Calories In One Egg

Have you ever wondered how much calories does one egg have? If no, then read on and find out in this article how much calories does one egg possess.images

An egg is most often considered a ‘superfood’ due to its high content of protein, vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids, and minerals. In fact, eating one big egg daily can provide your body with around 15% of your everyday protein needs. Whilst, every egg consists of a bit more than 200 mg cholesterol, studies signify that eating one egg daily can prevent the risk of heart disease in a healthy person.

So, how many calories does one egg contain? The answer to this is that it can vary as per the way you cook the egg and on its size.

Calories in one egg 

  1. Scrambled egg and fried egg

As I said earlier, the number of calories in an egg largely depends on its preparation and how you cook it. If you scramble the egg along with milk, then the calorie count is around hundred or more per egg. And, if you fry an egg, the calories are increased up to 90 to 95.

  1. Hard-boiled egg

If you take a hard-boiled egg in a medium size, without any additives, then it can add around seventy calories to your diet. This is why eating your salad with an egg is a nice thing, since you will add lots of nutrition, with only a few calories. However, you must be careful while adding dressing to your salad, as those additives will increase the calories in your diet.

Besides, the preparation method of the egg, its size also affects the amount of calories in it. Therefore, we have made this table that includes packaged eggs of different sizes, as you will find for retail sale at a grocery store.


Uncooked eggs (It is advisable not to eat uncooked eggs, as they are not healthy)



Calorie Content
1 jumbo raw eggAround 90 calories
1 extra big raw eggAround 80 calories
1 big raw eggAround 75 calories
1 medium raw eggAround 65 calories
1 small raw eggAround 55 calories

Plainly poached or boiled eggs

SizeCalorie Content
1 cup of chopped boiled egg (nearly 136 gm or 3 medium eggs )210 calories
1 jumbo eggAround 90 calories
1 extra big eggAround 80 calories
1 big eggAround 75 calories
1 medium eggAround 70 calories
1 small eggAround 55 calories
1 ounce of chopped boiled eggAround 45 calories
Egg yolk (uncooked or plainly cooked)
1 egg yolk from a big eggAround 55 calories
Egg whites (uncooked or plainly cooked)
1 egg white from a big eggAround 18 calories
Double Egg yolk (uncooked or plainly cooked)
1 big egg with a double yolkAround 235 calories



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