Cum in Eye

Even when you seem to be doing everything right, it is always possible for things to go wrong during sexual intercourse. You may have been performing oral sex or he may have pulled out at the wrong time. Either way, you can end up in the awkward situation where you have cum or semen in your eye. If this is a question that you have asked at some point, you are not alone. Although it seems like a problem that would fix itself along the way, many women still have this question.

Will It Hurt My Health to Have Cum in the Eye?

When the cum hits your eye, your first response may be to panic. You may worry that it could affect your physical health or that it will damage your eye. The most likely result may be some brief pain, burning or redness. Your main worry is about what to do to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. The lining and tissue of the eye can easily absorb bacteria or viruses, so it is fairly easy for sexually transmitted diseases through this tissue—if you have cum in your eye, that is. If you and your partner have already been tested, then there should be nothing to panic over. Considering the awkwardness of the situation, you probably do not want to call a doctor. If you are sleeping with someone new or you are not sure if they have a sexually transmitted disease, you can always get tested by your doctor. You should probably be doing this anyway, so don’t panic.

Stay Calm

Your first response should be to keep calm. You are not the first person to have this problem, and many more people will have the same issue. Don’t worry—you are not going to go blind, and it should not cause any lasting effects. Stay calm and take your time as you react.

Find Water

Whenever you have any chemical or outside liquid in your eye, you will want to rinse your eyes with lukewarm water. This will help to wash out any of the semen that is clumping in your eye. By doing this early, it will also prevent burning sensations, pain or redness from starting.

Remember Not to Irritate Your Eyes

Although the obvious problem is that you have cum in your eye, there are other issues that you may need to worry about. If you wear contact lenses, you will want to remove them from your eyes and clean them. Using contact solution for one or two nights before you wear them again can help you to ensure that the contacts will not hurt your eyes when you use them again. If your eyes continue to feel irritated, avoid rubbing your eyes and use some eye drops to reduce the irritation.

Remember: Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Infections Are Possible

Although there are few cases of sexually transmitted diseases being transmitted through the eyes, this is probably because cum in the eye happens less often than sex. It is possible for infections to be transmitted to your body through semen and your eyes. You can develop diseases like chlamydia, gonorrhea or similar diseases. These will cause redness, discharge, itching or inflammation. You may even notice that your eyes look like you have pink eye. If this happens, you can talk to your doctor and get treatment. The doctor may test your eyes to see what is causing the symptoms before they prescribe medicine. If there is itching, you should also get testing because pubic lice can live within your eyelashes. Whenever you have symptoms that last for more than a few hours after you get cum in your eye, you should always visit a doctor.

Prevent It From Happening Again

If you have cum in your eye right now, it is obviously too late for prevention. In the future, you will want to figure out ways to keep this from happening again. Perhaps you could start by teaching your partner how to aim. He could give you a signal before he is about to come or direct his aim away from his eyes. If you know that he is about to orgasm, you could also try turning your head or closing your eyes. You may also want to switch from giving oral to using your hands right before he orgasms. The main goal is to keep communicating so that you can move or take an evasive action before it happens.

Getting cum in the eye is an unfortunately common occurrence during sexual intercourse. Although it is not pleasant to deal with or suffer through, it generally is not a major medical problem. The only thing you have to worry about is sexually transmitted diseases, which are less of a problem if you and your partner are monogamous and have already been tested.


    • You will be okay. If you have any sexually transmitted diseases, then you may have transferred them to your eye. This can and does happen. If you do not have any diseases, then you have nothing to be concerned about. Have a great day, Jonathan!

  1. My Bf has herpes and so do I. He came in my eye and it’s been hurting for two days. I’m scared it can cause any type of nerve or eye damage permanently.

    • You are most likely not going to have permanent damage, but you should go to the doctor anyway. If your eye is hurting, it may be irritated still–and rubbing at the pain is probably not helping it heal. Your doctor or an eye doctor can help figure out what the problem is. If there is an infection of some sort, they can help treat it.

  2. Ok so I have a kind of stupid question, my boyfriend told me a story about his cousins mom, said that she got “cum” in her eye and she’s blind in that eye now, can that actually happen? I don’t believe it

    • It is highly unlikely that this would cause blindness. He is probably repeating a story that someone told him. That said, cum should not go into someone’s eye. Explain that this is not something healthy for the eye to have on it. Have a great day, Kourtney!


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