Bad Breath After Wisdom Teeth Removal


can-you-drink-alcohol-after-getting-wisdom-teeth-removedIf you do not take proper care of your teeth, eventually bacteria will form there and will lead to several problems including bad breath. This often happens when you get your wisdom teeth extracted. Wisdom teeth mainly grow when you are in the age group of 18-25 years and have to be removed because they crowd the other teeth.

They also cause alignment issues and affect the surface of your other teeth. Thus it is necessary to extract them to keep your teeth in proper shape. But after extracting the wisdom teeth, you may not be able to brush or touch that particular area, which causes bad breath.


The surgical extraction of wisdom teeth causes bad breath due to the following reasons:


Sometimes the area from where you have extracted the wisdom teeth may start bleeding and this causes both a bad smell and taste. You should sip some water after the bleeding has stopped and then after a day you can use mouthwash and then gargle with salt water. But remember not to use mouthwash or salt water until 24 hours have passed.


Sometimes the recommended medication you take after the removal of the wisdom teeth may make your mouth dry and cause a bad odor. It is best to keep sipping water to avoid this problem.

Dry socket

At times, when your wisdom teeth are extracted, blood clots are also removed and this leaves the bone and the nerve tissue exposed. This causes a dry socket and creates a bad smell in your mouth.

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For the first few days after the surgical extraction of your wisdom teeth, you should avoid brushing your teeth and flossing. This can cause bad breath but it must be adhered to, as you must let the extraction site heal.


It is very easy to catch an infection after your wisdom teeth are removed as the area is now dry and exposed. But you can prevent bad breath by adhering to the following steps and listening to your dentist. It is best not to chew from the part from where your wisdom teeth have been extracted and try to keep food and sweet drinks away from the site.

But if the bad breath and pain persists in the area after three days, you should consult your dentist and get a checkup done.

Use a straw

If you are drinking some sweet drink like a cola or soda, you should use a straw to keep these substances away from the affected area. This can prevent any bacteria entering that part and thus prevents any bad odor.

Antiseptic mouthwash

You should use an antiseptic mouthwash to rinse your mouth only 24 hours after your wisdom teeth have been extracted.

Water pick

A water pick is very effective in removing any food particles or substances that may have got stuck in the dry socket after you wisdom teeth have been removed. Water picks are high pressure sprays that can clean out the area completely and prevents infections.

Some More Tips

You can also avoid bad breath by gargling with warm salt water and by brushing your teeth regularly. Just be careful that you avoid that area for a while and brush lightly in that region. You can also clean your tongue using a tongue scarper and try to avoid smoking to keep the area free from infections. By following these steps and maintaining good oral hygiene, the bad breath will slowly go away.


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