1 Month Pregnant Belly


one month pregnant belly One month pregnant – four weeks pregnant – is normally when most women would be having their first inkling something might be happening deep in their body. Perhaps your period is a couple of days late and you think about doing a test ‘just in case’? If you got the big + or two blue lines (dependent on your test brand / type), congratulations are in order!

You’re going to have a baby! 

The dates might not work out quite yet. When you are four weeks pregnant, you’re actually only two weeks pregnant. You conceived two weeks ago but because doctor’s take your ‘start of pregnancy’ date from your last period, two weeks before the egg is released, you are considered to be four weeks pregnant.

One of the first signs you might come across when you first find out you’re pregnant is a bit of implantation bleeding, or maybe a skipped period.

Implantation bleeding is when the egg has been fertilized and buries deep within the lining of the womb. As the lining is burrowed into, it can bleed a little, giving you a little light spotting.

Some women have no implantation bleeding at all whereas other women have quite a bit. It varies from case to case.

1 Month Pregnant Belly – Fetal Development

Your baby isn’t even a baby yet. It’s an embryo and at the 1 month pregnant belly stage, you won’t even have a belly at all. The embryo will be splitting into two parts. One of these parts is going to become your baby and the other will become the placenta, the thing that will keep your baby alive for the duration of your pregnancy, delivering important things like nutrients and oxygen.

By the end of the first month of your pregnancy, a lot of things will have happened to your embryo. The umbilical cord will also have started to develop and although the little thing is just 2mm inside you, it’s causing all sorts of changes that you’ll definitely feel on the outside.

It is important to make sure you are taking care of yourself at this crucial time of the pregnancy because this is when all the important changes are happening to the new life inside you. It is important that you take folic acid, for example, because this can help protect your baby from medical conditions such as spina bifida. This can arise when the neural tube doesn’t close properly. During this early part of your pregnancy, your baby is developing the brain, spinal chord and circulatory system. It is crucial to ensure you are taking care of yourself.

1 Month Pregnant Belly – Mother’s Development 

As well as that skipped period or implantation bleeding, you’ll probably feel exhausted. Many women report feeling incredibly tired throughout the first trimester of their pregnancy and this is said to be down to the rushes of various hormones raging through your body, changing things and getting things ready for the big adventure coming up.

As well as tried, you’ll probably be quite moody again, because of those raging hormones. Tearful one minute, angry the next, and a bag of love just a few moments after that. It might feel as if a particularly bad period is coming up.

Your breasts are going to be really tender for a while. This is another very early sign that often shows mothers-to-be they are just that.

With nipples getting darker, breasts getting bigger, more breast pain and discomfort, and even visible veins are all things you can expect with pregnancy and a lot of these can be spotted from a very early point. It takes nine months to make a baby and during that time, things are constantly changing and on the move.

Not just tender breasts, there’s going to be added pressure on your bladder even when your baby is no bigger than a dot on the page. You’ll be heading to the toilet more often than usual, half the time for the frequent urination and the rest for the morning sickness that you may or may not be (un)lucky enough to get… or not get! Morning sickness can really take it out of you so if you are experiencing it, try relaxing and having a bath, letting someone else do the hard work for you for a while, and make sure you eat plenty of ginger biscuits. Ginger has been shown to be great for nausea, vomiting, and calming an upset stomach.

There are a few other symptoms you will probably notice at the four-week-pregnant mark. You won’t notice much of a belly yet but you may notice some extra vaginal discharge caused from a rush of blood to the area and extra pressure too. Oh, and don’t forget about those hormones again.

If you’ve had children before, you will see your ‘bump’ slightly earlier than those with their first child. For a first pregnancy, the bump doesn’t normally show until 14 to 16 weeks. With subsequent pregnancies, bumps can be seen as early as 10 to 12 weeks.


  1. The first month of pregnancy is one of the busiest times during gestation. By the end of this month, the yolk sac, amniotic sac, and umbilical cord will all have begun to develop, and the embryo will be approximately 2mm in length. However, you won’t see much change to a 1 month pregnant belly.


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