Brown Semen

brown semenBrown semen is a condition which can be seen among some men. The semen is normally white or milky color but can suffer from discoloration. One of the conditions which can cause brown semen is blood. In healthy men, this is not an occurrence, but can be common among men where it can be easily treatable. In some rare cases, it can be an indication of some severe condition, so it is best to check with your doctor.

Cause of Brown Semen

As we mentioned above, one of the most common causes for brown semen occurrence is blood in the fluid. The bloody semen is called hematospermia and it can be due to many reasons. The appearance it also very important to determine since it can appear like a bloody strand or red discharge which can color the whole quantity of the semen. It can be important to inspect the true color of the semen where it can be a sign of a fresh bleeding such as light red or pink as oppose to rusty brown which can appear darker.

While doctors may sometimes suspect prostate or bladder cancer, this is generally not the first thing they will look for. It is most likely a different cause behind the change in semen color. Other possible causes include trauma such as urinary infections, prostate and testicle injury, STD or even catheterization complication where an injury can happen and result in bloody semen as well. STDs are common among those people who change their partners frequently and don’t use protection such as a condom. It this case, the blood is not a constant occurrence, but will appear once or twice and subside.

Different Color of Semen

It is important to recognize the right color of the semen in order to link to the actual cause. Since certain conditions can result in a different kind of discoloration of semen, we will mention a few.

Brown or Pink Semen

Since it is usually linked with bloody semen, it is usually due to conditions that can cause blood appearance in semen such as trauma, infection, cancer. Another cause that most people are not aware of is the diet. A diet which is rich in proteins can cause proteinuria which basically means that your body flushes the unnecessary amino acids which can appear brown in semen. This is easily solved with diet correction where you can control your protein intake level and fix this occurrence in no time.

Green Semen

Even if it sounds like it’s not likely to happen, it is possible. Green semen can appear due to STD infection such as gonorrhea or chlamydia. A prostate disease can be a reason as well. This is important to report to your doctor and to start the treatment immediately.

Yellow Semen

Even though you can think that a normal semen is a yellow color, it is usually described as milky white. So, if it does look like on the yellow side, it can be caused by a few causes. The first and most logical thing you could think of is an infection or even gonorrhea. But it can be even due to the first ejaculation in a long time or even a urine mix with semen which can happen sometimes.

What to Do If You Spot Discoloration in Semen?

So, if you saw discoloration in semen such as reddish or brown color, you can visit your doctor to be sure. This will exclude all the severe cases and you wouldn’t have to worry about it. If you are over 50 years old, it is possible that something is a happening with your prostate or other genital organs, so it is a good idea to visit the doctor. This can be followed up with frequent urination which can be another indicator to visit the doctor. See with a medical professional before you tell your partner about it, there is no need to worry about an STD if no indication for it, but if you’re worried, you can go and test yourself first.


    • It depends entirely on the cause. If the cause is an infection, then there are treatments available. You should go to your doctor to finding out the underlying cause and get the right treatment for it. Good luck, Umar!


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