Can You Feel Implantation?


Can Implantation Be Felt?

Implantation is when a fertilized egg implants in the lining of the uterus and should not be confused with contraceptive implantation. This is a telltale sign of pregnancy in most women who are attempting pregnancy with their partners and often wonder what the initial signs of implantation will be and whether the same can be felt or not. If you are looking for similar information, this discussion will provide you the assistance you need to enhance your knowledge.

Common Symptoms Of Implantation


The early signs of implantation are annoying and generally give a feeling about an oncoming period. The cramping that occurs often makes it difficult for women to understand whether implantation has succeeded, or they are just going through they’re monthly cycles. With implantation, changes are seen within the uterus and cramping of the type often experienced during the monthly periods is felt. Some women feel these cramps during the occurrence of implantation.

Do All Women Feel Cramping During Implantation?


At this stage, it is essential to mention not all women will experience cramping when implantation takes place. Some women may come across this phenomenon in around six and twelve days after ovulation. This method of trying to understand whether a woman is pregnant or not dates back to the days before conventional testing for pregnancy were made available and can cause feelings of anticipation, anxiety and nervousness.

The cramps are generally felt on one side of the body and last just for a couple of minutes or in some cases much longer. Many women have commented experiencing such cramps during implantation and therefore, the response to the question, whether implantation can be experienced is in the positive but with a rider-not all do so.

Examples of Cramping During Implantation


There is a difference between people who have felt implantation or have experienced it. However, no two examples are similar and differ from one person to the next. Given below are some narratives as spoken by women:

“I woke up during the middle of the night with a sharp pain to my left side, which was constant and lasted for around five minutes. The cramping which followed was experienced for around four hours. This was after six days I had ovulated. Thereafter, I had an ultrasound which revealed the presence of my baby in the very place where I had experienced the pinching and cramping sensation.”

“In the right lower side of my pelvis I experienced a sharp inch which was feeling like a gas bubble. I felt nauseous for the rest of the day after the initial experience lasted for about two minutes.”

“I was woken up by a sharp pinching pain to my right side resembling a cramp during the night. It was bad for about fifteen minutes after which it disappeared. I have had no such experience since then and felt no cramps.”

Other Signs That May Be Experienced


We have given information earlier about the signs of successful implantation being similar to that of a period. Another common sign of successful implantation also is nausea. Mood swings, fatigue, headache and bloating are in addition experienced by many women.

The feeling of nausea is a primary indication about successful implantation and generally occurs among women before missing their period.

It is also normal and common for women to have implantation bleeding, which is caused by the breakage of blood vessels because the fetus enters the uterus. The method used to differentiate between regular period bleeding and implantation bleeding is the duration of the bleeding that happens. Implantation bleeding occurs for a short time with a dark-brown color as compared to the brighter color of usual period bleeding.

This is a factor, which will be difficult for most to notice, unless they are constantly monitoring their body temperature, but it is possible to notice a slight drop in the temperature for a day.

More information about implantation bleeding can be found in the video embedded in this discussion.


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