Black Vomit

Vomit can be black, brown red, light red color or look like coffee grounds. All of these vomits can signify bleeding which can happen inside gastrointestinal organs. Black vomit can be a signal that the bleeding is in the upper part of gastrointestinal tract. If it happens inside abdominal area is an indication for urgent medical treatment. Black vomit can be a product of some food consummation which contains dark pigments and also causes difficulty with digestion which can lead to vomit. So, if black vomit happens, you need medical attention as soon as possible. It is important to know which symptoms and conditions are related with black vomit because some of them may be serious medical problems.

Symptoms of Black Vomit

The most common symptoms concerning black vomit are diarrhea, nausea, disorientation, and fatigue. It can be accompanied with the loss of consciousness, weakness, and dizziness. These symptoms can signify blood leak or hemorrhage inside the body. It is a good reason to call a doctor, describe your condition in details so you would know where to go to examine your condition, detect the cause and how to medically treat it.

Possible Causes of Black Vomit

If the black vomit cause is an outflow of the blood inside the upper gastrointestinal tract, the influence of digestion enzymes in dissolving blood cells can be significant, so the blood in the vomit can appear like coffee grounds or black in color. Alcoholism, ruptured ulcer, tumors, kidney disease, hemorrhagic diseases and internal trauma are pathologic conditions which can lead to bleeding in the esophagus, stomach, duodenum, liver. The trigger of bleeding can be the use or the abuse of some medical substances. Especially if the medical preparation has been used with herbal tea or other supplements with an herbal base.

The Diagnostic Procedures

Blood Test

One of the tests used for diagnosis of the volume of bleeding, inflammation or disorder in red and white blood cells are blood tests. The procedure is aggressive because we have to inject a needle inside the vein and aspirate the necessary volume of blood, which depends on the test we are taking. Usually, this is two to ten milliliters of blood.

Imaging Methods

Some conditions, including black vomit, need imaging procedures like native X-ray imaging, MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), CT Scan (computerized tomography). CT Scan uses X-ray cross-sectional imaging in order to create a series of different angle images which create more precise localization and visualization. Unlike CT, MRI uses a magnetic field and it is less aggressive with no radiation. The doctor has to inform the patient about the type of diagnostic procedure and the preparation needed for it.

Therapeutic Treatments for Black Vomit

After medical imaging diagnostics, the patients undergo therapy. Therapeutic treatments can be in a form of medicaments or surgical procedure. If the cause of bleeding is impossible to heal with medicaments, it needs surgical treatment. If the patient loses much blood, doctors may need to recoup blood volume or volume of some of the blood cells. Your doctor has to explain you everything about the therapy before therapeutic treatments.

What Can Happen If You Don’t Refer to Your Doctor?

Some of the diseases can be life threatening and the patient can’t estimate how much threatened his life is. If you don’t refer to the doctor at the right time, you could lose an extensive amount of blood, you can faint and put yourself in the condition which needs longer curing, and in some case, no possibility for healing.


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