20 Celebrities with STDs


Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) can be terrifying to think about. This group of diseases is spread through sexual interaction, and many people do not even realize that they are infected. While many of these STDs are asymptomatic initially, there are some that may never show major symptoms. Due to that, it is incredibly important to be checked for STDs and to inform partners of any STD diagnosis. While celebrities may get to enjoy fame and fortune, they are not immune to the risks of STDs. As it turns out, many celebrities have been diagnosed with embarrassing conditions over the years.

Male Celebrities With STDs

While some celebrities never open up about their STD status, there are a number of celebrities who have out or been outed about their condition. Charlie Sheen is one of the latest celebs to open up about an HIV status, and the following male celebrities have also been diagnosed at some point with a sexually transmitted disease.

1. David Hasselhoff

For the modern generation, Hasselhoff is often considered just a punchline. He became famous on movies and television shows, and he has been recognized for being one of the most attractive stars in Hollywood. Unfortunately for Baywatch lovers, Hasselhoff also happens to have genital herpes. When he divorced his wife in 2006, she told the world that he had genital herpes. According to Hasselhoff, he contracted the disease before they married in 1989—either way, he still has herpes.

2. Tommy Lee

According to many reports, Tommy Lee has hepatitis C. While he has not confirmed these results, the Motley Crue musician reportedly passed the disease on to his former partner, Pamela Anderson.

3. Greg Louganis

Famous for winning a gold medal for diving in the 1984 Olympic Games, Greg Louganis did not have a positive experience after the games. The media discovered that he was HIV positive and was gay as well. While this caused a brief period of panic for fellow divers, it is highly unlikely that Greg Louganis passed HIV on to anyone in the pool. The chlorine in the pool water would have killed the virus, and the thousands of gallons of water would have diluted the virus anyway.

4. Trey Songz

While he might be a cute star today, Trey Songz did not have a positive experience with STDs as a teenager. During his teenage years, he developed a case of crabs and had to shave all of his genital hair to get rid of them. Fortunately, crabs are entirely treatable, so he should be free of the STD today.

5. Evel Knievel

Known for being a daredevil, Evel Knievel is probably not a celebrity that you would want to sleep with. In addition to his celeb status, Knievel is also known for having hepatitis C. Over the years, he has had to seek treatment for some of the side effects of the disease. Since hepatitis C is not curable, he still has to deal with it today.

6. Tommy Morrison

Few people probably recognize this name on the list. Morrison was once famous for being a highly successful boxer. In 1996, test results came out that he was infected with HIV from his reckless lifestyle. He later released the news of his HIV status in February of the same year. Afterward, Morrison created the KnockOut AIDS Foundation to help promote awareness and raise money for research. In 2007, his next test results were negative for the virus, but this could have been due to the antivirals he was taken. While his wife denied his HIV status, his mother claimed that he was still HIV positive when he passed away in 2013.

7. Steven Tyler

Steven Tyler has had a reputation for being a hard partying star for years. It seems like some of his wilder nights have left more than a memory because Steven Tyler is one of the stars who is positive for hepatitis C. Fortunately, he has the money for the medical care to handle his condition, but it is probably harder to find dates than it used to be.

8. Robin Williams

A former alcoholic and drug user, Robin Williams had a wild lifestyle during his early years. While you may love his family-friendly movies like Mrs. Doubtfire, Williams was actually infected with genital herpes. News of the infection came out when a cocktail waitress sued him for giving her genital herpes in the 1980s. His STD status was not the only controversy—he had been sleeping with the waitress while married to his first wife. While Williams never really came out about his STD status, the fact that he settled the case out of the courtroom may be an indication that the allegations were true.

9. Magic Johnson

Magic Johnson was one of the first major celebrities to open up about their HIV status. While he has been infected for years, he is still alive, active and living his life to the fullest. Since he contracted HIV, Magic Johnson has worked to raise awareness and research dollars for the virus.

10. Derek Jeter

It seems like every year, another celebrity has contracted herpes due to Derek Jeter. Over the years, Jeter has slept with big name stars like Scarlett Johansson, Mariah Carey and Jessica Biel. While using protection could have prevented the disease from spreading, it is still possible for the virus to work around protection. While today Jeter is known for playing for the Yankees, news of his STD history regularly pops up in the celebrity tabloids.

Female Celebrities with STDs

Don’t worry—we did not forget about all of the female stars who also have sexually transmitted diseases. Below is the list of the most famous celeb women with STDs.

11. Jessica Alba

Gorgeous and immensely talented, Jessica Alba is one of the celebrity women who is believed to have contracted herpes from Derek Jeter. While she has not come out about her diagnosis, some of her staff have been spotted refilling prescriptions for Valtrex, a medication used to treat herpes.

12. Liza Minelli

After gaining popularity in Cabaret, Liza Minelli became one of the most recognized stars of her generation. Unfortunately, it seems like she may have also contracted herpes along the way, although she has never spoken publicly about the diagnosis.

13. Janet Jackson

The Jackson family has been a staple of Hollywood headlines for years—often, for the entirely wrong reasons. While Janet Jackson has been known for her work as a singer and an actress, she is also known for potentially having herpes. News of the diagnosis came out when her chef sued her for buying prescriptions under his name.

14. Pamela Anderson

After dating Tommy Lee, Pamela Anderson was diagnosed with hepatitis C. She opened up about the diagnosis in 2003, and she said that she did not expect to live for more than 10 to 15 years after the diagnosis. Fortunately, she is still alive and well. Her recent medical exams showed her at one of the healthiest levels of her life, despite having hepatitis C.

15. Lindsay Lohan

Lohan has gone far past her Disney days. The former child star has hit the headlines for her hard partying lifestyle, interactions with law enforcement and drug problems. In addition, reports indicate that Lindsay Lohan may also be infected with herpes. Ouch!

16. Victoria Beckham

As a previous member of the Spice Girls, Victoria Beckham is known around the world. Today, she is best known for being a fashion designer and the wife of David Beckham. According to reports, Beckham is also infected with herpes. Considering the many groupies who once followed along after her and her husband, the disease could have been originally caught by either partner.

17. Paris Hilton

Famous for being a socialite (what even is that, really?), Paris Hilton gained additional prominence a star in reality television. While she may have a net worth of around $50 million, it is not enough to get rid of an STD. A few years ago, Paris Hilton forgot to pay her bill at a storage unit. The goods inside were auctioned off, and one of the items inside was a prescription for a drug known as Valtrex. Known for treating genital herpes, this prescription is a sign that Hilton may have contracted the disease.

18. Naomi Judd

While Naomi Judd is a gorgeous singer and songwriter, she is also believed to have hepatitis C. She has never publicly admitted the diagnosis. Fortunately, it is unlikely that the disease spread to her children during birth as long as the doctors took the necessary precautions.

19. Kristanna Loken

You may remember Kristanna Loken as the female terminator in the third Terminator movie. She is also a fashion model, and she is outspoken advocate for LGBT rights. Over the years, she has slept with men and women—one of these partners is suspected to have passed along herpes to Loken.

20. Britney Spears

After a very public breakdown in the aughts, Britney Spears has also hit the news for her potential STD infection. She has been photographed in Kentwood buying Zovirax. Since Zovirax primarily treats herpes, it is suspected that Spears may have the disease.


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