35 Weeks Pregnant With Twins


At this stage of the pregnancy, most women are just willing their healthy, happy babies out but when you’re 35 weeks pregnant with twins, there’s still just a little way to go. Your body, although almost ready to prepare for labour, still has changes to make and there are still things you will need to keep your eyes out for and be prepared for.

It is at 37 weeks that a twin-pregnancy is considered full-term so at 35 weeks, you only have a couple of weeks to get everything ready, including your body.

35 Weeks Pregnant With Twins – Fetal Development 

35 Weeks Pregnant With Twins At 35 weeks, your babies are almost as fully-formed as they’re going to be. Their muscles are fully-grown, and bone and nerve development is formed. They are still finishing off work on the lungs although studies have shown that full development of the lungs happens at around the 37-week point of the gestation period. In some cases, the lungs can be formed as early as 33 weeks.

Your babies’ eyelids will be opening and closing and they’ll also have both eyelashes and fingernails too. You’ll also find that your babies will start to respond to light. If you shine a light at your growing stomach, you’ll experience kicking and moving where the babies are responding.

At 35 weeks, although not fully formed, it is expected that the babies will grown up to fit and healthy if they are born at this stage. They may need a little help in a neonatal unit but this will be to help their lungs in the case that they aren’t yet fully formed.

You will normally expect to see your doctor or midwife a couple of times per week at this stage if you are 35 weeks pregnant with twins. You will be monitored closely, not only to ensure that the babies’ are developing as they should be, but also to ensure that they don’t stick around any longer than the 37-38 week mark. Very rarely with healthcare professionals allow a woman with twins to carry past that point, choosing to induce or to perform a Caesarean section. As you can probably imagine, this stage of the pregnancy is often incredibly uncomfortable for the mother and it would be for the young too, being cramped together in such a small space.

Your babies are likely to be smaller than the average newborn at 35 weeks pregnant, mostly because there are two young in the womb. Despite this, you can still expect them to be around twenty or so inches in length and weighing between 2.5kg to almost 4kg. Normally, twins and multiple births weight slightly less when born, and the weight will be reduced even further if the babies are not born at full term – 37 weeks.

At 35 weeks pregnant with twins, at least one of the babies will have either moved into the birth canal to start preparing for the onset of labour, or will be making its way there.

35 Weeks Pregnant With Twins – Mother’s Symptoms 

35 Weeks Pregnant With Twins As you can imagine, life is pretty uncomfortable at this late stage of a pregnancy with twins. There is very little room left in your body so as well as feeling generally grumpy and out-of-sorts, you can also expect your appetite to go out the window. Many women find that they just can’t fit any food in their body at this late stage and can only eat little and often. It is important to remember to eat, and make sure you are eating healthy foods too.

Your body will feel generally tired, fatigued and perhaps even exhausted with the additional weight of two babies inside you. There are likely to be regular trips to the bathroom with all the added pressure on your bladder and not only that, the babies will be moving relatively regularly which will also put strain on the way you feel as well as your vital organs.

During this stage, it is wise to remember to rest regularly. Make sure you drink plenty of fluids, eat lots of healthy foods, have hot baths to help with aches and pains, and generally relax. Lie back and put your feet up and that will ease some of your discomfort.

Of course, all this waiting around is likely to leave you feeling very impatient as well as agitated. You might even find that you are leaking from your breasts a little. This is all very common and is just your body’s way of getting ready to breastfeed. This leaking fluid is called colostrums and normally comes in the shape of watery fluids.

Alongside all of those, you are probably not sleeping very well because the movement of your babies’ will be keeping you up at night. Combine that with needed to frequently use the toilet and the general feeling of being fat and uncomfortable and it doesn’t seem like the most pleasant of rides.

Just tell yourself – in less than a couple of weeks, it will all be over and you’ll have met your babies! If you even need to wait that long!

*image source: David Castillo Dominici & khunaspix / freedigitalphotos.net


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