White Discharge Instead of Period

It is normal to experience changes with your discharge throughout your monthly cycle but if you’re experiencing a white discharge instead of period, it could be a sign of a few other things. It might be a sign that you are pregnant or that you have an infection either bacterial, viral or fungal. It could even be a sign that you have a sexually transmitted infection. It is wise to keep an eye on what’s happening with your body throughout the month, and try to keep a note of what you consider to be normal. Every woman is different.

Vaginal discharge provides not only natural lubrication but also cleaning agents. The bacteria present there is at such a balance that it keeps everything clean and healthy although there are times when things go slightly awry. It helps to lubricate for things like sex and childbirth, and also acts as a preventative measure to try and ensure bad bugs and other things get inside the body when they shouldn’t be there.


The cycle of vaginal discharge 

You will notice that your vagina and it’s discharge (amongst other things) will follow a relatively regular pattern every month if you have relatively regular periods. At the time of ovulation for example, about mid-way through your cycle, the mucus glands within the vagina are encouraged to produce more to make it easier for the sperm to travel through, the egg to be fertilized and the fertilized egg then to travel through the fallopian tubes and into the uterus where it will then implant.

If the egg does become fertilized, even more mucus and lubrication is produced, encouraged by the increase of hormones and this is what could be causing the white discharge instead of period. If you have missed your period and your discharge is thicker, whiter and more prolific than usual, there is a good sign that you are experiencing the earliest symptoms of pregnancy.

Leukorrhea is a very common occurrence in early pregnancy and is classed as a yellowing or white discharge from the vagina. Many pregnant women report having this symptom although it is normally odorless and doesn’t come with any irritation or tenderness…. Apart from what you would expect from the early stages of pregnancy.

It is when your white discharge changes that you need to start paying attention. Not just proving to be a sometimes-sign of early pregnancy, it can also be a sign that something else more serious is happening.


Bacterial vaginosis and other infections such as STI’s, yeast infections and bacterial or viral infections can all cause the vagina to change behavior, just one of those ways being a chance to the amount of discharge. If you notice that your discharge has changed to a grey color, or a yellowing-white shade, it could be that you have a more serious problem that will not be fatal, could still be dangerous to an unborn child if you are pregnant, and will need medication to treat.

Treatment of white discharge 

There are a number of home remedies you can try depending on what is causing the increase in discharge. If the cause is pregnancy, there’s not much you can do aside from keep up with hygiene levels and ensure infections do not develop.

If you have noticed a change to your discharge, you should visit your doctor so that he or she can perform tests to see whether or not you have infections present. You may also be referred to a sexual health clinic. Depending on the problem, there are many ways you can treat it. You can buy pH balancing formulas which are applied directly into the vagina for Bacterial Vaginosis, and there are over the counter remedies for things like thrust or a yeast infection too. You may require antibiotics if you have an STI but this will need to be discussed further with your doctor.

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  1. My period is a week late I had sex in the beginning of the month I took a pregnancy test and it came out negative I also have a lot of normal looking discharge and a few cramps here there I’m not sure what’s going on

    • Your period may just be late. Wait another week before you take another pregnancy test. The cramps may just be a sign that your menstrual cycle is going to start soon, so wait a bit. You may have just had an irregular cycle this month.

  2. Hey
    I have sex before 2 days of my period date but my husband didn’t poured in me.Right now my period is missed this month and i am having white discharge .could it be a sign of pregnancy??

    • While you normally do not ovulate immediately before your period (in general, it is about in the middle of your cycle), there are many factors that can change when you ovulate each month. Some women even ovulate twice. So, it is possible that you are pregnant. With that said, it is more likely that your period is just late this month. Give it a few more days before you take a pregnancy test because your period will probably start soon. Good luck, Shirley!

  3. My period just became regular about two months ago- well 34 day long cycle. However I missed my period this month, went to the doctors took a pregnancy test that was negative, got on bc the next day. Still no period but constantly having a white discharge. Tender brests but that could be because of my bc?! Could I be pregnant?

    • Tender breasts are also a sign of PMS, so your period may be about to start in the next week or so. It sounds like your cycle was irregular last month. This month, your body is trying to adjust to the birth control, so I wouldn’t read too much into the symptoms. If you are worried, you can go to your doctor. Otherwise, give your body a chance to get used to being on birth control. Your period and PMS symptoms should become more regular before long.

  4. Hi im 22 and me and my boyfriend has protected sex on the 31st of march and 4 days later being april 4 i started having like blood clot discharge only blood clots not actually bleeding that only happened when i would pee and wipe than like 4 days later i started getting a flow which lasted 1 week and was 2 weeks before my period april 16 came no period i went to the doctor and negative urine test than may 1st i went again to the doctors and negative testbut i had a blood clot when i would pee and than on may 12 i had sex again and this time i felt like he was hitting something i felt more pain than pleasure and ive been feeling bloated and been getting white milky discharge but no period and i take so many pregnancy tests all negative and i am now 2 months late.the last test i took was Saturday may 13 what can be wrong? And the bloating comes and goes and i have no other symptom a few cramps but thats it.

    • You should go back to your doctor and tell him or her all of your symptoms. It is possible that this is being caused by something that is not pregnancy-related, so it is important that you get checked out. You can also ask for a blood test just to be sure since the blood tests are more accurate pregnancy tests.

  5. Hello me and my husband have been TTC since March so we have been DTD quite often and we DTD April 24 and if course he ejaculated inside of me and now ff to last week I’ve had slight mild cramps flutters twinges nausea headaches severe tender sore breast restlessness food cravings warmness increased white cervical mucus.I tested Monday it was negative the next day I had two spots or implantation spotting I tested again faint positive Walmart brand test my cycle was due May 10 and I’m officially one day late going on two plus the bloating I’ve been having is still here it looks like I’m 3 months. Do I test again or just wait?

    • I would probably wait a couple of days and test again. It sounds like you are most likely pregnant, so eat healthily, relax and congratulations! Good luck, Patientc!

  6. Hi im 30 years old my period was supposed to come on the 8th of may i usually will start crampin a week before but haven’t then i went to the bathroom and had this milky discharge but no period as of yet what could be wrong. I have had unprotected sex a hand ful of times before i was due for my period

    • You could be pregnant, or it could be due to something else. If your menstrual cycle was already supposed to start, you can go ahead and take a pregnancy test to rule that out as a potential cause. Otherwise, you may want to just go to your doctor. Good luck, Joanna!

  7. Hi, please I’m 24. I didn’t have sex but I’ve had very thick creamy discharge. The first time was after I used a particular soap, now I really don’t know if it’s the antiseptic soap I used that caused the discharge. And it itches a lot. Please help.

    • You aren’t supposed to use soap on your vagina–it is already self-cleaning (which is what your normal discharge does). All you need is water to clean yourself. Using soap can disturb the pH in your vagina and cause a yeast infection. Most likely, this is what you are suffering from. You can go to your doctor to be diagnosed for sure. If it is a yeast infection, there are over-the-counter medications that can help. Skip the soap next time. 🙂

  8. Hi, i have white thick yogurt like discharge and it’s itchy down there. I missed my period(5 days). i had sex 2 weeks ago..am i pregnant or i havr an infection?

    • You could have a yeast infection or an STI. Yeast infections are quite common since the bacteria that causes them is already present in your body. When that bacteria grows out of balance, it can end up leading to a yeast infection. This is especially common in pregnant women, but it can happen to any woman. Your period was already supposed to start, so take a pregnancy test to find out for sure. You should also go to the doctor to get your infection diagnosed and treated.

        • Yes, it is possible. Any stressor can technically do that. You could also be pregnant, or it could be from a number of other conditions, so it is important to go to your doctor.

      • Is it possible to miss period if you have yeast infection? I have started my gym excercises 2 days before my period.. Now i am a week delayed

        • It is possible. It could be caused by other factors as well, or a pregnancy. It is late enough to take a pregnancy test and rule out that potential cause though, so I would go ahead and do that. Otherwise, just wait for it to start. Good luck, Sweet!

  9. Hi, im 19 and i missed 1 day of my period i haven’t had sex in 2-3 weeks, since then ive had random white dischrage when I pee, i dont feel like im going to start my period, my boobs are usually sore and they’re not. What could it be?

    • It is possible that you are experiencing pregnancy symptoms. Continue to monitor your symptoms for additional signs of pregnancy. Take a pregnancy test give days after your normal period date. Confirm the result of your test with a medical professional. Best of luck, Alexis!

    • Continue to monitor the experiences that you are having. It is possible that you are experiencing unusual discharge. If you have not had sex, then there is likely nothing to be concerned about. If it disappears within a few weeks, then keep a mental note of it. Best of luck, Phebian!

  10. Question!

    So me and my bf have unprotected sex but he’s very careful. But I missed a whole month of my Period I have been cramping and have had a white milky discharge. We had sex and he started fingering me and I bleed all over very heavily but stopped right away. Help

    • If you have missed an entire period, then you may be pregnant. Monitor your symptoms at this time. Depending on the time frame of the bleeding, it is possible that you experienced implantation bleeding. Take a pregnancy test at this time, and think about making an appointment with a medical professional. Best of luck, Amelia!

  11. Hi I’m 34 days late I’m now missing my 2nd period, around the time my period is due I start loosing white discharge. my legs are achey & I feel sickly or maybe I’m
    Hungry again 🙈

    • If you are a month late, then it is likely that you are pregnant. Take a pregnancy test at this time. Make an appointment with a medical professional as well. Continue to monitor the experiences that you are having so you can better answer your doctor’s questions. Best of luck, Caitee!

      • Hey thanks for replying,
        I’m not in the uk at moment I’m away visiting the inlaws but I’m home in just short of a week so will take test and visit doctor.

        • It is always best to speak with a medical professional when you are able to do so. Continue to monitor your experiences at this time. Good luck, Caitee!

  12. Hi, I’m only 2 days late but I had unprotected sex the day I was suppose to get my period and now I’m having white stretchy discharge is that normal or sign pregnancy and also feel gassy… It is safe to have unprotected sex a couple days before period with out the risk of getting pregnant?

    • Let me first say that if you have sex (or any genital contact), you can get pregnant. With that said, it is less likely. Some women use the rhythm method of conception planning. For the average cycle, this would mean not having sex or using protection between days 9 and 19. Afterward and before, it is less likely (although still possible) to get pregnant. You can only get pregnant when you ovulate, so it is most likely safe to have sex right before your period. With that said, there is always a chance that you ovulated later than expected or even ovulated twice in the same month. When that happens, you can get pregnant much later or earlier than you can expect. If your goal is to not get pregnant at all, then you should really use protection or birth control medication to prevent a pregnancy. Your period is most likely just late, but it wouldn’t hurt to take a pregnancy test to find out for sure.

  13. Hi!
    I’ve been feeling mittelschmertz and had cervical mucus discharge about a week ago. Since Thursday I’ve been seeing brown discharge and smelling a faint bloody smell. I’m neither pregnant or sexually active.
    My period is currently late and have been irregular without/since stopping the use of birth control in December 2016. Is this normal?

    • Every woman is different, but many women have experienced symptoms like this, so it is fairly normal. Your period may also take some time to adjust since you stopped using birth control–as you mentioned, it has been irregular since then. You can always go to your doctor to make sure that there aren’t any problems, and birth control is still an option if you want to regulate your cycles again.

  14. Im 41 yrs old an I’m 7 days late with Tender Breast, White Discharge, lil bit of itching. My period has been reg for the past 3months an this mnth its late. Could I be Pregnant?!

    • It is possible that you are pregnant, although your period could also just be late. Since it is already seven days after your period was supposed to start, the best thing that you could do right now is to take a pregnancy test. You should already have enough hCG in your body for the test to be accurate if you are pregnant, so go to the store, buy a test and find out for sure. Best of luck, Shirley!

      • I am 19 years old and I am currently 5 days late. I have had clear discharge the past 5 days and heavy cramping the day I was suppose to get my period however no blood has come. I had unprotected sex 4 weeks ago, right after my last period was finished. He didn’t finish in me or at all. I took a pregnancy test 2 days ago and it was negative.
        Could this be anything?

        • Your period could just be late this month. If you continue to have symptoms, go to your doctor and make sure that it isn’t anything more serious. Good luck, May!


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