Blood Blister in Mouth Cheek


Blood blister appears when blood vessel and subdermal tissues are damaged without piercing the skin. It can occur anywhere in the mouth. If you think it can occur only inside the cheek region of mouth then you are wrong, it can occur on the gums and tongue.  Blood blister will be a painful experience, and it will certainly hurt you while brushing. It is easy to recognize the presence of blood blister as it may look similar to that of a pimple.

Don’t get panic if you are suffering from blood blister.  Let us check the reason and how this can be tackled.

What is the reason for Blood Blister in Mouth Cheek?

There are many reasons why blood blister occurs in mouth cheek.  The good news is many of them are curable.

  1. Oral Ulcers

If your mouth is not hygiene and not washed properly, there are chances to have accumulated microorganisms inside the mouth and oral cavity.  This could be one reason for oral ulcers, and another reason is due medical side effects, especially when people take anti-infection treatment.  The oral ulcer is divided into cold sore and the canker sore.


Canker sores are the villain, who is responsible for occurring blood blister in mouth cheek.  By touch with your finger, you can feel its presence.  These blisters will have pus and blood inside and will be very much hurting.

  1. Oral Herpes

Oral herpes occurs due to the infection of the herpes simplex virus 1 and as result patient will have uncomfortable pain, fever, fatigue and also burning sensation in the infected area.  When infected with this virus, the blood blisters appear on the tongue,  on the roof of the mouth and also in the deep interior of the cheek.

  1. Vitamin Deficiency:

Lack of vitamin B12 and vitamin C will be a reason for forming blood blisters in mouth cheek.  So your food intake must have sufficient nutrients and vitamins of C and 12 to balance your immune system.

  1. Allergies:

Those who are allergic to some type of food, including fruit such as citric content and also to certain medicines shall be a reason to develop blood blisters in the mouth cheek. Consumption of foods or medicines that are allergic will trigger to develop blood blisters.  So you can identify the food and medicines and control the consumption can resist the formation of blood blisters in the mouth cheek.

  1. Angina Bullosa Haemorrhagica:

In short it is called as ABH, seen infected in elderly people.  In ABH case, the blood blisters are seen developed under the tongue or in the inner mouth cheek.  They are vulnerable and shall burst easily leaving open wounds and infections.

  1. Low Platelet Count:

Low platelet count is considered as another reason for forming blood blisters in the mouth cheek.   Low platelet count reduces the clotting ability of the blood.  As a result, the invariable flow of blood to the mucous membrane will be a reason to produce blood blisters in the mouth cheek.

  1. Other general reasons:

  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Bowel movement issues
  • High blood pressure
  • Heavy consumption of alcohol. Alcohol can be a reason to induce mouth ulcers.
  • High acidic food consumption
  • Mouth infection/skin infection
  • Accidental biting of cheek during food intake. Some people face recurring cheek biting issues and may lead to forming blood blister in the month cheek.
  • Improper dentures
  • Behcet’s disease

How can you tackle blood blister in mouth cheek?

On a normal condition, the blood blister in much cheek will get settled/healed by itself in a short period of time without taking any medication.  They are not serious in nature though it may be quite disturbing.


For some people, the formation of blood blister in mouth cheek is recurring in nature.  To help out of the situation, there are two easy remedies.  One is the medication, and other is home based remedies.  Find below the remedies.

Consult a physician

  • If the blood blisters are persistent in nature and recurs very frequently, then you must consult a physician and get diagnose it properly. May be he will recommend a clinical lab report to confirm whether it is due to herpes or bacterial infection. Accordingly it can be treated with antiviral medicines.
  • For people suffering from hurting blood blisters, it can be controlled by taking pain killers.
  • Trying good mouthwash is a good option. Gargling with aspirin is also reported very much effective.  While gargling, you may take one TSP of salt and mix it.
  • Corticosteroids, ulcer gels and medical toothpaste are very much effective to treat blood blisters in the mouth cheek.

Try Home Remedies

Home remedies are a good solution to treat blood blisters in the mouth cheek. You need to identify your life and check out if those are a reason for blood blisters, if so correct those lifestyles.  Those had suffered from blood blisters would remember how bitter was the experience.  When I said about the lifestyle, check if you are taking too much hot spicy food or food is very acidic in nature.  Any food that can damage the inner layer of the mouth can be a reason for forming blisters. If you continue your lifestyle neglecting the presence of blisters, that will aggravate the situation and affect the healing process.  Now, let us see the home remedies.

  • Chew cardamom grains after food
  • Avoid tooth brush and brush with hand
  • Apply clove oil on the blisters
  • Apply aloe vera juice on the blisters
  • Consume mulberry or tomato juice regularly
  • Eat banana with curd
  • Gargle by using coconut powder and honey
  • Chew garlic pod
  • Apply peppermint oil on the blister
  • Apply garlic oil on the blister
  • Chew basil leaves twice in a day


Trying home remedies or consulting a physician is a personal choice.  Since blood blisters are mainly happening due to hygienic conditions and vitamin deficiency, the infection can be effectively controlled by home remedies. However if you have the persistent or recurring condition of blood blister, it is better to consult a physician.


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