14 DPO



The time that it takes to detect pregnancy is not always 14 DPO. In fact, it varies in each female according to the day that they ovulated, and ovulation is not always certain on the exact 14th day of menses or the menstrual cycle.

After conception and ovulation- the new fertilized embryo may not embed itself in the womb for 6 days following.  It is when implantation occurs and only then then that pregnancy begins.

It may take 14 days past implantation that a pregnancy can be detected by tests such as urine & blood and for the signs and symptoms of pregnancy to noticably, appear. This time frame in which a pregnancy is detected is often referred to as DPO. DPO is (days past ovulation) and in pregnancy identification purposes it is known as 14 DPO. Either a woman should begin her menstrual period around this time or be able to find out via test if she is pregnant or not.

Menstrual Cycle: 14 DPO

14 DP0 and the duration is actually classified as the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle. It occurs after ovulation up to the 14th day past it. However, with every woman’s unique cycles it can last from 10, 12, or more. Those women with shorter cycles, actually may have a more difficult time getting pregnant.

The luteal phase occurs because it is preparing the woman for pregnancy. This involves the uterus & uteran lining becoming thicker. Among other things it is also during this phase that the woman’s levels of progesterone and estrogen peak.

When and if the egg that is released during ovulation is fertilized a hormone known as HCG will then begin to be produced. This is the hormone that urine and blood tests can detect in a woman’s body 14DPO.

Each day after fertilization the production of the HCG hormones grow. However, by the time the woman notices her period is missed it is 14DPO and these hormones are in full swing and very able to be accurately detected by the average pregnancy test.

Menstrual Cycle: 14 DPO Signs & Symptoms

If you are 14 DPO or near there and think you are pregnant or are not pregnant there may be many symptoms you are experiencing including:

  • Problems sleeping; insomnia
  • A little pull or tug near where your ovaries are
  • Breast tenderness
  • Tiredness & fatigue
  • Agitation, mood swings, crying bouts
  • Nausea without vomiting
  • Cervical mucus (white or yellow) thicker than normal
  • Food Cravings (sweets, sour, salty)

Menstrual Cycle: 14 DPO Taking the Pregnancy Test

If you know your menstrual cycle well, have missed a period, have been trying to get pregnant than 14 DPO is the best time to take a pregnancy test. It is important to understand that taking a test now could give you accurate result, however it can also cause you to get a false positive or false negative result (if the pregnancy is not 14 days along past the time of ovulation.)


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