Calories Burned With Burpees


There are lots of exercises you can perform from the comfort of your own home which will help you to lose weight. A lot of these exercises, things like burpees, mountain climbers, jumping jacks, etc. are great for high-energy, high-calorie burning exercises because they get the entire body involved. Although some of them may focus on one part of the body in particular, generally actions like these burpee-action are perfect for all-round toning and getting in shape.

The burpee itself was actually named after the name would ‘invented’ it, as such. Royal H. Burpee may have had a funny name but he created one of the best workout techniques that combines a number of exercises in one…

You have not only a pushup in there, working the upper body and the arms, but you have two squats to get those legs and bums in shape, and two leaps too which helps to incorporate core body strength and back strength too. When you think about, you can’t be surprised that this is an exercise that will give you great results.

How to do a burpee… 

You start from a standing position before crouching down with your hands just in front of your feet. From that position, you push your legs back up behind you in that pushup position we mentioned earlier, before returning back to the crouch position and then leaping to a standing position again.

Calories Burned With Burpees

Essentially, you’re crouching down and getting back up again but the way you do it means that you end up working almost your entire body. It works a number of muscle groups including your deltoid muscles, chest, hamstring, thighs, arms and abs.

The benefits of burpees… 

There are lot of benefits to doing burpees to work out at home. You don’t need any special equipment to do the exercise, nor do you need to pay out for anything like an expensive gym membership. It’s something you can do when you have a spare ten minutes to yourself in the middle of the day. Turn the music up or put on your favorite daytime TV show and get burpee’ing. That’s how easy this exercise is, plus there are plenty of tutorials you can take a peek at online to make sure you’re doing it right.

Many people choose to incorporate these burpees into workout regimes that involve a number of other full-body exercises too, just like the ones we mentioned before. You could complete a circuit which involved 10 burpees, 10 pushups, 10 mountain climber, 10 jumping jacks, etc. The best thing is that you can start off small, say with two or three repetitions per day, and work your way up as your endurance and strength builds.

Above anything else, burpees are great for building both entire body strength as well as endurance!

Finally, because burpees are a high-intensity training exercise, the blood really gets pumping around the body when you perform them. This forms two functions – you will be burning calories and losing weight as you are doing the exercises but also burning calories and losing weight for a period afterwards too as your metabolism will have been raised by the action.

What calories burned with burpees? 

Calories Burned With BurpeesThe amount of calories you’ll lose doing these actions will very much depend on a lot of other factors including how much you usually weigh, what your exercises levels are currently like, how many calories you eat in a day, what kind of food you’re eating, etc.

As a general rule, the average person will kill off ten calories for every minute of burpees they complete. Again, as a general rule, the average person will complete between ten and twenty burps during that time. We’ll go with an average of 15.

So, for every 15 burpees you do, you’ll burn off roughly ten calories. This doesn’t take into consideration things like the way your metabolism raises for a brief spell after you exercise so in theory, you could be burning more calories than that.

For about half an hours worth of constant burpees, which will take a bit of leading up to if you are starting off as beginner, you will be looking at burning off around 300 calories which is about the same as a slice of pepperoni pizza.

How to make burpees more effective?

You can make your burpees burn off even more calories and there are a few tricks you can try to get maximum results.

Using weight around your wrists and ankles will mean you are bearing more weight on those muscles, working them out harder and for longer.

You should also make sure you drink ice cold water before, during and after your workout. The body will need to burn calories in order to get the water to body temperature before it can be digested, but it also helps to kick-start the metabolism giving you better results.

If you don’t have weights to hand, you could always consider doing this with tins of canned food to start with, or even bottles of water and juice.

There are also ways in which you can modify the exercise. Instead of leaping upwards, you could always consider leaping forwards to work the legs and balance further. As you jump, you could also look at pulling your knees right up into your chest. You could even look at putting something in the way so that you need to complete your burpee with an obstacle to hop over. There are plenty of ways in which you can build up the intensity of your exercise.

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