How Much Should a 13 Year Old Weigh?

During their teenage years, it is not unusual for your child’s body to change quite dramatically and in a number of ways also. You want to make sure that your child’s body is developing as well as it should do but at the same time, you don’t want to put your child at risk of all the complications that come hand in hand with being obese.

There are problems with trying to work our whether or not your 13 year old is in a bracket considered to be ‘normal’. There are so many hormones rushing through their body that it can be changing at quite a dramatic rate and because of that, there isn’t one thing generally considered to be ‘normal’. Two people could be the same height but completely different in weight and still be classed as ‘normal’.

There are ways that you can work out whether or not your child is healthy. Let’s take a look:

How much should a 13 year old weigh?

In order to work out how much a 13 year old should weigh, you need to know a few other measurements in order to figure out their BMI or Body Mass Index.

how much should a 13 year old weigh

During puberty, there is a wide ratio of what is considered to be a normal height or weight for a 13 year old and it can range from 4 ft 7 to over 6 ft. Some of this will be down to genetics and other factors will include lifestyle and upbringing, diet, exercise, and more.

Girls tend to mature earlier than boys so they will go through their growth spurts at an earlier age. In 2002, studies showed that the average 13 year old girl was 62.6 inches tall – 5 ft 3 inches. Just one year later, at aged 14, the average height for a 13 year old girl was 63.7 inches or 5 ft 4 inches. A lot of change can happen during this time and for some kids, it might take longer than others.

The average weight of a 13 year old girl is between 82 to 137 pounds. The average seems to sit somewhere between 120-125 pounds.

The average weight of a 13 year old boy is between 80 to 135 pounds. The average seems to sit somewhere between 120-125 pounds.

The average height of a 13 year old now is considered to be 58 to 62 inches for boys and 60 to 63 inches for girls.

Weight will depend very much on a large amount of factors especially at this age. The BMI will be based on their height and weight but things like age will need to be taken into account as well as overall health, the body type or build, and even the percentage of body fat. Not one thing can be used to determine ‘normal’ weight.

Adult averages should never be used to measure teenagers because they are likely to be going through a growth spurt and the measurements could prove to be wrong. This could prove dangerous, either putting them into an overweight category when they shouldn’t be, or in an underweight one. This can affect a number of things and these are the years that correct information about food and eating should be learned, as should correct eating habits. If eating healthy isn’t educated, your 13 year old runs the risk of suffering at the hands of being overweight.

Ensuring Your 13 Year Old Is Fit & Healthy 

If you want to make sure that your 13 year old weighs what they should do, it is important to ensure they are eating healthy and getting the right amount of exercise. It is not advisable to put teenagers on a diet when there is no need because this can affect the way they think about their own body image, causing great emotional and mental problems later on in life. At the same time, it is unwise to leave an obese teenager to carry on with their own habits because it will cause them failures and problems with their health later on in life. There are a number of medical conditions linked with obesity – diabetes, heart disease, strokes, and even bone and circulation problems included.

At 13 years of age, a boy should be eating approximately 2414 calories per day. A girl should be eating slightly less – 2223 calories per day.

These figures are considered to be a guide and the amount of calories may need to be changed to allow for weight gain or weight loss where appropriate.

You should encourage your teenager to be eating healthily and this will include at least five portions of fresh fruit and vegetables per day. With smoothies and other drinks now offering at least one portion of this, there is no excuse. Making your own smoothies for breakfast is one of the easiest ways to increase your healthy food intake.

Low-fat options should be considered at all times, not to restrict food but to give a healthy way of eating foods. Learning what to have in moderation is also important so you should educate your child on this. Sugary, high-fat and calorific foods should only be eating in moderation and the younger you start teaching this lesson, the healthier your child is likely to grow up.

When it comes to exercise, you are advised to encourage your 13 year old to participate in an hour’s worth of exercise most, if not all, days of the week. This could be playing with friends in the park or a lesson of physical activity at school. It could also include walking to and from school as long as there is no dilly-dallying. The more exercise is forgotten about during the younger years, the more it will be forgotten about in the older ones too.


  1. Hi, i am a 13 year old girl, i am 5’3 and weigh 123.5. Now, yes correct, its on a healthy BMI, but i dont think i look okay, and in my country, i am considered fat. Some people also make fun of me, i dont mind their comments because i want to lose weight too. I dont want my parents to know, and for me to do any sport is hard either because where i live there are constructions on houses going on, and many people go outside. Personally, i dont want to be looked at, i know i wont be, but the thought of it just scares me. Please help me, im trying all i can, but its not that effective. Is there anything else i can do?

    • There are exercises that you can do at home. If basic push-ups and sit-ups would tip off your parents about your work out plan, you could always try something like yoga. Yoga is excellent for your health and can help to boost your muscle mass. Plus, you can do it at home and it won’y make your parents think that you are trying to lose weight–although you could also consider telling your parents about your goal because they may be able to help. Good luck, W.I.A.!

  2. Hi! I am 13 years old 5’6 and 172 pounds. My family is known for have big bones..I eat healthy, drink water, exercise daily! but i still am 172 pounds and have stomach flap and my thighs are huge…do you have any tips?

    • You are already taking the right steps. As long as you are living a healthy lifestyle, being slightly overweight should not be a problem. If you do want to lose weight, try to incorporate more vegetables into your diet. (Don’t worry–I realize that you already are). Many vegetables like carrots, cucumbers and leafy greens are extremely low in calories, but high in nutrients. Eating vegetables will help make you feel fuller, get the right nutrients and lose weight without feeling hungry all of the time. Good luck, I Need Help!

    • It depends on your height, but you are most likely within the realms of a normal, healthy weight. As long as you are eating a balanced diet and getting enough exercise, there shouldn’t be too much to worry about for now.

    • She may be a little overweight, but perfectly capable of become more healthy. If she decreases the amount of processed foods and sugars in her diet, then she will find that she will immediately have more energy. With that energy, she should work out about an hour a day. Support her with your actions. Have a great day, Aly!

  3. Hello, I’m a 12 year old girl, I’m 4’9 1/2, and I weigh 100 pounds but sometimes I can weigh 99 – 102 pounds, am I overweight or underweight, or am I just good. I need help because other charts on the web keep saying that I should weigh like 93 pounds or in that range, and it is really making me feel not confident about me or my body, please help, thank You.

    • That is the “ideal” weight, but the range for a normal, healthy weight is actually much broader. You are a perfectly healthy weight for your height and age, and there is no reason for you to be worried about it. Many healthy people are actually classified as obese because their muscle mass brings their weight up–although they actually have far less fat than everyone else. The number on the scale is only a part of the picture. It is far more important for you to eat healthy, exercise and live a healthy lifestyle than to shoot for a certain number on the scale. Plus, you are already at a healthy weight, so there isn’t anything to worry about.

      • Hi my name is Evelin and I’m twelve about to turn 13 and I’ve been trying to see if I’m over currently about 120lbs I’ve been feeling very insecure.also if the height is part of it I’m about 5.1 I hope you read this and respond.Thank you very much.

        • You are at an age where your weight is going to change. You are in a healthy weight range, but you have room to lose some weight. Develop an exercise regimen. Attempt to work out for at least an hour a day. If you do not feel comfortable jogging, then perhaps take up an exercise that you can do in your own room. You should also abstain from consuming meats and sugars. Instead, develop a plant-based diet. Have a great day, Evelin!

  4. Hello, I’m almost 4’9 1\2, I weigh 100 but sometimes I can range from 99 to 102, is my weight normal? Thank you – Worried and Confused.

    • It seems like you may have commented twice on this one. I have to answer and approve each comment individually, so it may take me a bit to get around to them all sometimes. If you do not see your post right away, do not worry because you will. Thanks for commenting!

  5. Hello, I’m 12 years old, I’m almost 4’9 1/2 and I weigh 100 pounds, but sometimes I can range at 98 – 102, is that heathly and normal, or am I something else, the – confused and worried

    • You are at a perfectly healthy weight for your height and age. As long as you are eating healthy and exercising, your weight should not be a problem. Relax!

    • You are just within the normal limits for your height. To make sure that you stay there, make sure to eat a healthy diet and get enough exercise. Otherwise, you do not have to worry about your weight too much right now.


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