Broken Blood Vessel in Finger

accident-743036_1920Finger is the part of the body which often gets injured by a mechanical trauma. It results in bruising and pain in the finger area and tenderness in the surrounding tissue. Bruises can be bigger or smaller, depending on the size of the blood vessel and the extent of pressure and strength that lead to it. A blood spot can also occur in some diseases which are not associated with trauma injuries such as malnutrition, numerous conditions and side effects of a consumption of certain medication.

Common Causes Of A Broken Blood Vessel In Finger

Most common cause is an injury such as hitting a finger with an object like a hammer, jamming the finger inside the door or other injuries that include pressure and damage to the finger structures which can lead to a blood vessel destruction. In elderly, a broken blood vessel can happen due to reduced elasticity of vessels which is a normal consequence of the body aging. Unlike this kind of conditions, there are situations where there is no obvious reason of a blood vessel breakage, but a thorough medical examination can help with discovering the root of the problem.

There are also some diseases which are presented with bruising on the fingers due to broken vessels. Achenbach syndrome is actually a skin condition which is rarely reported but can affect fingers and cause paroxysmal finger hematoma. The reason behind it is still unknown.

Home Remedies For Broken Blood Vessel In Finger

Since most of the damage are related to trauma, most of the conditions can be solved with some first aid and basic knowledge when it comes to injuries. The first thing is to apply cold compresses to the damaged area, as it will cool down the location and reduce any swelling. Also, a pressure compresses can be useful where it can stop the blood from going outside the vessels and prevent any bleeding and consequential bruising. Take precautions when taking any medications, even for the pain, since some of the medications can cause bleeding, like aspirin. It is important to take care of the injury and keep your hygiene on point. Most of the injuries will heal fast, within one to two weeks, even without any medication. It does not represent a serious condition and it leads to full recovery most of the time.

If the broken vessel in the finger doesn’t recover in the normal period of time, it can be a sign of a certain condition like hemophilia or other blood diseases. If it happens often and if it gets prolonged to a few weeks, a doctor should take a look and convey a medical examination which can lead to a conclusion to which is the exact cause of this condition.


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