Romantic Bedtime Stories for Your Girlfriend


If there’s anything that will put your relationship on the fast track of failure, it’s allowing it to fizzle out. You should always be trying to add new and exciting things to your relationship just to keep it new and fresh. One thing that will do this is telling your girlfriend romantic bedtime stories.

Okay, okay. It may sound a little silly, but just listen – especially all you folk who are in long-term relationships. Telling your girlfriend a bedtime story isn’t just adorable, it’s also very fun, exciting, and it’ll take her by surprise – all of which can help elongate your relationship and add something new to it.

However, you can’t just get on the phone and start making up just any story! If you want to tell your girlfriend romantic bedtime stories, there’s a certain way you have to go about it so it’s the most effective. Here’s just how to do that.


How to Start the Story

Think back to when you were a little kid. How did all those bedtime stories start out? Even though these are romantic stories, they’re still very similar to the ones you used to hear from your parents – at least how they begin.

You should always start your story by relating it to your girlfriend. When she knows that it will be about her, she’ll be much more interested in reading it. By making it start with a description of her, she’ll not only smile at the parts of her you find important enough to mention, but it’ll capture her attention.

For example:

  1. “Once upon a time there was a girl with long blond hair, bright blue eyes, and the most adorable dimples you ever did see.”
  1. “She loved to stroll through the forest and stare out at all Mother Nature has to offer.”
  1. “But one day, she decided to take a new route back home through the forest, her imagination getting the better of her.”

These are a few examples of how to include specific details about her and maybe even a situation that happened to her. If she likes to ride her bike through the town, then mention that. If she likes to swim in the local pond, mention something with this.

By relating the story to her real life and adding in details about the things you enjoy about her, you’re automatically being romantic in the simplest way and capturing her attention.


How to Add a Flirty Twist

Now, it’s all fun to make things up yourself as you go along, but there are other ways of making it even more flirty and entertaining for her. Sure, it would be great for her to sit back and listen to a romantic story, but if she’s someone who would rather get her hands dirty, then maybe it makes more sense for her to have an input.

This is not to say you should let her make up parts of the story herself, but rather, give her options to choose from.

For example:

  1. “The handsome prince took his princess by the hand and A.) He pulled her to a hidden cave, and made love endlessly or B.) He twirled her around and they danced beneath the stars.
  1. “The Princess refused to leave the forbidden land so they could be together so the Prince A.) Threw her over his shoulder and carried her away anyways or B.) He accepted her decision and vowed to stay next to her, even if it meant they both may parish.

Giving her options like this makes her involved in the story, but you’re still telling it. Plus, you get to hear what she would like out of the story so you can make an even better one next time!

Other Tips

  1. Include her.

The most important thing to remember when writing a bedtime story for your girlfriend is making sure it has a lot to do with her life and even involves her. That way she’ll be even more interested in the story and touched by your romantic gestures.

  1. Keep it short.

Another thing to remember is that it doesn’t have to be a really drawn out story. If you keep it short and sweet, it’ll be much more meaningful and she’ll want to hear another one even sooner. Plus, she may lose interest if it takes an hour to tell a little romantic story.

  1. You also always want to be sensitive to her insecurities.

You should never over exaggerate certain features she has that may sound better than what she actually has. For instance, if you say something about the Princess’s beautiful big, full lips and she doesn’t have those, she may think that’s what you like and feel down on herself. So just be careful.

If you follow these tips, you’ll easily produce a great bedtime story that your girlfriend will be sure to love. This will keep the romance alive and put a spark back into your relationship.


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