Benefits of Mineral Water


Benefits of Mineral WaterUp to sixty percent of your entire body is made up of water, making it one of the most important things in your diet. In some animals or organisms around the world, it could be as much as ninety percent of their entire body being made up of water.

Getting down to the individual parts of your body, your heart and brain are said to consist of 73% of the stuff, the lungs consisting of 83% H2O, skin is 64% water, and even your bones have some water in them, up to 31%.

Water is important for your body for a whole number of reasons including forming saliva to help breakdown and digest your food, acting as a material to build and nourish cells, regulating the body temperature internally, controlling your respiration and also sweating, lubricating your joint and ensuring your limbs work and move properly, building the fluid that acts as a ‘shock absorber’ for vital organs like your spinal cord and brain, and even making sure toxins and waste products are expelled from the body.

In short, water does a lot. It is VERY important to the human body and if you’re not consuming enough, you’re not doing yours any favors.

When it comes to the water of choice, many people opt for bottled mineral water because of the many benefits it can offer, some we’re about to look at now.

Benefits of Mineral Water

Benefits of Mineral WaterThere are so many benefits to drinking bottled mineral water. Many people often find that the bottled stuff is not only easier to drink on-the-go than tap water in a glass, and coming straight from the fridge, is perfectly refreshing and hydrating, especially on hot summer days.

Not just that…

1 – Mineral water can help you to lose weight 

If you drink mineral water half an hour before you’re due to eat a meal, you will consume fewer calories. Your stomach will be half-filled already from the water so you’ll have less room for your food. You’ll also feel fuller for longer too. Not only that but the added water will act as lubrication, ensuring the food passes through your body effectively and quickly.

If you switch other drinks out for mineral water, you’ll be consuming even further calories. Swapping a 300-calorie latte in the middle of the afternoon might give you a caffeine-high but it’ll also give you a caffeine-low too. Drinking ice cold mineral water will give you the same energy boost but you’ll have less of a crash, sugar and caffeine induced, later on.

2 – Mineral water can help to build bone strength

Not just that, it can improve bone health and even help to prevent osteoporosis also and this is believed to be because of the calcium content founding mineral water, something else you won’t find in such decent amounts in tap water.

Calcium is essential for keeping your bones and teeth nice and strong so if you are suffering with a condition such as lactose intolerance, adding the mineral to your diet in other ways is important. Mineral water gives you the opportunity to do just that.

3 – Mineral water can help with heart health 

One condition that mineral water has been shown to help with is high blood pressure. There is magnesium present in bottled mineral water and this is what helps to bring down the pressure of the blood being pumped by the heart around the body.

Magnesium also helps with your muscles and can improve performance as well as reducing recuperation time after periods of physical exercise or injury.

4 – Mineral water can help relieve symptoms of arthritis and rheumatism 

We’ve already mentioned that water is important to keep the joints and bones lubricated and if you suffer with arthritis and rheumatism, drinking mineral water is one of the best things you can do.

When you increase more water to your diet, you are increasing the mount of water that can be sent to the bones and joints to work on that lubrication, lubrication that will also decrease as you age.

5 – Mineral water will help make your skin look better 

There are so many benefits of mineral water but for many, this is one of the best. When you drink more water, especially mineral water which often contains minerals (as the name would suggest), you are increasing the amount of ‘skin food’ too. Your skin needs all of this minerals, vitamins and hydration too to be fit and healthy.

When you drink more water, your skin will glow, acne symptoms can be reduced, your tone and complexion will improve, and you’ll feel better for it too.

6 – Mineral water will help maintain electrolyte levels 

Electrolytes are important in the body and when you drink mineral water, you are increasing the amount in yours. Electrolytes are often lose by athletes in sweat and when you lose them, they need to be replaced. There are a number of sports drinks on the market which offer these but they tend to be high in calories, sugar and other compounds whereas mineral water contains none of these things and is therefore much better for you.

There are so many benefits of mineral water and the ones we have mentioned are just the tip of the iceberg. Drinking the bottles stuff can help to reduce the chances of suffering with kidney problems including kidney stones, it can help to lower your cholesterol, aid with digestion, keeps you looking youthful for longer, and so many more.

Sparkling versus Still Mineral Water 

Benefits of Mineral WaterMany people opt for sparkling water over still mineral water because it adds a little more ‘excitement’ into the mix. Water can be bland and boring to many and as a result of this, people aren’t drinking enough of it. Sparkling water makes it appear more than just water therefore encouraging people to drink more.

The truth of the matter is that they both hydrate you perfectly well as each other, it’s just sparkling water adds some fizz to the tongue, disassociating it from that bland, water necessity. The fizzy stuff contains carbon dioxide to make it fizzy, and will often contain other minerals such as sodium. Bearing that in mind, sparkling mineral water might not be for you if you are on a low-sodium diet.

Flavored sparkling water is a different matter entirely and can often contain sugars and artificial sweeteners that are not good for your body, or your teeth for that matter. These should be be consumed in moderation.

There’s no calories and no sugars or artificial sweeteners in regular, sparkling mineral water although the bubbles can give you gas, trapped gas, and even cause you to bloat.

Good, plain old water is always the better choice. Try drinking it ice cold, straight from the fridge or with a slice of lemon or lime to jazz things up a little.

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