21 Questions to Ask Your Crush


It is indeed one of the blushing moments when you see your crush.  A kind of spontaneous feeling will hunt you to talk to her, get acquainted and, of course, a take that relationship to the next level expecting to have happy long lasting moments in life.   If you are so orthodox in approach, and apparently shy in nature, it will be a difficult situation in the early stages of your relationship.  Especially, if you are a teenager, you will find things difficult for you to manage, how to talk to her/him or what to talk.

ll.jpgHere I am presenting you 21 questions that you can ask your love/lover to break the ice and how to initiate a discussion.  It’s okay if you are finding it difficult to have a happy beginning. Don’t worry that kind of limitations are common during the initial stages of relationships.

  1. Do you remember the most embarrassing thing you did today?embarassing

It could be a casual question that can prompt your crush to start talking about the subject.  Sharing embarrassing things will make her mind light and ease up the situation.  On a reciprocating note, you can take this opportunity to console her and boost her confidence.

  1. Tell me something that you have done and you don’t want to do it again?dont-do-it-again

Girls love to talk about them, and they even talk about their past and expectations.  It gives her an opportunity to discuss with you the achievements and failures what she had today.  You can consider giving valuable tips how to overcome things where she failed and didn’t want to do it again.  Analyze and give her some good suggestions.

  1. What do you fear the most?fear

It is a funny question.  Most of the girls are very much scary about insects. It is better to know so that you can better prepare to alleviate her creepy feeling.  In understanding the situation, you won’t get upset because of her indifferent behavior.

  1. What do you think about true love?true-love

When you are in a relationship and seriously thinking to take it to the next level of life, sharing your life, this is an important question.  This lets your crush open up her mind and how she sees the life and how she wants to take the relationship further forward.

  1. What is your favorite sport?sports

Probably you will have a common interest, and you are lucky if your crush is also an ardent fan of a particular sport that you look too much.  This will help you to plan for watching sports together and spending some leisure time together.

  1. What do you think about your future?

Most girls are very ambitious like men.   They have a set of targets in their life to achieve.  It is better to know the future plan in advance.

  1. What is the bad thing in dating?bad-dating

It gives an opportunity to understand her most.  Many times, it been reported that their dating was horrible due to various reason.  There are so many dos and don’ts that are limited not by a set of the rule but part of their personality conditions.  To what extend, you can explore the limitations are depending on the other person’s attitude.

  1. Tell me something about your childhood memories, please!

Most of them shall be having beautiful childhood memories to share.  It gives a lot of opportunities to understand your crush.

  1. Which is the best place you like spend your holidays?holiday

It may look like a silly question.  But this question and its related answer will give you an opportunity to understand your crush.  Some girls like holidaying in beach resorts but some might be interested in trekking.  This will give you an idea if her interest of holidaying matching to your taste.  That can help you to plan your future.

  1. What is your expectation about a great night date?date-night

There is an element of high potential romantic indication is there to spend a night together.  Depends on her reply, you can make the next movement.  Some girls are open to having fun in the night date.  You can prepare to meet the night time challenges.

  1. If you like to have three wishes, what would you select?

You are throwing an open question.  Wait for her reply.  Remember, she will always come with three important things that she likes the most.

  1. Which is the best movie you saw recently?

It is a good question to continue the conversation.  You can continue the discussion with some recent movies and what are the interesting things in the movie.

  1. Tell me, who is your best childhood friend?

Everyone must have a good friend.  Especially, those with childhood friend would like to discuss about the friend.  This will make your crush so happy because you are asking something very close to her heart.

  1. Hey, come on; tell me your favorite color..!

If your crush is very much deep into color sense, you will certainly get good topics to discuss.   May be you can find out her best color preferences.

  1. If you are upset because of some reason, how you will overcome it?

Everyone must have some practice to overcome the bad situation.  Some people like to sit alone for a while; someone will find it easy talking to their close friends, etc.

  1. What type of guy does you like the most?

It gives a chance for you to tune yourself to the way how she wants to see you.  It is a good question.  If she is honest, she will tell you exactly how she wants to see you.  Make the changes and the cosmetic changes can bond the relationship further.

  1. Do you like a bike or car?

Mode of conveyance is paramount in a relationship.  Some young girls prefer sports bike and some prefer the sporty looking car.

  1. Do you love music?

It gives you a chance to understand her music sense.  If she loves soft romantic duets, you can gift her some of the best romantic songs that can elevate your relationship to a blissful romantic level.

  1. What was your opinion when you saw me first?

It is a good question to ask your crush because the answer will be quite interesting. But take my word, no girl will tell you what exactly she thought about her.  But she will say something negative about her, probably by saying you may have rejected her.

  1. What you will do you win a jackpot?

It is a question rich with fantasy.  This will give her the option to expose her hidden secrets what she want to do after having enough money.

  1. What are the best things your friends say about you?

It is natural; people want to project their best part of their personality.  In asking a question like this, you can compare your observation of your crush with that of her friends.

Remember it is easy to frame up relevant questions matching to context.  Do not shoot a subject that are irrelevant and give an impression that you are trying to dig out something like a Gestapo.  Make or tune the question as part of your casual question and there should be continuity in asking the question.  There is a line of decency in every relationship. The bottom line is you should not ask questions that can embarrass your crush.


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