Carrot Juice Benefits


The carrot is an incredibly versatile vegetable that’s sweet in flavor, a root vegetable that goes perfectly in most dishes from curries and stews to soups and roast dinners on Sunday. It can be eaten both cooked and raw, made into a desert, a brunch, lunch, mail meal, side dish, starter and more.

Carrot Juice Benefits

Although orange now, the carrot hasn’t always been that color. Back in the Middle Ages, it originated as a purple food but in tribute to William I of Orange, mid 16th-century, they were bred to be the color we know them as today.

You can make a whole host of dishes with this versatile vegetable staple and many people do, mostly because of it’s great health benefits. There are so many to boast about but you should definitely check out the following…

Carrot Juice Benefits

1 – Reducing Cholesterol 

You’ll find lots of potassium in carrots and when you juice them up raw, you’ll get it in its finest form, helping the body to lower cholesterol and help to fight back against heart disease.

Not just reducing cholesterol levels in the body, the potassium in carrots will also help to reduce fat and bile in the liver, and the humble food will even help to keep diabetes at bay by stabilizing the blood sugar levels with the help of high levels of magnesium.

2 – Boosts Immune System 

Carrots give you plenty of vitamin A from the beta-carotene and this is what helps to boost your body’s immune system. It can also help to prevent against heart disease and strokes as well as keeping the rest of the internal organs healthy and strong.

3 – Aids with Blood Clotting

It’s the vitamin K content of the carrot that helps your blood to naturally clot and within a small carrot, approximately five and a half inches in length, contains about 6.6 micrograms of vitamin K. The average male adult needs 120 micrograms daily and the average female adult needs 90 micrograms daily.

4 – Improves Bone Health 

The vitamin K in carrot juice not only helps with blood clotting, it also helps with improving your bone health too, building up the proteins in the body and speeding up the rejuvenation process. This basically means your unhealthy, dead and damaged cells will either be repaired or replaced quicker. The potassium helps with that too.

5 – Cancer Prevention 

Studies have shown that eating more carrots leads to more cartenoids in the body. In turn, studies have also shown that this leads to a reduction of various cancers including breast, prostate, colon and bladder.

6 – Detoxing 

To be more specific, eating more carrots helps to detox your liver and boost its health, something most of us could probably do with. Drinking carrot juice in a morning smoothie (for example) could help to release toxins and waste products as well as bile from the liver. Bile can only be expelled from the body through the skin and not the blood stream and eating more carrots helps to keep this process happening smoothly.

7 – Skin Boosting Benefits 

Drinking carrot juice will bring you heaps of benefits because you’ll be nourishing the body from the inside out. When you take care of it on the inside, making sure you eat a healthy and balanced diet and drink plenty of water, your skin will get the nourishment it needs. A lot of what the skin needs in order to be fit and healthy can be found in carrot juice.

Vitamin A is just one of the vitamins that carrots bring with them and almost all of the vitamin and minerals found in the humble orange fruit can be shown to benefit your skin in one form or another. An increased amount of vitamin A in the diet has also been shown to help with skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis as well as psoriasis, dandruff and dry skin.

8 – Anti-Aging 

Sticking with the vitamin A theme, the abundant vitamin has been shown to help fight back against the aging process, reducing the speed at which the cells degenerate. In turn, there will be an increased amount of collagen in the skin meaning that skin, as a whole, will appear plumper. Wrinkles will be less noticeable and it will have a better tone and complexion.

9 – Low Calorie 

If you’re looking for a healthy snack that will fill you up, keep you filled up, and contain as few calories as possible, carrot juice is most definitely your best friend. One cup of carrot juice contains just 80 calories and also counts as part of your recommended five per day too.

Smoothies, as we’ve mentioned already, are a great way to incorporate more foods such as carrots into your diet and with the many reported benefits foods like this have, it makes sense to try and eat them a little more often… Or drink them.


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