Bulging Hand Veins: Causes and Treatments


Sometimes, you might notice that the veins in your hands look like they are bulging. You may feel uncomfortable or even want to cover up your hands with gloves. Some people think that bulging hand veins only happen as individuals get older. In reality, there are a number of common reasons why you might have this happen. There are times when this could happen because of a cardiovascular disease or more serious ailment, so it is important to get professional medical care to make sure that your symptom is not a sign of a major problem.

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The Causes of Bulging Hand Veins

There are a number of different things that can cause bulging hand veins. While some of these causes are nothing to worry about, other causes can be more serious. It is important to always seek out professional medical care when you experience any new or unusual symptoms.

1. Low Body Fat

One cause of this ailment could be your body fat. If you have recently loss a lot of weight, then you might suffer from bulging hand veins. Losing body fat does not cause your veins to increase in size. It just makes them easier to see.

2. Genetics

Like most medical conditions, your genetics can play a role in how your veins look. I you have immediate family members who have obvious veins in their hands, then it is more likely that this will end up happening to you.

3. Hormonal Imbalance

If your hormone levels have changed, it can cause your veins to suddenly seem enlarged. This can to pregnant women and women who are going through menopause. Pregnant women are especially likely to notice enlarged veins in their legs because the uterus starts to apply more pressure on the pelvis and blood veins as it grows.

4. Aging

One of your first concerns when you notice enlarged veins is that it is a sign of aging. While there are many other reasons why it could happen, this is definitely a possibility. As people age, their blood valves become weaker and the veins start to lose elasticity. This means that blood remains in your veins for longer than normal. When your blood starts to pool, it causes the blood to bulge outward through them. Growing older also causes your skin to thin, which makes it even easier to see the bulging veins.

5. Phlebitis

This is a medical condition that means your veins are inflamed. This typically happens because of an infection that can cause swollen veins. A specific type of phlebitis, known as thrombophlebitis, can happen after you have received an IV treatment.

6. Hot Weather

If you never noticed your veins before, relax. It could just be due to the hot weather. When you are in unusual heat, it can make your veins more noticeable. This is because the heat makes it more difficult or your veins to work properly. Because of this, you may notice your veins more when the weather is hot out.

7. Exercise

Another common reason for bulging veins is exercise. After a strength training workout like lifting weights, your blood flow has increased to your muscles. This makes your veins appear to be more prominent.

8. Varicose Veins

When your valves are weakened, the blood within them starts to pool and they may start to bulge out. You can also notice the blue, web-like color of your veins when you have varicose veins.

It is not always necessary to get surgery or medical care. If you cannot narrow down the cause, you should definitely see your doctor. You should also go to your doctor I you have symptoms like skin ulcers, bleeding from an injury to your vein, skin sores, warmth, redness, swelling, sensations of pain, thickening skin, a pulling sensation or your skin changing color.

Treatments for Bulging Hand Veins

There are many different causes of bulging hand veins, so the treatment will generally be based on the cause. You should always discuss your treatment with your doctor. In the meanwhile, make sure to eat a healthy diet so that your veins and skin can be as healthy as possible.

Genetics: For this cause, there might not be any treatment. You may be able to get your doctor to use a laser treatment to reduce the size of your veins.

Exercise: If exercise made your veins bulge, relax. All it takes is time for the veins to decrease in size.

Varicose: For varicose veins, go to your doctor. Laser therapy uses radio waves or amplified light to close the veins and make them smaller. This generally only works for smaller veins. An ambulatory phlebectomy can be used with local anesthesia to remove the affected veins with small incisions in the skin. Another option is sclerotherapy. This treatment uses chemicals to close the affected veins. The blood in the affected veins basically moves to other veins in the area. Meanwhile, vein ligation can be used to close the main vein that supplies the affected vein. This is done through a small incision.

Phlebitis: For this ailment, doctors use antibiotics or anti-inflammatory treatments to cure the infection. If you have thrombophlebitis, then the affected vein may be elevated. The doctor may also recommend over-the-counter NSAIDs or heat.

Certain hand exercises that stretch the fingers and the hands may also help. These exercises help blood to pump properly through your blood veins.


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