21 Questions Game to Ask a Guy Naturally


Questions are the right representations intended to know about a person, particularly if you are going out with a guy.  These questions are not meant to throw like a barrage of volleys to embarrass the guy, and should not be triggered impulsively.  Ask questions casually as part of your first time meeting to know more about the person, and impressively wrapped in a warm and gentle way. The questions must be jovial and interesting.  Let us discuss here some of best questions that would be interesting, sweet coated with fun and joyful.

  1. What is your morning routine?

People will have a different beginning, some wake up early morning, have a cup of coffee and read the newspaper for some time.  Some even watch the morning TV news, and some will have coffee on the patio simply watching the greenery of the loan. Yet, another guys start their day with good bodywork session and take a shower. Overall this question can let you know, how organized the person is.


  1. What was your favorite indoor game during your childhood?

In asking this question, you will come to know the kind of friendship bonding he has, and how he is maintaining those relationships.  If the guy has good, joyful memories about the childhood, you can encourage him to continue the talk.  If he is giving a specific game, you continue with asking more details of the game and encourage him to talk about it.


  1. Do you have the ability read others mind?

This question seems like an intelligent one and lets you give in-depth analysis of the character of the guy.  The question revolves around the ability of the person, how he can respond to a situation when it is time to confront with the certain tough situation in the life. People who have good anticipation and sober qualities would be in a better metal frame to engage with situations that are unexpected.


  1. What was your childhood ambition to become in the future?

You will get a wonderful opportunity to assess your guy and where he is standing today with his ambitions.  Whether he has already accomplished his ambition or on the threshold of fulfilling his ambition, then you can clearly assess him as target oriented person, very much focused on achieving objectives.


  1. What is your favorite breakfast?

Great!  You are now touching the right subject. Food and food habits are very important in maintaining human relationships.  Right from breakfast to dinner, food plays an important role and from the food habits it is easy to evaluate the character of a person.


  1. Do you like a girl with a lot of makeup?

Some men don’t like girls wearing a lot of makeup, and they love girls with moderate makeup.  However, in now a day men encourage girls to use makeup that can make them gorgeous.  Every girl loves to present them stylishly.  And it will be a surprising moment for you if you come to know that he likes your makeup and attire.


  1. What type of movies do you like?

This question is not to just know the entertainment quotient of the guy.  His film likeness will help you to understand his character.  As you know, there are different genres of films and each film fits with the nature of the person.

  1. What is your favorite sport?

A very common simple question aimed to know how his sports interest is matching with your sports interest. If you are a soccer fan and the guy, do not have any interest in soccer that will be a disaster experience after the initial euphoria is over.


  1. What was the most awkward situation in your life?

With this question, you can check his honesty.  Everybody had some embarrassing situations in their life.  If he says, there is nothing of such kind then you can assume he is probably lying.  Honest people will have a lot of embarrassing situation to share, which would be very funny, honestly.


  1. Where do you want to visit during your annual holidays?

His choice of location will let you know his personal interest. Whether, he is interested in visiting sites with historical importance, or leisure and fun or trekking or interacting with people.


  1. How do you take the future?

People who are realistic with a positive attitude will have solutions for every issue. It is will be a comfortable experience spending time with people with positive energy than with full of pessimistic thinking.


  1. Do you love workout programs?

People love to keep their body fit and conscious of the importance of keeping a healthy body always involved in workout programs.  These people are always disciplined in their food habits and spend quality time to stay fit and healthy.   If you too are a fitness freak, the guy could be a good companion.


  1. Do you like doing household chores?

You may think this is an embarrassing question.  But the fact is guys will like this question because he can understand that maintaining a home is a collective responsibility especially when leading a family life, both man and woman must share the domestic responsibilities. If the guy replies positives, you can certainly consider him as a responsible person.


  1. What is your favorite gadget?

This is a right question to understand, how obsessed he is with the smart gadgets.  People who use their cell phone for chatting and stay connected are considered as social guys.  Those who are always glued on playing games, probably are introvert people, and normally satisfied doing things for themselves.

  1. Ask him to name the favorite cartoon game or YouTube video

People who love the funny video and laugh watching them are good people with a lot of sense of humor.  They are easy to mingle and will be a good friend always.  The guy interested in watching scientific or adventurous movies tend to show a nature of experimenting with new things.


  1. What about telling a white lie?

There is a big difference between telling a white lie and telling a serious lie.  White lies are acceptable, and people who made it a habit if telling huge lies are dishonest guys. If the guy is giving a sincere positive answer to the question, he is an honest guy.


  1. What is that attracted you to me?

The guy is forced to give you an answer, and you can evaluate whether he likes your personal appearance or your inner beauty. The answer other than external appearance will let you know how deep he is interested in you, and that can let you take a correct judgment about the relationship.


  1. Can you describe yourself in few words?

There is every chance to get some positive outlook, which means he wants to show you only the good side of his character.  Or may be he wants to show only the bad side of his character.  But there are people who can give a balanced approach.  Guys who can give both his good and bad qualities are conscious about their shortfalls as well as plus points.


  1. What food would you like to have for the rest of your life if you had only one option?

Making a conscious effort to know about the food interest let you know the character of the guy. If he chooses some fast food, he is a person run after instant foods that show he is not bothered about his health.  People who are healthy conscious may go for vegetable salads.  But if he can select something that are healthy and can be liked by others too easily that is an indication that he can enjoy the different choice of food.


  1. What personal remarks had hurt you very much in your life?

Some people will get very much offended with certain unjustifiable remarks that affect them personally. This will help you to find out the weak point of the person and try to understand what exactly the reason to make him offended.  This will help you to deal with the person without referring something during your relationship and rest of your life.

  1. What type of job can make you happy, the one that can give you more money or satisfaction?

People who care job satisfaction tends to maintain quality in their life. These types of people have sober character, and they are not greedy for money.  They won’t compromise for money and do dirty things in life to make money.  This is a good question to know the personal quality of the person.

The purpose of asking these questions are to know more about the person, his likes, and dislikes that can help you to make the necessary adjustments in your life.  Never ask these questions in a compulsive style, but ask these questions naturally as part of your conversation. Good luck!


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