30 Serious Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend


People may take different times to be sure that they have deeply fallen in love enough to set off an ameliorated conversations. If this has initially given you trouble in the past, it is high time that you need to get a way out. These 30 questions are well outlined to provide you with insight on what to pose to your guy. You will also be well versed with what to avoid in the same course. Focus on each keenly.

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  1. What made you break up with your previous partner?

This is very key because it can give provide you with some insight in knowing the major reasons that led to its fail. These in turn, will aid you prevent the occurrence of any such future problem so that you both enjoy the bond.

  1. What did you like most about the previous relationship?

What makes him happy? You will find out that this is the only way you can be certain of what makes him smile. He can even go a notch higher to let you know some of the things that can make him angry.

  1. What made you think I am the best?

The reason why he choose on you is simply because you have an intrinsic factor that another girl lacks. If you really want to know, do not hesitate to pose this serious question.

  1. Will you marry me?

This question is best asked by a girl who has been in a serious relationship for quite some time and feels that it should not just turn out futile. As it is a common knowledge, the best gift you can give to the girl you treasure is to marry her to ascertain her worth.

  1. What do you think about cheating in a relationship?

Getting an opinion of your guy about cheating in a relationship is very important. Although most of them might tend to be against it, the seriousness depicted over their faces will reveal it all.

  1. Will you love me to the end?

Love is something that most people fall in but fail along the way. Those that make it to the pulpit are very few as the same is accompanied by multiple temptations. If he assures you that he will, then you have no reason but to trust him.

  1. What actually makes you feel deplorable?

Sadness is common to any person especially when the conditions do not allow happiness to dominate. What can make him sad? The responses he provides to this question will be of great aid when you want to ensure he sustains his happiness.

  1. Have you at any point cheated on your girlfriend?

Although this question is quite tricky, it can reveal which kind of a man you are actually dealing with.

  1. What can be your reaction if I disappoint you?

Most relationships tend to fail mainly because of miscommunication. He will probably take his time to list for you some of the things he does not entertain. If you find out that he quickly loses his temper, it is better to have him unprovoked.

  1. For how long did your previous relationship last?

You do not have relax back quietly because you have finally have him. You need to have an acquit comprehension about how long his previous relationship lasted and how he handled the same issue. Pay attention to everything he speaks.

  1. How many kids would you want to have?

Kids are the joy of a serious relationship because the relationship will be most destined to last until marriage. Nevertheless, if he denies t have kids with you, it might be a potent sign that he is not serious with you.

  1. How do you address serious misunderstandings?

This should be specifically used when you have never been in any kind of misunderstanding. You will apprehend how he approaches such cases

  1. What is your worst regret?

You might discover that your man is uncomfortable with some things that do not really seem a bother to you. You can therefore let him tell you the most traumatizing situation he has ever gone through.

  1. Care you take care of me if I get pregnant?

It is true that you can become pregnant without your own knowledge. That is, it might happen unexpectedly. You need to be assured whether he will care for you or abandon you instead.

  1. What is your religion?

Religious differences can be a major factor that can lead to breakups. Therefore, get to know where he really belongs before forging a step further.

  1. Do you like politics?

This is fairly an important question to ask a man of your choice. This is because, people differ in political views and at the long last, the same affects their relationship.

  1. Do you believe in true love?

This question is intended to source out the information about where his heart lies when it comes to relationships. If he says that he does, then he might probably be meaning it.

  1. If you have a chance to modify me, what can you modify?

This question is directed towards noting whether there is any bad habit he does not like in you. If you want a knowledge of it, ask him immediately.

  1. How much do you love me?

If the guy does not love you much, he might respond in a joking manner. However, if he is, he will face you and let you know what you really mean to him.

  1. Do you feel felicitous when you see me around?

As a matter of fact, there is that special feeling that develops when someone you love is close to you. Be keen on how he answers you this.

  1. What can be your reaction in case I cheat on you?

You really need to know how he can react when such a mess happens. For instance, would he fight the other man? Or would he battle you?

  1. What plan do you have concerning our relationship?

A good man should always have a plan concerning the future of your dating. If he does not have one yet, ask him why.

  1. Can you relocate if I get transferred shortly before we marry?

You also need to know whether your man can as well move if this happens without your expectation. It can be a sure sign that he is destined to be with you forever. If he cannot, then it can be possible that he does not really need you in his life that much.

  1. What are your hobbies?

In relationships, it is very key that the two partners should have a clear understanding of each other’s hobbies so that they do not conflict because of unnecessary things.

  1. Do you believe in superstition?

Superstition can make people differ in their beliefs. One of the main things that bring happiness in a relation is appreciation of each other’s culture among other aspects such as superstition. If he does, it is your duty to make sure that it does not cause you to conflict or fight each other.

  1. What is your favorite meal?

As the lady, you will have to be preparing meals to him whenever you meet. If you are devoid of information concerning his best meal, you might not make him a happy man. Most men become happy mostly when their favorite meals are prepared to them in a special way. Do not therefore, miss out on this.

  1. Do you believe in love through social media?

There are multiple people who easily get dragged into love through social sites such as Facebook and Twitter. If your guy is one of them, you should take an early caution to make sure that no lady tempts him into this. Also assure him that you will be there for him whenever he needs your company.

  1. What is your dream career?

Love is a matter of setting up a future plan. Some of the things that a serious guy would put in his plan is a dream career. It does not matter how long it might take. If he shows the will, support him and he will achieve all the goals.

  1. What dreams do you have concerning your education?

Most guys would have an unparalleled plan when it comes to education matters. You need to understand your man in this sector so that you are at par with each other’s future plans.

  1. What are your preferred games or sports?

You personally have some games or sports which you enjoy watching at your free time. Get also to know about what he likes.


  1. Hi there for question number 21 what can be your reaction I cheat on u . And in the righting part under neath the question it’s say if he would fight the guy or u as in me . What type of guy would hit a girl if she was to cheat and the parter hit her . ?

    • Abuse is never acceptable and should be reported immediately. You are correct, Stacey, it is never acceptable for a partner to hit their partner. Continue to remain mindful for people who are abusive or overly aggressive. Thank you for your comment, Stacey!


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