25 Good Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend


We get to know each other by spending time together and seeing how we react to life. We create special moments by sharing moments. A relationship can be so much more fun, engaging and romantic if we continuously get to know each other too by asking each other questions too though.

It’s so easy to assume we know someone inside out, whilst in fact we are all constantly changing. Just asking how someone is doing each day helps us find out what they are going through that day. Work, friendships, family…everything keeps changing and unless we ask questions we miss out on what our partner is going through.

Good Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend 1

1. What are three things you’d never compromise on in life? 

This could be anything from using good butter when cooking, to doing yoga, or spending time with family. From the hilarious, to the insanely deep.

Good Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend 4

2. What’s the one thing about me you like the most? 

This, likely, in turn will mean you have to tell them about the one thing you really like about them. It will help you both feel appreciated in the relationship. If you like you can change it to three things…

Good Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend 3

3. Is there any one small dream for your day-to-day life you have that you could start executing right now?

This might well turn into an inspirational conversation – and lead to some action!

4. What are the things you admire the most in people who you look up to?

Do they look up to determined people who get things done? Do they adore people who love unconditionally without sacrificing their life in the process? Do they admire strength? Humility? It will teach you a lot about who they are and wish to be.

5. What really impresses you?

Now there’s a clue…


6. What are some ideas for perfect dates?

Take notes.

   Good Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend 2

7. When do you think a man should take charge/lead the way? What’s the perfect balance? 

Another one you can take notes from!

8. What’s the one item in my wardrobe you like the most/find the sexiest? Is there any particular style of clothes you like on men in general?

Whilst you shouldn’t start wearing this every day (having a mind of your own is also sexy, after all), you probably get an idea about what kind of clothes she likes and can incorporate those on some date nights, or any day for that matter.

Good Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend 5

9. If we could go anywhere right now for 24 hours, where would it be? 

A fun game to play. Reveals a lot about what she considers fun, or interesting to do with someone as well.

Good Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend 6

10. What was the one TV show you couldn’t live without as a kid?

Maybe an insight to her psyche, maybe just something fun to talk about…

Good Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend 7

11. What artists/famous people do you love to hate? Who annoys you even if you know they shouldn’t?

Hopefully she doesn’t spend all her days thinking about celebrity gossip, but we all have someone in the public eye who makes us cringe, get mad, or simply stare in disbelief.

Good Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend 8

12. Do you have any heroes? Why are they your heroes?

Good to know what kind of people she looks up to – maybe you’re one of them…

Good Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend 9

13. Tell me about some great childhood memories of yours. 

You’ll get to know her and understand her better, as well as possibly finding out what she still enjoys in life.

14. What’s one really embarrassing situation you’ve gotten yourself into? 

Maybe there was that one high school date, or job interview… Most of us have embarrassing and hilarious moments to share from our past.

Good Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend 10

15. What makes you feel loved? 

Now there’s food for thought.

Good Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend 12

16. What makes you feel happy? Both random things and things people can actually do to make you happy.

You’ll be so happy yourself you learn about this. Not only will you get ideas for dates and how to spend your time together (incorporating things that make her happy ever so often), but also what to do to make her feel special and happy to be with you. And chances are she will ask the same question back…

Good Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend 13

17. What’s the one dish you wish to learn to cook to perfection? Or have you already mastered it? 

If you guys are foodies this will be a great topic.

Good Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend 14

18. What kind of gifts do you enjoy receiving? 

Some women think flowers romantic, others think it romantic if someone spends an hour with them doing something special. Some love jewelry, others love practical things for the home/hobbies/etc. Some think chocolate is a great gift, others think it’s unhealthy. The best way of coming up with gifts that impress for Christmas, Valentine’s, birthdays and anniversaries (and let’s not forget random gifts for no reason) are ones that you know are special to them. And what’s special to people greatly vary.

19. Is there something you’re scared of that you’d love to conquer/overcome?

Kind of good to know their fears before you take them paragliding… Also great to see if they have determination (where necessary), or if they have a fear which really bugs them.

20. What would you name your autobiography? 

Probably shows a lot about how they actually see their life. Or not…they could just be goofing about!

21. How do you feel right now?

Sometimes the simple questions are the best!

Good Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend 16

22. What are your greatest worries at the moment? 

Maybe she is having some concerns about work, family, or friends that you are unaware of.

Good Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend 11

23. What would a perfect day look like to you right now? 

This is something you should ask ever so often as it will change – sometimes we need childish fun at an amusement park, sometimes a walk in nature and some hot cocoa. And it’s good to spend perfect days together.

24. What’s something you’d really like to change in your life right now? 

Will make you understand her immediate goals a bit better; enabling you to support her with them.

Good Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend 17

25. How could our relationship be even better? 

Always great to check in on this. And it fuels the positive, as opposed to arguing about what’s wrong.

Good Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend 18

26. (Bonus question!) What do you really appreciate in your life right now?

It will help you understand the small things she loves in life and by knowing what they are you can help contribute to them.