Are California Rolls Healthy?


Questions Of The Health Factors About California Rolls

It was in the 1970s when a sushi chef from California created California rolls from cucumber, leftover avocado and fishcake as ingredients. The innermost side of the new sushi created contained seaweed which few people were fans of and was hidden beneath a layer of rice on the inner side. It is currently being identified as an inside out roll. Over the years and evolution of the original recipe is evident because fishcake has at present been replaced by crab sticks, which are also known as imitation crab meat. Unlike the Japanese sushi which is considered healthy, the American version utilizes cream cheese as an ingredient making people question the health factors of California rolls.

lllThe Nutritional Facts Of California Rolls

A belief exists that California rolls are not really healthy. This belief has been attributed to the ingredients used within the rolls and includes imitation crab, avocado, cucumber and a sprinkling of sesame seeds. While avocado, cucumber and seaweed are considered as the healthy components of this creation imitation crab and white rice, which are also used are not categorized similarly. The last two ingredients mentioned contain no proteins but are high in carbohydrates, which are easily digested.

The nutritional content of California rolls varies and is dependent on the ingredients used. When compared to the traditional version it is estimated to be in the region of six pieces, which is considered as the normal size served. A singular California roll contains 450 calories and is about 210 grams in weight. Therefore, estimates are available to show a single serving of the rolls increases the intake of sodium by a third with further increases are estimated if the roll is had with soy sauce.

California Rolls-Are They Really Healthy?

As mentioned earlier California rolls are not good and there are plenty of reasons for this conclusion. Here are some of the reasons, which are notable:

1) Lacking In Fish

There is a belief among people that they will get two servings of fish when they have sushi with one serving being equivalent to 140 grams. However, California rolls contain just about five grammes of fish making it better for people to choose sashimi, which is served with a slice of seared salmon or tuna in the raw form.

2) Processed Carbohydrates

Three-fourths of the carbohydrates in sushi is in the form of white rice which as no minerals or vitamins. However, sugar and rice vinegar of the sugary variety is added to the water when cooking, and these are not considered healthy.

3) Lacks Nutritional Value

Healthy seaweed is an ingredient used in California rolls. However, the quantity used is minimal and is not sufficient to contribute to the daily requirement of potassium, fibre, iron and calcium. One sushi roll contains just around 1 g of seaweed, and the quantities of cucumber and avocado are negligible.

4) High in Salt Content

It is considered salty with the content of salt being in the region of 4.5 g. Information about using salt in high quantities regularly being a risk factor for high blood pressure is available from the medical fraternity. It also contains fish and pickled vegetables, which are high in salt content.

5) High in Calories Needs

California rolls of certain varieties are reputed to contain 755 calories, which are higher than a big Mac from McDonalds. Ingredients like mayonnaise and cream cheese increase the quantity of calories in these rolls. Therefore, there is a need to question whether California rolls are healthy? Certainly not, not these.

Tips to Follow When Having Sushi

It is clear from the description provided California rolls are obviously not good. However, people yearning for them can certainly find other varieties, which they will find good. A look at the tips below will help make the right choices.

Limit or avoid soy sauce: it will be better for people to limit soy sauce because of the high quantity of salt it contains. A single teaspoon of soy sauce contains around 920 MG of sodium, which is rather high. People should be looking forward to opting for a sauce with low sodium whenever possible.

Avoid imitation meat: another ingredient of California rolls is imitation crab meat, which is again high in sodium. People must prefer sushi made from fresh fish such as salmon, tuna or fresh crab.

Opt for brown rice: white rice is not the only ingredient used during the making of sushi, which is also made with brown rice. This is a better ingredient because it is rich in antioxidants and fiber.

Stay away from the creamy and crunchy feeling: high saturated fats can be found in tempura additives, which are deep-fried and some rolls are served with cream cheese and mayonnaise. They are high in calories and also contain fats. It will be better if raw fish and fresh vegetables are chosen as a replacement.

Consider the size of the serving: it is strongly suggested that sushi be had in moderation, and these rolls not be considered as a full meal despite them providing the calorific needs required. It will be better for people to consider having a roll with a salad made from seaweed.


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