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12 Weeks 3 Days Pregnant You’re now into your second trimester of your pregnancy and a third of the way down… Just two more thirds to go!

In the thirteenth week of your pregnancy, it’s probably all still very new to you. There’s still an awful lot to think about and an awful lot that can go wrong. It is usually about this stage that couples start to tell their family and friends of the coming baby, mostly because at the 12 week scan, the majority of the pregnancy and miscarriage concerns are greatly reduced.

12 Weeks 3 Days Pregnant – Fetal Development 

At this stage of your pregnancy, your baby will have developed real toes! They are separate from each other and look less ‘webbed’, and they are all at the right length now. Not just that but the ankle joints, once fragile and under-formed, is now completely developed allowing your baby to kick. There’s a good chance you won’t feel that quite yet.

The first trimester of your pregnancy is the most important one as this is where a lot of the major development will happen, not just for you but for your baby also. You would expect your baby to be about 5.4cm or 2.13 inches in length, and it will only weight about 13-15 ounces too. Despite it’s tiny size however, everything is almost perfectly formed in miniature style and from this stage onwards, your baby starts learning how to breathe and suck. Some very lucky women are even told the sex of the baby at the early scan although for the most part, it’s still too early to even tell.

Your baby will be quite active when you’re 12 weeks and 13 days pregnant but you won’t feel it yet because there’s plenty of space inside you for it to bounce and move around. The eyelids can move although they won’t open until you reach about 26 or 27 weeks.

In fact, at about 12 weeks, your baby starts doing a lot of brand new things. As well as all that moving around you won’t be feeling yet, they’ll be practicing their reflexes, learning about their own fingers and toes and also curling limbs. They’ll be growing fast too and you’ll be surprised to learn that their intestines grow at such a fast pace, they protrude right out into the umbilical cord. Don’t worry though, they soon return to their rightful place with a little while. This is all normal baby-behavior.

It’s not just the intestines working fact to grow either, the kidneys will just have started to work for the first time, excreting urine into your baby’s bladder, and the skeleton will be transforming from soft cartilage to the more solid bone, starting with 300 separate pieces which will fuse and merge together, reducing in numbers, as they continue to grow within you.

12 Weeks 3 Days Pregnant – Mother’s Symptoms

Not just affecting your baby, the pregnancy will be taking it’s toll on you although there is some good news on the horizon. The morning sickness you may have felt in the first trimester of your pregnancy will usually dispute a lot during the second trimester and because of the surging hormones, you will likely ‘bloom’ with fresh skin, hair and eyes.

Your energy levels will return to normal with the hormones starting to regain some balance and you’ll definitely feel a lot less moody than you did a few weeks ago. Your body is starting to get used to the new life inside it and life gets a little bit easier for a while.

One of the first things you’ll start to notice is a change to your shape though – at 12 weeks 3 days pregnant, you’ll more than likely spot a little ‘Buddha-belly’ although many women don’t experience this for a few more weeks. It’ll be more noticeable if you’re slim and slender to start with, for obvious reasons.

You will obviously put on weight during your pregnancy and you’ll start to notice it a bit more now. If you’ve only gained about ten pounds or less, you are considered normal. Any more or less than this and it is well worth having a chat with your doctor just to make sure everything is going the way it should do.

The weight gain will also bring some side effects and because of your stretching skin, you may notice that you will experience discolored patches and also sensitivity and itching. This is just your skin’s natural way of dealing with the stretching but applying cocoa butter can help to soothe and alleviate stretch marks too.

Not just a growing stomach, you might find yourself with a somewhat troublesome stomach too. You’ll be gassier and you might have a few bowel problems. Most women report that their stools get harder during pregnancy and constipation is something you really will want to actively avoid.

Your uterus is growing which is what causes these problems – there’s not enough room for everything to be comfortable contained inside your body. At this stage, it’s probably about the size of a grapefruit but it will start to harden and this can be a tad uncomfortable especially when your hips start to widen and your heart rate goes up to allow for the added pressure.

Image source: nenetus / freedigitalphotos.net


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