probably be okay. You should use an alternative form of birth control for the next month because missing the pill and taking plan B may mess with how effective it is. Since you took plan B, your period may also be slightly off, so don’t panic if it is a couple of days late. If it is late, just take a pregnancy test to be sure and rest your mind.

  5. Hi, I really need answers…
    So, my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex everyday for a week straight (one rest day) and as far as i know- he didn’t cum in me… However! after he came every time he would get a towel and wipe himself off then go back in. We had sex up to 3 or more times a day, every day, for a week. It has been almost 2 weeks since then and I am suppose to get my period this week. Normally I wouldn’t think much of pregnancy but I am having these weird symptoms (I am not sure if they are pregnancy related) But for example: Every time i drink milk it makes my stomach hurt and i threw up after drinking it yesterday. I have a few other things happening that I would be happy to share with you if you need further detail. What are my chances of being pregnant? What are things i should look for (Besides my period) and how long should i wait to take the test if i don’t have my period this week as it should be? OH! one main reason that I am here asking is because my mom… She and I both have dreams and often they do come true. She told me 2 days ago that she had a dream that on “June 17th” i came to her and took a pregnancy test that turned out as positive…. She keeps throwing baby names at me and without even knowing about my sex life she strongly believes that i could be pregnant. Since most of her dreams do come true,this has got me on the edge of my seat haha…..
    Thank you so much in advance

    • It is possible that you are pregnant, and a pregnancy test would be the only way to find out for sure. It may seem like dreams come true, but these are most likely just coincidences. All you can do is wait until your period was supposed to start and take a pregnancy test. You can get a test for $1 at just about any dollar store, so it is a cheap way to set your mind at ease and find out for sure. Good luck, Valerie!

  6. Hello, I just had a mix of protected and unprotected sex today with my partner. She said her period was last week, and I did not ejaculate in her – rather in the condom first, and then outside.
    1. What are the chances of her getting pregnant?
    2. As sperm can live from 3-5 days, will it be in her ovulation period?
    3. Does the lubricant in the Condom affect the pre-cum in anyway?

    Thank you.

    • Anytime sexual fluids can potentially be exchanged, it can cause pregnancy. The chances are low, but it is possible and you could be the unlucky one. Sperm can live up to five days, and it is possible that it would be during her ovulation time–she may have even ovulated already because there can be some variance from woman-to-woman and month-to-month. (This is one of the biggest reasons why you should always use protection and not just rely on rhythm or calendar methods.) As for the condom, it is possible, but definitely do not count on it. Some condoms use spermicides, which would impact any sperm. Not every condom does, and spermicides are not perfectly effective, so don’t count on the spermicide (if the condom had any) being enough to prevent a pregnancy.

  7. I and my girlfriend were justing rubbing our genitals. I was rubbing my pe*** over here vag** and cli****. I had cum before and did not pee. I did not ejaculated while rubbing. She also took emergency contraceptive pill within 24 hours.
    She is about to get her periods 10 days from now.
    Are there chances of pregnancy?
    Please respond.

      • Understood. Use a condom next time. It is really unlikely that she is pregnant, especially since she took emergency contraception. Use a condom in the future if there is any genital contact.

    • It is extremely unlikely that she is pregnant, although theoretically possible. Her period may come early or later this month though because she took the emergency contraceptive pill, so don’t panic. She is probably not pregnant. You should make sure to use a condom whenever there is any type of genital contact in the future.

  8. Hi. Me and my girlfriend had sex 2 nights ago. And I just wanted to make sure everything was okay. I had a condom on it didn’t break or anything and I didn’t ejaculate either. Their should be no risk then right? Thank you

    • There is always a risk of pregnancy when you have sex. That said, it is very unlikely provided you used protection properly. If you had a condom on and used it correctly, there is only a very slight risk of pregnancy. If you two are concerned about getting pregnant, you may want to consider birth control options like the IUD or the pill as an added measure.

  9. Hi i had a one night stand 2 weeks ago, the woman said she was using the coil contraception, and i also didn’t ejaculate in her and hadn’t ejaculated previously for 4 days and had urinated multiple times before intercourse.
    Is there any chance the pre cum could cause pregnancy even with her using the coil and no previous ejaculations.? is there any chance or am i being stupid worrying ?

    • It seems like you may have commented twice on this one. I have to answer each comment individually, so it may sometimes take me a little while to answer them all. If you do not see your response right away, do not worry because you will. Read through my last response and let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for commenting!

  10. Hi i had a one night stand 2 weeks ago, the woman said she was using the coil contraception, and i also didn’t ejaculate in her and hadn’t ejaculated previously for 4 days and had urinated multiple times before intercourse.
    Is there any chance the pre cum could cause pregnancy even with her using the coil and no previous ejaculations.?

    • First, let’s clear up a common myth urinating does not remove pregnancy risk. Neither does abstaining from ejaculating or ejaculating frequently. If you have sex without protection, you can get the woman pregnant. Even with precum, there is a small chance of getting her pregnant. With that said, IUDs are extremely effective at preventing a pregnancy. If she is using an IUD, it is highly unlikely that she is pregnant. Precum is also less likely to get her pregnant (although still possible), so your chances would be even lower. Your number of previous ejaculations and urinating have no effect on your chances of getting her pregnant.

  11. Hi me and my gf had sex awhile ago i masturbated in the morning and had her coming over at my house before we had sex i urinate and rub the tip of my penis with a towel because i heard that if i urinate pre-cum will be gone ? Or sperk will be gone at the tip of my penis please help i dont want to be a dad yet 🙁

    • It is unlikely that this sexual encounter will result in pregnancy. However, it is certainly possible that it will. The best option, if you are not prepared to have children, it to use protection. Keep this in mind in the future. Good luck, Andre.

  12. I had sex with my GF on April 8. Her last period was on March 25. I did not ejaculate, but I’m worried about precum. We used protection when we have done it in the past. She has had signs of PMS for the last week, without cramps. Recently, April 28 we had protected sex, but afterward there was a thick clumpy discharge coming from vaginas area. What does this mean?

    • It is unlikely, but certainly possible, for precum to cause pregnancy. Continue to support her at this time. If she has pregnancy symptoms, then she should take a pregnancy test five days after her normal period date. Good luck, A.J.!

      • Thank you for the response. Her period is now at 35 days. She said her normal period is around 37 days. I had penetration unprotected, but there was no precum and I didn’t ejaculate. That was on April 8. We continued with protected sex. I checked the condom and it was not compromised. She doesn’t have the cramps. What is the thick discharge that looked like clumps of cottage cheese? That occurred right after having protected sex with her. She said she isnt ovulating around this time.

        • I’m sorry her menstrual cycle is at 35 days. She told me her normal cycle goes that long. She has also been under a lot of stress and has told me she has missed her period in the past or it has gone 40 days without Aunt Flo? Please advise?

          • The thick fluid that you seen may have been due to friction during sex. There is natural lubrication in the female body that may become hick during intercourse. Since you were protected, it is highly unlikely for her to become pregnant. If she has missed her period for the last 40 days, then she should take a pregnancy test at this time. Good luck, A.J.!

        • The thick fluid that you seen may have been due to friction during sex. There is natural lubrication in the female body that may become hick during intercourse. Since you were protected, it is highly unlikely for her to become pregnant. If she has missed her period for the last 40 days, then she should take a pregnancy test at this time. Good luck, A.J.!

  13. Hello, I had unprotected sex with my gf and I didn’t cum in her and I peed before the first intercourse and also after it, so I peed before the second one. Are there high chances of her being pregnant?

    • It is possible, but unlikely, for precum to cause pregnancy. That said, it is still possible, so support her at this time. If she notices pregnancy symptoms, then she should take a pregnancy test five days after her normal period date. Good luck, Theodor!

  14. me and my bf were just rubbing our genitals on each other with a condom but there was only precum is there a high chance of pregnancy ?

    • If there was a condom and no ejaculation, then the chances of you becoming pregnant are essentially zero. However, if the condom was removed or broken, then there is a chance. Rest easy at this time. Have a great day, Anon!

  15. Had sex with my girlfriend without condom on 13th of April, I’m pretty sure there was no ejaculation, even urinated and took a bath before intercourse, the intercourse only lasted for about few minutes. Her period was on the 7th of April, had sex on the 7th day of her period, she usually has a 27-30 days cycle, what are the chances of pregnancy?

    • If you are almost sure that you didn’t ejaculate, then it sounds like there was a chance that you did. If you didn’t, then her chances of becoming pregnant are small, but still possible. If you did, then she may certainly be pregnant. It would be beneficial for her to continue to monitor her experiences at this time. Good luck, Jensen!

  16. Hi. My partner and I had unprotected sex yesterday. I’m on day 10 of my menstrual cycle which is on average 38 days long. I’ve read that ovulation usually occurs around 2 weeks before menstruation which wold mean that I’m nowhere near my fertility window. Plus, my partner didn’t ejaculate in me. Should I take a morning after pill to be on the safe side or is it unnecessary as my chance of pregnancy is extremely low?

    • If your partner did not ejaculate, then it is unlikely that you are pregnant at this time. However, it is certainly possible to become pregnant due to precum. You probably do not need to take a morning after pill, but you may want to take one to be safe. Best of luck, Amanda!

      • Hi, I had sex with this girl 4 days ago and she told everyone that she is pregnant already. I did not cum inside of her at all. She says she was on birth control but that’s hard to believe. I did not have protection which was dumb of me. But how likely do you think she can already know she is pregnant in 4 days? Is that possible? And what is the percentage chance of my getting her pregnant from pre cum?

        • That is probably impossible. Unless she was already pregnant, it would be too early for a pregnancy test to pick up any hCG. A normal pregnancy test would not be able to pick hCG up yet. She could be pregnant, but it is unlikely from just precum. I would definitely recommend not sleeping with her again–if you do, don’t trust her to actually be using birth control. If she is pregnant, definitely have a paternity test after the child is born because there is a decent chance that any pregnancy would be from a previous sexual encounter.

  17. Hi I’m 16 and I had unprotected sex and I didn’t cumm in her but I’m scared about my pre cumm and than I gave her a plan B two days afterwards. Can you help me?

    • If she took plan B, then she should be fine. It is extremely effective as long as it is taken correctly and early enough. From now on, you should make sure to use a condom any time that there is genital contact to prevent a pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.


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