40 Anniversary Quotes for Him


Love stories are beautiful. They brighten dull days and bring cheers into our hearts.

You have spent another wonderful year together. Somehow, you made it through despite the silly fights, magical dates, pesky arguments and exciting adventures. The D-day is finally approaching. Now it is the time to tell the man of your life how much you adore and love him. Thank him for being there for you in good and bad times.

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It may be your wedding anniversary or the second year of dating. It may be your parents’ anniversary cards. Do you have any special message for your dad? While drafting an anniversary message, think along the following lines:

  • How the relationship has survived pesky arguments and fights
  • How happy he makes you feel
  • The effect his hugs and kisses have on you
  • How his possessiveness and jealousy affect the relationship

As the day approaches, declare your love for him on Facebook and text messages. Call him and let him know he is appreciated and loved. Above all, let him know nothing makes you happy than being his girlfriend.

Here are a few romantic anniversary messages that can be sent:

  1. Whenever you hold me close, my worries and fears magically disappear. This is one of the reasons why we make an excellent pair. There is something calming about your eyes. A look into your eyes and I feel calm. Whenever you kiss me, the world around me comes to a standstill creating a sense of complete fulfillment. I love you and happy anniversary! I may search my life again and again, one thing am sure is that no one will even half like you. You are one in a million. Happy anniversary babe.
  2. You have been my shadow wherever I go. It is the best feeling ever. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I love my life since you became a part of it, since I found you, I found love. Thanks for coming into my life. Happy anniversary love.
  3. Whenever you see a falling star, do not forget to make a wish-wishes come true because I wished and found you. Happy anniversary!
  4. I have always thought of you as a cool and hot guy. I held the opinion that you were some cool guy who was I would like from afar. But now I have realized you are much more than that. You are the sweetest, most handsome and sensitive and fun –loving guy that I adore. I am so glad I met you. I am glad to know you in an amazing and intimate way. If I had to choose between loving you and my last breath, I would use my last breath to let you know how much I love you. Happy anniversary my love.
  5. I keep falling in love in you over and over again. You stole my heart and I do not wish to have it back. Love you sweetheart. Happy anniversary.
  6. I find myself in my own world whenever we kiss and cuddle. It feels like magic. I get goose bumps and wish the moment would last forever. I feel safe whenever you hold me tight. I love when you whisper sweet nothings into my year. You are the only thing I need in my life. I pray and hope this love lasts forever. Happy anniversary sweetheart.
  7. Before I met you, I thought I had the perfect life. I did not know what I was missing. After meeting you, I finally realized I was missing something the entire time. I am glad that I get the chance to spend another year with you. I wish all my dreams would come true as because all I dream about is you. Happy anniversary honey!
  8. I love you more than words, feelings and thoughts can define, express or imagine. No adjectives can describe my love for you. The thought of you drives me crazy. I love you more than anything else in the world. Happy anniversary my darling!
  9. An anniversary may be just another milestone in other people’s relationships. For merit is another excuse and chance to shower the love of my life with kisses, and hugs all day long. You are the best thing that has happened to me-keep the fire blazing! Happy anniversary sweetie.
  10. Would you stop talking if I kissed your lips? I love the touch of your soft lips on mine. Happy anniversary my dearest husband/boyfriend.
  11. Happy anniversary my love. You and I are not the same people who met a while ago. We may have changed but one thing is for sure-our love has grown over time. We have both learned to enjoy the newness and changes in each other. Our love has conquered all challenges. Thank you for standing by me no matter what changes happens. I love you dear. Happy anniversary!
  12. People say a good marriage is between a blind wife and a deaf husband. Your love has blinded me.
  13. A day of loving, 7 days of quarreling, 30 days of war and 365 days of marriage. Cheers to another year of misery, suffering and love we shared! Happy anniversary!
  14. I have difficulties coming up with reasons why you tolerated me for another year. Am glad you did it though. Life would be calmer without you, but it would be boring. Thanks for loving me.
  15. Everything was dark and gloomy in my life, till you walked in my life and brightened my day. Your true love reminds me that nothing else matters in this life. I am proud to announce that I love you with every fiber if my being. Happy anniversary love!
  16. Whenever I think about you, I go mad and crazy. You are the best boyfriend anyone could ask for. Thank you for choosing and accepting me in your life. Happy anniversary!
  17. On this very day, you stole my heart…. I do not need back. Please keep it safely. You have turned my life into a romantic playlist. I love the beautiful songs that are played on a daily basis. Thank you my love. Happy anniversary.
  18. Our anniversary cannot be summed up as a mere date for me. Flowers and gifts do not mean much. It is a constant reminder that we were meant to be. Happy anniversary babe! Xoxo
  19. We may celebrate our anniversary once a year, but I feel like we celebrate it daily. Love you sweetie. The reason I stay with you is the simple factor that you give something no one else can. Happy anniversary my love.
  20. Love is just a word. It gains meaning when someone caring and loving as you brings the word to life. Thank you for showing me true love. You are my one and only true love. As long as I get hugs and hear sweet nothings from you, cards, flowers and gifts do not matter. Thank you for everything and happy anniversary sweetie.
  21. You are the Sun in my Sunday. Thanks for making my days bright and full of life. As we celebrate another year together, I wish that this will last forever. Whenever I tell you I love you, it is not usually out of habit or to keep the conversation going. I say it as a reminder that you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. Happy anniversary!
  22. Every minute spent with you is extremely sweet. I am afraid I may get diabetes. Dear God, I pray that protects from diabetes. Happy anniversary pumpkin
  23. He is annoying, he is hilarious, he drives me crazy, makes me yell. He may be out of his mind but he is all I want. We fight and make up…it has been amazing. As we mark our anniversary, we start the whole process again. I saw you were perfect and fell in love with you. Then I saw your imperfections and loved you the more. Happy anniversary love.
  24. Despite the distance, you are still in my heart. Every day, my love for you grows and I learn something about you that I cherish and adore. Thank you for your patience, loving me and making me happy always. You are awesome. Happy anniversary.
  25. I have never believed in forever, till the day I set my eyes on you. It does not matter where I am. All that matters is that my heart is where you are. There is a reason why fate or destiny brought us together. Love you and happy anniversary love.
  26. Furniture was scratched and glasses broken but our marriage has survived. The love was never lost. If I had the chance to relive my life all over again, I would choose you now that I know what true love is and how good it feels to be loved by you. Happy anniversary to you my love.
  27. Love is the condition in which your happiness is essential to me. All I will ask for our anniversary is the gift of long life and good health.
  28. How do we know we love each other? When our day starts with a smile and does not end with a frown. Thanks for the magical date, the silly selfies we took, the warm snuggles on the cold nights and the amazing kisses. Thank you for the memories we created and I cannot wait to create more with you in the next year. Happy anniversary darling.
  29. They say marriages are made in heaven or hell. Ours is made on earth as it has been adventurous and fun. Dear hubby, thank you for giving me the chance to be a wonderful wife and mother to our kids. I love you and promise to love you till death does as apart. Happy anniversary honey.
  30. Marriage is never easy, but it is worth the struggle. A successful marriage is not a perfect union between two people. It is the imperfection of two people who have learned the value of grace and forgiveness. There is so much other couples could learn from us. Happy anniversary!
  31. Who needs fancy parties, exquisite gifts or special dinners while a simple kiss and ‘I love you’ is enough assurance of the love we share. Thank you for being there for me especially when it gets difficult. Happy anniversary my love.
  32. Happy anniversary to the man I always wanted and needed. I want to grow old with you. I want to cherish the memories we created. I did not think it was possible, but I love you more with each passing day. No one else understands our relationship and no one gets me like you do. Here is to another year filled with joy and love. Happy anniversary love.
  33. Today marks another 12 months spent together. The memories of how we met, the first awkward date, that very first kiss. How magical and amazing was it! As a matter of fact, that kiss still lingers in my mind. It is as if it happened yesterday. Several years later, that romantic spark is still alive just as the day we first kissed. I loved you then, I still love you. I promise to love you always. Happy anniversary darling!
  34. Seeing a happy couple together as they celebrate another year together filled with happiness and love, made me feel frustrated and mad. After meeting you, all that has changed. I now have the chance to experience such undying love and happiness with you on my side. You are an amazing man. I love the bond we share and cheers to another wonderful year spent together.
  35. One of the vivid memories I have is when you went down on your knee and made a marriage proposal to me. All along, you have shown me real love. I cannot wait to commence this journey together with you on my side. You are the best thing that has happened to me. You are a lover, partner, husband and above all my best friend. Happy anniversary babe.
  36. Why do I get butterflies whenever I see you, after a year of dating? Why do my knees feel weak and fireworks light the sky when we kiss? I cannot help but fall in love with you. You are so incredible. If I had to choose again, it would be you definitely. Happy anniversary love.
  37. No matter what people say about high school romances, they are not about silliness and puppy love. Celebrating our anniversary together has proved that fact wrong. Several years down the line, were are still together and growing strong. I could not be happier. Just to let you know, you are the macaroni to my cheese. Here is to another amazing year, my high school sweetheart.
  38. It is very easy to be passionate in relationships. Anyone can do that. However, it takes more than passion to make a relationship work. It takes real love, a strong connection and being silly with a man you can call your own. Special thanks to my goofy man who is not afraid to express himself. The man behind my happiness. Happy anniversary honey.
  39. On this special day, I want the man of my life to know how good and amazing it felt to annoy you over the past year. I cannot wait to annoy you in the future too. Thanks for being there for me. I will love you even when you are wrinkly and old. Happy anniversary sweetheart.
  40. Happy anniversary my love. I thank the Lord above for allowing you to be part of my life. You have been a constant source of inspiration, hope and truth. Thanks to you, I feel the never-ending youth despite the heavy storms that come our way. Happy anniversary darling.


Creating memories is one thing that couples do in the course of their love life. There are birthdays, weddings and special occasions such as the birth of your babies that need to be celebrated. Whatever the occasion, there are a million messages that wives and girlfriends can send to the men in their lives. Show the man in your life you love them by sending any of anniversary messages above. The messages will bring a sparkle to his eyes, smile on his face and melt his heart.


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