Acupressure Points in Hand


Acupuncture has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years to treat and prevent a variety of illnesses. Like most traditional medicines, it is designed to slowly work with your body to improve your overall health. Modern research studies have found that acupuncture can be effective for a variety of conditions, but they have not found the exact mechanism yet.

With acupuncture, a very thin needle is typically inserted into certain places based on your symptoms or treatment needs. When you are sick, an acupuncturist would say that some of your energy channels are blocked. Placing the needle at the right pressure point can help relieve this stress.

Luckily, you do not have to use needles to achieve some of the same affects. Acupressure points use the same points and concepts as acupuncture, but this technique can be done by just applying pressure. Acupressure and shiatsu both focus on using pressure points to treat medical ailments. Many acupressure points can also be found on the hands. These points are directly connected to different parts of your body, so stimulating acupressure points on your hand can help other parts of your body.

The Acupressure Points in the Hand

According to traditional Chinese medicine, there are a total of 340 pressure points on your body. Out of these, an impressive 28 acupressure points are located on your hand. Basically, you can massage these points to get the benefits that you need. If you are uncertain about which points to use, rub your hands together until they are hot. This will help to stimulate multiple points and can improve your overall health.

The Five Main Acupressure Points in the Hands

While there are 28 different acupressure points in your hand, most people cannot remember all of them. Plus, some of the acupressure points are more important than others. To learn more about the five most important points, read on.

1. The Base of Thumb

This acupressure point is extremely popular. Locate it by going to where the base of your thumb almost meets your point. Once you have found the acupressure point, apply firm pressure with the thumb of your opposite hand. Stimulate this acupressure point regularly if you need relief from breathing issues like coughing.

2. The Hand Valley

The hand valley is a popular acupressure point that can treat migraines, headaches and stress. It can also help with shoulder tension, neck pain, toothaches and constipation. This acupressure point is placed between your pointer finger and your thumb. When you stimulate this point, it can also help to remove excess heat from the body.

3. The Thumb Nail

The thumb nail point is located on the outside part of the lower corner of your thumb nail. If you are looking t your right thumbnail, it will be on the lower left side of it. On your other hand, it will be on the lower right side. Find the point and massage it. This pressure point is supposed to help reduce negative emotions and feelings.

4. The Inner Gate

The inner gate point is located on your wrist about three centimeters from the crease. Once you have found the point, apply firm pressure for a while, Massaging or applying pressure at this point can help with nausea, indigestion issues, anxiety and stomach pain.

5. The Wrist 1

The wrist point 1 is good at helping stress. It is located in line with your little finger on your wrist. This point can be used to self-treat stress or tension. You just have to apply pressure to the point for a while. Before long, this acupressure point can help to boost your emotional well-being and reduce stress.


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