25 Best compliments for girls


Compliments are awesome, aren’t they? They make a whole difference especially in today’s world that is full of critique. Isn’t amazing to find out that somebody is able to notice something positive about someone? Of course it is. It instantly makes you feel better about yourself. Especially for a girl these are little things that will make a guy win her soul. There are more than a million compliments you can give a girl that she has never heard of. This does not only make you win her soul but also it is a creative way of approaching her for the first time. It gives you that courage to face her. Try it out and it could be the best way to find your soul mate.

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Compliments every girl really wants to hear from a guy

It is not just enough to compliment a girl, the kind of compliment matters a lot. If you are not careful, you may think that you are compliment a girl not knowing that the kind of compliments you give are putting her off. Be very careful and watchful as you give your compliments. See her reactions and the way she responds at your compliments. If you notice anything filthy then it means you have to change your approach. Below are some 25 compliments that can help you to start off.

  1. You are absolutely, amazingly gorgeous and that is the least interesting thing about you.
  2. I can’t believe having such a caring person in my life like you, I cherish and adore you.
  3. You are an inspiration to me to be the best person that I can be.
  4. I cherish your passion and I must confess that I am proud of you.
  5. Your achievement in whatever you do is my joy.
  6. You always make me smile, I can’t just figure out how life could be without you.
  7. You make feel the happiest man on earth just by being there for me and loving me endlessly.
  8. You always make me loved and wanted at all times.
  9. You are one of the few people who have an impact in my life.
  10. If people were rain, then I could be a drizzle and you could be hurricane.
  11. How I wish that my daughter just turns out to be like you.
  12. With you in my life, I am just myself.
  13. I have never tasted such a sumptuous meal; you are such a qualified chef.
  14. You are such a cute blonde lady, I admire you.
  15. I admire your charisma.
  16. You are such a model; your walking style reveals it all.
  17. I never get bored talking to you because you have a soothing voice.
  18. Thank goodness you are here to help me put things into perspective; you are such a gift from God.
  19. I can’t help but every time I am with you, I get turned on.
  20. Your smile makes flatter.
  21. You are such a caring lady, can’t just do without you.
  22. I admire the way we do things together. It makes me feel closer to you.
  23. The way you match your outfit just leaves me glued to you.
  24. I am impressed at the way you handle things.
  25. Damn, that confidence looks sexy on you.

How not to compliment a woman

Are you bored about a particular woman? The best way to put her off is not to compliment her at all. You can guess what this will make her feel bearing in mind that ladies are moved by compliments no matter how simple you put them across. They will definitely lose that interest in you when they learn that you are no longer complimenting them. This is the simplest way to put them off. However, as you do this, be very careful not to cross lines with her. Do it in a professional way. Below are 10 rules that can guide you on how not to compliment a woman but at the same timehelp you not tocross lines with her;

  1. Be redundant

Repetition is the best way to put a woman away from you. Repeat the same compliments all the time. This will make a lady realize that you no longer realize anything new about her. With time, she will lose interest with you because you will be doing the same things the same way.

  1. Exaggerate your compliments

A lady does not like exaggeration. Honest and unique compliments are what they prefer from a guy. By exaggerating your compliments, you are able to put them off. This is because they will realize that you are not genuine about what you are saying. Once a lady finds out that you are not genuine about what you are saying but just pretending, she will try to avoid you at all costs.

  1. Have an excuse

Sometimes you just need to keep quiet and avoid to compliment. However, you need to be very careful as you do this. You should have an excuse every time you do this. Ladies are very concerned about how you behave. When they realize any change about the way you are behaving, they will definitely ask you. You need to be prepared to face this boldly. Having excuses all the time is the best way. This will probably put her off because they will get bored of your excuses.

  1. Hesitate to compliment

Do not be quick to throw a compliment at a woman. Hold on until it is very necessary. Definitely ladies prefer immediate compliments. They consider that it is genuine when you compliment them immediately you catch a glimpse of them. When you hesitate your compliment you will definitely put them off because they will realize that you no longer give them a priority. Ladies prefer that you give them priority all the time because attention is what they like most.

  1. Compliment on what they already know

There is nothing annoying than when someone tells you something you are much fully aware of. Just pisses you off. For instance if you tell a woman that she is hot yet by the teen age they very much aware of this. It is just boring to them and will consider it noise rather than a compliment. Get to learn about what your woman already knows about herself and make good use of this to avoid her.

  1. Compliment on the common things

Ladies prefer it when you realize something unique about them and compliment it. They will always try to do things in a new and unique way and look up to you to see if you realize it or not. You can avoid this simply by complimenting on the common things. Do not go unraveling the unique things they have. This puts them off because they definitely learn that you no longer realize anything new about them.

  1. Be expressionless

Facial expression is the best way to tell if you really mean what you are saying. Ladies are always on the watch out on how you express yourself when you are complimenting them. They like it when you are charming and happy when complimenting them. Therefore, you can make your compliments as plain as possible. Do not use any body language. They will definitely realize that you do not mean what you are saying and it is the whole reason for them to avoid you.

  1. Keep you compliments as brief as possible

The best way to put a lady off when it comes to compliments is to keep them as short as possible and as few as possible. Do not be too wordy. Perhaps you can just throw a single compliment and keep quiet for the rest of time you are with her. This makes them to realize that you no longer realize much about them. It also indicates that you are not concerned about them as much as possible.

  1. Keep the compliments as simple as possible

Keep it simple when you are putting your compliments across can make a lady loss interest in you. Say them in a joking manner. This will make them feel that you are not serious about what you are saying. Ladies are always much concerned about guys who are serious and mean their words. They are not to put up with mediocre guys who are just wasting their time.

  1. Let your compliments stress on the outlook

Compliments that cut across the entire being of a lady are good. However, those that are centered just on the outlook of a lady are never taken seriously. Many ladies consider it unworthy when you just concentrate on their dressing and body shape and you forget about their general behavior. Some even think that you up to just one thing, sexual satisfaction.

You have it all put together. Learn how not to compliment a woman by following these simple and straightforward steps.


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