A Headache When Standing Up


Nowadays people have busy schedule, and we often found a common complaint from a different age group that is the episodic headaches. The symptoms are often get overlooked by the individuals and they never took it seriously for which they have to suffer a lot in their day to day life. Due to the negligence, the episodic headaches neither get adequately treated nor being diagnosed correctly. Some people try to deal with it in their way that fails to produce any positive output.


Episodic headaches can be classified into a different category, and each type of a headache has their specific characteristics and reasons. For each type of a headache, there is a particular pathophysiology and the symptoms must be noted each time that is crucial to reduce the intensity of episodic headaches and also very useful to prevent repetitive headaches. As an example we can sometimes say, the headache may attack an individual after a long tiring day of work or by receiving cold but in some rare cases, the symptoms may be considered as the signs of severe headache issues.

Reasons for having headache when standing up

There are various reasons to describe headaches that are scientifically trusted and verified. Commonly it is found that the epicenter of pain is at the base of the skull and is mainly responsible for the stretching of blood vessels causing receptor hyper-stimulation. Some of the biggest reasons for a headache when standing up are described below:

  • Postural hypotension: In the case of postural hypotension or orthostatic hypotension, the blood pressure suddenly drops down from standing to sitting or lying posture. As we all know that blood pressure releases the required force that heart needs to pump the blood to the periphery and if the necessary amount of blood fails to pump in the periphery, the blood vessels get stretched and hence causing postural hypotension. Doctor’s sometimes describe the situation as the sudden pull of blood into the legs due to gravity and in general, this might not happen. Some other symptoms that an individual may experience during postural hypotension are a headache and dizziness while standing suddenly from lying or sitting position. This condition only survives for few minutes, and some individuals may also experience faintness for a while.
  • Exertion headaches: This headache is categorized in a different category and can cause by sudden standing up after a long session of exercise which includes tennis, weightlifting, rowing and swimming, etc. In the exercise session we used to engage a lot of energy there and after the sudden release out from such engagement, we feel exhausted both physically and mentally, and hence it become a reason for an exertion headache. In the case of primary Exertion headaches, it is very easy to deal with it by undergoing proper medical guidance and supervision. But secondary exertion headaches are considered as the severe issue associated with the brain and some symptoms may include brain tumor, internal brain bleeding, etc. and should be treated with emergency medical treatments.
  • Blood pressure abnormalities: Blood pressure or circulatory issues such as hypotension (low BP) or hypertension (high BP) are often considered as the responsible body for a headache related diseases. The symptoms also are like blurriness in vision and nausea etc. A sudden change in the position of an individual like standing up from sitting or lying position can cause dizziness and visual defects from hypotension. Hypertension is also responsible for the increased intensity in headache problem and also may cause vomiting, visual defects, and nausea, etc.
  • A migraine: Migraine is a severe headache problem, and it comes along with some other symptoms such as vomiting, numbness, visual defects, etc. A migraine can be considered as one of the main reason for episodic headaches it a particular kind of a one-sided headache that differ from others in many ways. Migraine attacks get accelerated by stress and strain also, may occur from certain foods. Foods like chocolates and cheese must be avoided by an individual suffering from a migraine, and it is critical to figure out the triggering factors of a migraine. Better you consult your physician and start taking anti-migration pills as soon as possible and if you have frequent attacks then keep yourself in a dark and calm place to overcome the pain.
  • Intracranial hypotension: People who experience intracranial hypotension related headache is only due to the intracerebral pressure and is also known as “Benign Intracranial Hypotension.” Some symptoms that may notice during in a severe intracranial hypotension case are blurring or darken of vision when suddenly an individual changes his position like standing up from sitting or lying posture. The symptom through which you may doubt of having intracranial hypotension is the presence of papilledema without having any sign of a tumor in the head.
  • A headache from tension: People from all around the world experience a pain in the skull of their forehead due to the tension, and it is found to be very common in the present life system. A tension headache may occur from the stress, nausea or putting the strain on eyes by watching TV for a prolonged period or sitting in front of a computer for a long time during the office hours. This is not a life-threatening condition, but you need to provide more relaxation to your health.

These all are the causes of a headache when standing up, but it is not so easy to identify the legitimate reason for your headache. So better consult a neurologist and describe the discomfort or pain you experience each time during your headache. By figuring out the real symptoms and cause one can easily get the treatment for a headache when standing up. You need to stay in a dark and calm place while experiencing a high intensity of a headache when standing up. You need to check up your blood pressure at least twice a week as this may help you to avoid a headache when standing up to a large extent. Never avoid any symptoms of a headache as the treatment might get started from the grass root level to diminish it all together.


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