Benefits of Legalizing Weed

In recent years, one common topic of concern for many people is legalizing weed. While there are benefits to legalizing weed, many people are also concerned that this could encourage people to use other, more dangerous drugs. In addition, there is another concern about federal laws. While some state allow recreational weed to be sold, the federal government in the United States still says that it is illegal.

Other than legal concerns, people worry that legalizing cannabis could cause children and teenagers to use it. For years, teenagers have experimented with alcohol and other drugs as a part of their coming of age. If marijuana is legal, it may become easier for teenagers to access it. Since there are only minimal studies on marijuana at the moment, the long-term health effects are unknown. Despite these concerns, there are some benefits of legalizing weed.

The 10 Benefits of Legalizing Weed

1. Your Body Is Yours

When you buy a house, you have to pay property taxes every year. If you buy a car, you pay for tabs, car insurance and other fees to keep driving it. In a way, these fees and taxes mean that you do not just own your items. If you have to keep paying to use them, they are not entirely yours to keep. The only thing that you should be able to say is completely yours is your body and your life. It should be your choice what you put into your body. As long as you are not harming other people, it seems ludicrous that someone should stop you from doing what you want to your body. Your body is yours. It is the one thing that you should be able to control completely.

2. You Can Handle Disputes Better

When cannabis is illegal, you are not protected as a consumer or a business owner. If your dealer gives you less than 2 grams, you don’t have a lot of options. Likewise, a business cannot sue someone for delayed deliveries or other problems when weed is illegal. When marijuana is legalized, you suddenly get the protections of the courts. This means that you are protected like any other consumer or business from fraud, criminal acts or scams.

3. There Are Medical Benefits

While only a handful of states have legalized weed for recreational use, many have legalized it for medical purposes. This is because there is a decent amount of data on how weed can benefit certain medical conditions. From treating chronic pain to reducing nausea caused by chemotherapy, weed has viable medical uses. By legalizing marijuana, we can help patients get the medication they need safely and at a fair price.

4. You Keep Money From Criminals

When weed is illegal, the only people who will sell it are by definition criminals. You do not want to encourage crime, cartels or drug violence. No one does. One way to prevent this from happening is to legalize the marketplace. Once weed is completely legal, it can only be sold by people with a legitimate business license. This removes the crime from marijuana.

Initially, some criminals may still continue to sell marijuana. Gradually, this will become reduced. Think about yourself. Would you rather buy from someone off the street or a business owner? Even if you have to pay taxes on it, you would probably be willing to pay an extra few dollars to know for sure what you are getting and how much you are getting while avoiding any unsavory characters. Best of all, you might not actually pay anymore. In Washington state, weed was legalized for recreational use a few years ago. At first, the legal price was slightly higher (in some cases, more than slightly) than the street price. Now, you can buy a gram for $5. On the streets, a gram is typically sold for $10. The entire criminal element is bypassed because of the free market. Illegal street dealers are not just unsavory; they’re expensive.

5. It Makes a Safer Environment

This goes along with the last benefit of legalizing weed. When you buy from a business that is regulated by the government, you know what you are getting. Your marijuana is pure and has been checked for any contaminants. While most of your street dealers will still sell just weed because adulterants like meth are expensive and drive away the clientele, there is always a high possibility that they are selling weed that is old, moldy or poorly stored. As a result, legalized weed means you get safer, purer weed.

6. It Helps Law Enforcement

People are going to consume marijuana no matter what. When marijuana is legalized, law enforcement officials can focus on other, more dangerous drugs. You rarely (if ever) hear of someone getting high on weed and shooting up a department store. For drugs like meth or heroin, you hear this type of story constantly. Our law enforcement officials only have a limited budget to work with every year. When weed is legal, they can use their budget to focus on other, more dangerous substances.

7. It Saves the Government Money

Weed helps law enforcement focus on crimes and drugs that hurt society the most. It also helps the government. Overall, the war on drugs has been a failure. The government has wasted countless dollars on making sure that people could not use marijuana. If the federal government legalized marijuana, the same money could be spent removing other drugs from the street, improving our schools or giving addicts the chance to go to rehab.

8. Taxes for Everyone!

When it comes to the government, this is one of the best benefits of legalizing weed. When weed is sold legally, it is taxed. In Washington state, it has extra taxes that you would not pay on your normal purchase. This has increased tax revenue for the state. As we mentioned before, the price of marijuana (including taxes) is now lower than the street price. You are paying less overall for your weed, but the state now gets a cut as well. This helps to boost tax revenue and ensure that some of your money is going to help society.

9. Prohibition Failed

In the 1920s, Prohibition was a complete failure. It actually increased crime because all of the people who once legally drank or made alcohol now had to do it illegally. The same is true for marijuana. Some people will always grow and consume weed. The only difference is whether they are doing it legally or illegally.

10. The Hemp Industry Can Flourish

Hemp is used for paper, plastics, clothes, fuel and other items. When hemp is legal, it can be grown quickly to make common consumer items. This is good news for farmers, consumers and everyone who likes to see hemp products on the store shelves.


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