15 Best Formula Milk for Babies 2017

While breast feeding might be healthier, it is not always an option. Some women are unable to breast feed or need to supplement with formula while they are at work. If you have to use formula, you obviously want to choose the best option possible. Unfortunately, there are so many different types of formula available that choosing the perfect one can be difficult. Some formulas are fortified with iron or fatty acids like DHA. Some babies are lactose intolerant and need to have a formula that is suited for their body. If you want to learn about the best formula milk for babies, read on.

Choosing the Best Formulas:What Types Are Available?

Before you can choose the best formula, you need to know what type of form works best for you. You will generally be able to choose between, powdered, ready-to-use and liquid concentrates.

Powdered Formula: This type of formula is generally the cheapest. Since it is sold in smaller packages, it takes up less of your pantry space and is the most environmentally friendly option. While powdered formulas might be cheaper and easier to store, you do have to do some work to prepare them. Luckily, the instructions are generally quite easy to follow.

Ready-to-Use Formula: Ready-to-use baby formula is certainly the easiest to use. You do not have to measure or mix anything to serve it. All you need to do is open it up and give it to your baby. Because of its ease of use, this is the type of formula typically chosen by hospitals for newborns. If you are concerned about water quality at your home, this is a hygienic, safe alternative. The only downside is that these generally have a short shelf life. Once opened, you need to store it properly and use it in 48 hours or sooner.

Liquid Concentrate: Liquid concentrate is a type of formula that is made of water and formula. The concentrated liquid has to be blended with water in exact amounts to create the formula. Since it has a lower volume than ready-to-use formulas, it tends to be slightly cheaper. It is more expensive than most powdered formulas though, so it is basically an in-between option in price and storage space.

Other than the style of the formula, you have to also consider the composition. Most baby formulas are made out of cow’s milk. To make this easier for the baby’s body, the manufacturers generally modify the protein content.

Some babies are unable to consume cows milk. If the baby is lactose intolerance, they may get a formula that is based on corn syrup instead of lactose. A soy-based formula could also be used for lactose intolerant babies or vegan babies. If the baby has special health requirements, they may also be given metabolic formula instead. For a baby who has problems absorbing nutrients or who has a number of allergies, the doctor may prescribe an extensively hydrolyzed formula. This type of formula breaks proteins into smaller parts so that the baby can digest it easier.

15 Best Formula Milk for Babies 2017

Figuring out the best baby formula milk is a challenge when there are literally hundreds of different formulas. To help you get started on your search, we are including the 15 best formulas. Many of these have different blends of nutrients or ingredients, so look for the option that is right for your baby’s health needs.

1. Similac Go & Grow

This formula is designed to give your baby a balanced diet. It contains omega 3 and 6 fatty acids to help babies to grow. In addition, it has lutein and other nutrients that are normally found exclusively in breast milk. As an added bonus, the gluten-free formula can work for some allergy-prone babies. The formula is also supposed to work for babies who have more sensitive digestive systems. It retails for about $119.64.

2. Earth’s Best Organic Infant Formula

This formula retails for $103.96. It is made of a rich formula of essential fatty acids, minerals, proteins and vitamins. It is made with ARA and DHA, which are nutrients that you normally find in breast milk that help the baby’s eyes and brains develop. To make the formula match breast milk even more, it has a casein and whey ratio that is an exact match for breast milk. This formula is made out of organic lactose and organic glucose solids for carbohydrates. There are no steroids, herbicides, growth hormones, pesticides or antibiotics used in the production of this formula milk.

3. Nestle NIDO Kinder 1+ Powdered Milk Beverage

This formula is designed for picky toddlers who won’t eat everything that they are given. It helps toddlers get the nutrients they need as they transition from breast milk to a solid-food diet. It includes fiber for the digestive system and is fairly cheap compared to other formulas. It can also be blended into smoothies and baby cereals. Designed only for children over the age of one, it is priced at $18.88.

4. Baby’s Only Organic Dairy With DHA & ARA Formula

This is a good formula option for babies with allergies. It does not have GMO ingredi3ents, corn syrup or gluten. It also contains ARA and DHA from egg phospholipids. The formula does not include steroids, growth hormones or antibiotics. The $14.99 formula is also made to have a naturally balanced fatty acid profile.

5. Enfamil Infant Formula

This is known as one of the top brands in the business, and it is often recommended by pediatricians. This formula advertises itself as the closest match to breast milk. It contains dual prebiotics to help babies stay healthy and is supposed to match the nutritional needs of your baby until they are a year old. In addition, it includes brain healthy ingredients like DHA and choline. The formula retails for about $135.67, so it is one of the pricier formulas on this list.

6. Gerber Good Start Gentle Powder Infant Formula

This is another formula that works for babies with allergies or sensitive stomachs. During the first year of life, the digestive system is just developing, so babies need an extremely sensitive formula. This cheap powdered formula retails for $21.59. Despite its low price, it has the nutrition of breast milk and is gentle on the body. The small proteins in the formula are designed to be easy to digest and help ensure soft stools. Meanwhile, the fatty acids help to support optimal brain and eye development in babies.

7. Enfagrow Toddler Next Step Milk Drink

Getting a toddler to eat a healthy, balanced diet is not always easy. Even if the toddler is not a picky eater, it can be challenging to ensure that they get all of the nutrients that they need. This formula is designed to help children between the ages of one to three. It has the 22 nutrients that toddlers need to be healthy. Plus, dual prebiotics are included in the formula to help your baby have a healthy digestive system. The formula is offered in vanilla and natural milk flavors. The calcium and vitamin D in the formula help your baby have strong bones and teeth. This formula retails for $21.99.

8. DSS Similac Expert Care NeoSure Ready to Feed

This is one of the top baby formula milks on this list. It is ideal for babies who are born prematurely and is often recommended for preterm babies after they are discharged. It is designed with a higher mineral and vitamin content for the baby’s optimal growth. It helps to support the weight gain in the baby as well as growing the baby’s head circumference. The nutrients are supposed to help support language development, and the formula is made without any gluten.

9. Vermont Organics TM Milk Based Organic Formula

This is a good option if you primarily eat organic food and want the same healthy options for your child. This follows all of the regulations for a USDA certification and contains nutrients that match mother’s milk. This formula typically retails for $32.43.

10. Parent’s Choice Organic Infant Formula Powder

This baby formula is idea for newborns and is made of entirely organic ingredients. The ingredients in the formula are not made with herbicides, pesticides, antibiotics or steroids. Instead, it includes all of the nutrients that your baby needs from 0 to 12 months. You can typically find this at online stores or brick-and-mortar retails for about $25.

11. EleCare for Infants

This is a hypoallergenic baby formula, so it is ideal for babies who are unable to have hydrolyzed protein. It includes the amino acids that baby need to grow. Because of the way it uses protein, it works for babies who have severe food allergies, maldigestion, malabsorption, eosinophilic GI disorders or short bowel syndrome. It can be used for babies who need amino acids or who are behind on growth. It helps with brain and eye development while also helping parents who want to remove any risk of an allergic reaction. For all of these benefits though, it carries a hefty price tag of $217.

12. Enfamil Reguline Milk-Based Powder

Retailing for about $25.98, this formula helps your toddler have comfortable, soft stools. It helps your baby’s digestive system with the optimal nutrition as well as two probiotics. The digestive proteins are gentle on the stomach, and the formula can be used by your baby as long as he or she is on formula.

13. Gerber Good Start Gentle Ready to Feed Infant Formula Nursers

Gerber has long been known as one of the best brands for infant nutrition. This baby-friendly brand offers healthy baby formulas like the Gerber Good Start Gentle Ready to Feed Infant Formula. This healthy formula uses small-sized proteins for babies who have sensitive stomachs. It is designed to offer a blend of probiotics and antioxidants that is similar to what you find in breast milk. Because of its protein composition, it helps babies who have digestive issues and helps to promote soft stools. You can generally find this formula on sale for around $62.94.

14. Nutramigen with Enflora LGG

If your child has colic or flatulence, then this formula can help. It is supposed to help babies who have colic from cow’s milk within the first two days that you use it. It can also gradually help your baby build a tolerance to cow’s milk because of tiny amounts of hypoallergenic proteins in the formula. At the same time, it has all the nutrition your baby needs. It sells for $149.999 for a pack of four.

15. PurAmino Hypoallergenic Amino Acid-Based Formula

This hypoallergenic formula works for babies and toddlers who have a milk protein allergy. It contains iron and helps your baby to transition to solid foods. If your baby has severe food allergies, it can be used as a meal substitute. It also helps for babies who have acid reflux or a sensitive stomach. This formula retails for about $39.49.


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