Burning Sensation in Stomach


The stomach is one of the most powerful organs of the body where food is broken down into smaller particles and sent to the intestines. However, often you might experience a burning sensation in your stomach, which can be a result of many factors. It might be due to indigestion, health issues, lactose intolerance, infections, antibiotics or some other factors.


This burning sensation is also often termed Dyspepsia and it causes extreme discomfort and stress. You may also experience symptoms like burping, heartburn, vomiting and nausea.


It may be really hard at times to decipher what exactly is the reason for the burning sensation in your stomach. However, this is necessary, as only with proper diagnosis you can cure the sensation.

Moreover, a wrong assessment can only heighten the discomfort and pain in your stomach. Thus, a proper medical checkup by a renowned doctor is recommended. The causes of this sensation may be any of the following:

Stomach Ulcers

Stomach ulcers occur in the stomach’s inner layering in the form of an open sore. When the acid in your stomach touches these sores, it can cause a painful sensation. It is mostly prominent at night, when there is nothing in your stomach or when digestion occurs as this is when the acid is produced.

The best way to treat these ulcers is by blocking the production of the acid in the stomach by using antibiotics and medicines. However, remember to go to a certified physician and doctor for the same and don’t take anything on your own. You can also control ulcers by eating smaller healthier meals and controlling your stress levels.

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)

This is a form of indigestion, where your food may not have been broken down properly in the stomach and the digestive acids get pushed upwards into the esophagus. Generally, it occurs during pregnancy or due to obesity. It can also be a result of excessive smoking or eating spicy or citrus food.

You will need to go to a certified doctor to who will perform either an endoscopy, a ph study or a barium x-ray to determine whether it is GERD. Once confirmed, he will give you the appropriate medication to suppress the digestive acids.

H.Pylori Bacterial Infection

H.pylori bacteria infect your stomach by destroying its inner lining and causes heartburn. Get a checkup done if you feel any such discomfort in your stomach as it could be this bacterium.

The doctor will recommend some antibiotics and proton-pump inhibitors to get rid of this bacterium.

Some Kind Of Medication Or Dugs

At times, we take an aspirin or Ibuprofen without thinking as we feel these non-steroidal drugs (NSAIDs) will not cause us any kind of harm. But, frequent usage of these medicines can cause severe stomach pain called gastritis. Thus you must only take these NSAIDs as and when recommended by the doctors.

Emotional Stress

downloadStress is common in this day and age but excessive stress can also take a toll on te stomach by leading to indigestion. When you are stressed, the stomach acid is not able to break down the food and it goes up into the esophagus causing severe pain and gnawing.

That is why it is necessary to control your stress levels by talking to a physician or by taking some sort of recommended medication. You can also try meditation and yoga to de-stress yourself.

Food Allergy

This occurs mostly due to some food that might not agree with you or you may be allergic to certain types of food. When you eat such food, your stomach will not be able to handle it and you may vomit it out and develop a fear as well.

If the food allergy is a minor reaction, you can treat it with antihistamines but if it is more severe in nature, you may have to be treated using an epinephrine injection. You can also try oral immunotherapy but always take the doctor’s opinion first.

Various other factors

At times, the burning sensation can also be a result of excessive alcohol and chain smoking as well as passive smoking. It can also occur as a reaction to treatments like radiation as well as chemotherapy. If you eat food with too much fatty content, it can also cause this burning sensation in your stomach.


You can treat this burning sensation in a number of ways but before you do so you must always consult your doctor or physician. The following treatments and rmmedies are recommended:


After a proper checkup and depending on the cause, the physician may recommend either antacids, Zantac, Pepcid, Tagament or some antibiotics.

Diet Control

Try to avoid very spicy or citrus-based foods, coffee, garlic, tomato-based products etc. to avoid this burning sensation. You should also try eating rice, crackers and  corn to avoid indigestion.

Coconut Water

Coconut water helps relieve any sores on the stomach’s inner linings and also gives you instant energy. You should drink around two glasses of coconut water every day, until the sensation disappears.

Thyme Tea

You should boil a teaspoon of thyme and drink the water atleast two times in the day. This thyme tea helps lessen the mucosal swelling on your stomach’s inner linings and thus gets rid of the burning sensation and does not cause any reflux.


Chamomile tea is recommended as it soothes your intestinal muscles as well as relaxes your nerves. You should drink atleast one cup daily to help cure this burning sensation completely and to de-stress yourself.

Lifestyle Change

You should try cutting down on your smoking or drinking or give them up altogether, to relieve yourself of this discomfort and pain in your stomach. Also, try going on a diet that is rich in healthy food and avoid food rich in fatty acids as much as possible.

Emotional De-stress

You can de-stress yourself by practicing yoga, meditation, breathing techniques, prayer extra or by engaging in activities that relax you. Try to spend time with people who make you feel good about yourself, to improve your stress levels.


When you get severe pain in your stomach, you should have a spoonful of yoghurt or a glass of buttermilk and the burning sensation will disappear.


Exercise not only keeps you fit and toned and makes you feel good about yourself, but it also relieves you of the pain in your stomach.  You should exercise regularly for around half-and-hour to one hour to avoid these stomach problems. It also helps relieves stress and leads to a healthier lifestyle.


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