Black Mucus


black-mucus-in-noseMucus is produced by the lungs in order to protect its lining. Mucus is expelled out the mouth, nose, and lungs when it needs to filter out wastes taken in through breathing in dirt, dust, particles,and toxins.

In some cases viruses, infections, and conditions can cause healthy mucus that is considered normal to become colored, grey, brown, green, yellow, and even in worst cases cause black mucus.

Black mucus can be caused by many things that can be temporary or by factors that merit a further look which could be serious..

Black Mucus; The Causes


The main cause of black mucus can be just the inhalation of dirt, dust, or any real dark black pollutants or chemicals. When you in hale dust that is dark in pigment and it gets trapped in the lung;s air sacs, the lungs expel it to stay healthy. This means that you cough, sneeze, or hack up black mucus as a great result.

Fungal infections

Infections that are caught from all different types of bacteria can also cause black mucus. Sinus and respiratory infections instigated by various fungi can destroy some essential tissues present in the lungs. Also diabetics can suffer from Mucormycosis a condition where it causes black mucus to be formed. Additionally, other more serious infections and conditions that have the symptom of black mucus include cancer, COPD, and emphysema.


Nicotine inhaled from smoking tobacco products is often associated with a discoloration of phlegm and mucus that appears, brown, gray, or black. Chemicals and toxins contained in cigarettes irritate the lining of the lungs and initiate production of excess mucus that expels the tars. Look out for bloody mucus, or mucus that is persistently black.

Environmental pollutants

Pollutants that you can breathe in from the environment such as cleaners, paints, and other types can cause the respiratory system to generate mucus that is black. Coal miners are often very familiar with coughing up black mucus as the coal is thick and tarry and as it is inhaled it coats the nasal passages and the lungs air sacs. The best way to prevent and remedy this cause of black mucus is to wear a respirator mask when exposed to this type of materials that are chemically unsafe to inhale.

Black Mucus: Treatments & Remedies

Quit smoking/ Detoxify your lungs

One of the main causes of black mucus can be remedied in time after cessation of smoking tobacco products. Surprisingly, after only a day to 3 days after smoking has ceased and individuals lungs begin to recover. The lining of the lungs begin to generate even more mucus in order to detox the lung’s parts from the damage done by the chemicals and tars contained in cigarettes.

You may notice that you cough up more brown, black, or gray mucus after stopping smoking, however this is only your body’s way of healing and repairing itself. Although it may take several weeks or months for you to cough up normal, clear mucus again- every day that you do not smoke allows your longs to recover.

Cough it Up!

If you notice black mucus and want to get rid of it- the best way is to drink plenty of fluids to keep the mucus thinner and easier to be coughed up. When you cough it up, be sure to get as much up as possible and to always spit it out. The more you cough up the cleaner your lungs will become.

Check Home for Mold & Fungi

Coughing up black mucus can be a main indicator that you might be exposed to an environment riddled with mold or fungi. The best thing you can do when you notice this with no other known causes exist is to check around your office, house, or place of work. Mold can flourish in the walls where the atmosphere is damp and moist.

Use a Respirator

There are masks and respirators that you can wear especially when you are exposed to many air pollutants that are harmful when breathed in.There are different types of these masks that just cover your mouth to ones that totally filter every unseen particle breathed into it  Some of these masks are disposable while others need to be washed to insure they filter air adequately so.

Black Mucus: Bottom Line

Black Mucus can be very scary when you cough it up! Although it is not always threatening to your health- it still can be a red flag for other things such as living in a moldy environment, having an infection, or just a sign that you need to stop smoking. No matter what the cause, the best thing you can do when you notice black mucus being expelled out of your body is to take precautions to prevent it in the future, and also treat the condition as needed to get rid of it.


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