Cervix in Early Pregnancy

During early pregnancy, the placement of the cervix will change. The cervix is located between the uterus and the vagina. Normally, it may feel like a thumb if you touch it. The position changes based on the time of the woman’s menstrual cycle and her pregnancy. It is actually possible to use the position of the cervix to tell when conception has occurred. In addition, the mucus that is around the cervix, known as cervical mucus, will also change during a pregnancy. You can use the consistency of the cervical mucus and the placement of the cervix to confirm early on if you are pregnant or not.

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How to Test the Cervical Position During Early Pregnancy

During early pregnancy, you can easily test the position of the cervix by inserting your finger into your vagina. Since your middle finger is generally the longest, this is the best finger to use for the job. You will want to make sure to wash your hands before doing this to make sure that you do not cause an infection. For minimizing infection risks, you may also want to do this after you have already showered.

When you have ovulated, the cervix will normally fall to a lower level in the vagina. Many women will report that the cervix feels as firm as the tip of their nose. Often, the cervix will drop into a lower position for up to a week before they menstruate. For some women, the week prior to menstruation is marked by a cervix that feels soft and tender. Once ovulation has occurred, the cervix will drop lower and become hardened. This is called a low cervix.pregnancy-4

During early pregnancy, the cervix will rise up, but it will not go as far up as it was prior to the pregnancy. The cervix may feel softer to the touch and less firm than it normally would. During pregnancy, the cervix tends to be softer, while a non-pregnant cervix will be firmer to the touch. This is due to the increase of blood flow during early pregnancy. The additional blood flow causes the cervix to become bloated and softer, so it feels more pliable to the touch. If you normally track your cervix’s position from day to day, it will be easier to tell when you have become pregnant.

Keep in mind that the cervix will normally rise during pregnancy. For most women, this will occur only a couple of days after conception has occurred. Other women may find that it takes up to a month for the cervical position to become higher. To see if you are pregnant, you can also look at vaginal discharge. After a pregnancy, the cervix closes to help the fetus develop, so cervical discharge will be minimal.

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An Overview of Cervical Mucus

Cervical Mucus During Ovulation

Cervical mucus is designed to help sperm reach the egg. Normally, cervical mucus will be dry or grainy after ovulation because it no longer is needed to get you pregnant. During ovulation, the cervical mucus will become watery and lighter so that sperm can easily travel to your uterus. If you track your cervical mucus carefully, you will be able to tell when you are about to ovulate and when conception is most likely.

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Cervical Mucus During Early Pregnancy

Once you have become pregnant, your cervical mucus is one of the first things to change. Your cervical mucus is extremely reactive to hormonal changes, so the sudden change in your hormones will cause it to become different. Depending on your individual body chemistry, your cervical mucus may develop a variety of different consistencies. Some women will develop cervical mucus that is light and watery like it is during ovulation. For other women, the cervical mucus will become thick and sticky like it is right before menstruation. As your pregnancy progresses, you will notice continued changes in your cervical mucus and vaginal discharges will continue to increase.

What Is Implantation Bleeding?

Although bleeding is generally a sign of menstruation, exceptionally light spotting may be a sign of implantation. Once the egg implants in your uterus, some bleeding is common. It may appear brown or pink in color and may be mistaken for menstruation. If you have experienced implantation bleeding, then you can take a pregnancy test or go to your doctor to confirm the pregnancy.

A Few Reminders

It is easier to tell if your cervix has changed position if you normally track your cervical position. Over time, you will become better at telling if your cervix is in a high, medium or low position. The same thing is true for cervical mucus. Tracking your bodily changes carefully will enable you to have a better understanding of what is going on in your body. Although these are not the most reliable ways to tell if you are pregnant, they can often be used before a pregnancy test would even deliver a positive result.

pregnancy-1Tracking your cervical position works best if you are trying to conceive. Many women will create a fertility chart to monitor the times of the month that will work best for conception. You will want to track your cervical position, cervical mucus and your vaginal temperature. Using these factors will help you tell the best time to try to become pregnant and will enable you to spot a potential pregnancy before many pregnancy tests are able to do so.


  1. Is it possible to get pregnant if he fingered me what are the chances I’m not sure if he had sperm on his finger ..but that happen a week before my period is due I’m pretty sure I ovulated before that ..what are the chances ….after he fingered me I think I got a yeast infection i had white cottage cheese discharge but it stopped now for the past 2 days I have had this wet discharge does that mean my period is near and also I felt my cervix and it’s hard and low ? What do you think

    • You may have a yeast infection from the sound of it. This is quite normal because the bacteria that causes a yeast infection is normally present in the vagina. Sometimes, it can just get out of balance. That could be the reason why your period is late as well, and you are most likely not pregnant. Bodily fluids would actually have to be exchanged for you to become pregnant, so it is unlikely that pregnancy is the cause. You should probably get checked out by your doctor though to make sure that it is a yeast infection and not another type of infection that is causing your symptoms.

  2. Hi I had unprotected sex and we used the withdrawal method. I got my period on December 13 and it lasted for 5 days like usual. I also spotted in between periods around ovulation time but I always spot in between periods. My next period is due in 2 days and I do have my usual pms symptoms. Could I still be pregnant?

    • If he did not ejactulate during intercourse, then it is possible, but unlikely, that you are pregnant. Continue ot monitor the experiences that you are having as you move forward. Take a pregnancy test five days after your normal period date to determine if you are pregnant or not. Best of luck, Crystal!

      • Can you get pregnant if he fingers you ? I’m not sure he had sperm on his finger or not but is there a chances …this happen 1 week before I’m suppose to get my period I’m pretty sure I ovulated before tho…what do you think ?

        • Unless he had sperm on his hand when he fingered you, you are not going to get pregnant. Your period may just be late because you have been stressed about it or it could just be randomly late. Unless there was an actual exchange of body fluids, you are not pregnant.

  3. Hi I am 32 and I have 3 children. I had a miscarriage in May that ended in me hemorrhaging pretty badly and I had to be hospitalized. My husband and I have been ttc ever since with no luck. My periods are usually like clock work every 28 days, if I am early it’s usually only by a day. This month I was supposed to start on the 9th but I started spotting on the evening of the 5th. It has lasted 3 days and not at all like my normal cycle. It varies from brown in color to pink with no clotting whatsoever and I’ve had some cramping which I normally don’t. Also, my cervix feels very soft and different from normal. I’m just wondering if this could be implantation bleeding and if I could possibly be pregnant?

    • You may have just had an irregular cycle this month. Things like stress, diet, illnesses and exercise can change the timing and intensity of your cycle. Between the stress of the holidays and the tension around trying to conceive, it could have thrown your period off a bit this month. There is no harm in taking a pregnancy test just to be sure, but I wouldn’t get your hopes up. Unless you experience severe cramping and bleeding (if so, go to your doctor immediately), there probably isn’t anything to worry about–other than having to try to conceive again this month, of course. Good luck, Leslie–I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you!

  4. Hello,
    My Partner and I have been TTC (on;y for 2 months), I ovulated between 26th, 27th, 28th December. By 30th December I was having cramping and left hand side pain and become extremely bloated (looked 3 months pregnant) and have been ever since. As of Thursday last week (5th Jan) I felt very nauseous and vomited at work. I felt nauseous Friday 6/01/2017 and vomited again on Saturday 7/01/2017. I have woken up this morning 7:50am Monday (9/01/2017) feeling very horny with a lot of clear watery mucus. Around 9:00am I am still having mucus but when I wipe the discharge has a slight brown colour. My cervix is very high I cant even touch it and its very soft to touch but very closed in.

    This would be my second month since coming off the pill, my first menstrual cycle I had brown discharge from 11/12/2016 – 11/12/2016 then had light blood on the 14/12/2016 – 15/12/2016 – half day. I took a pregnancy test at the time and it come back negative.

    If I was going by how last month worked I should have had brown discharge yesterday 8/01/2016 and have my period Wed 11/01/2017).
    Could this all just be symptoms that I am about to have my period or is this a sign of pregnancy?.
    I haven’t taken a pregnancy test yet as I thought I should wait until after Wednesday and I didn’t want to be disappointed just yet.
    Thank you in advance.

    • I would wait before taking a pregnancy test just so that it will be accurate. Your hCG levels double every few days at this point, so it generally takes until you would miss your period for the hCG levels to be high enough for a pregnancy test to pick up. Unless you caught the stomach flu or have food poisoning, it sounds like you could be pregnant. While your menstrual cycle may be a bit off from discontinuing birth control, your other symptoms are in line with early pregnancy. Some early pregnancy symptoms mimic PMS symptoms, but vomiting is not one of them. Wait until your next period was supposed to start to take the test, and you may end up getting a positive result this month. Good luck, Aymie!

    • It is fairly normal and nothing to be concerned about. Unless you are experiencing pain or unusual symptoms, there probably isn’t anything to stress about. Your first prenatal check up should be around this time, so you can also talk to your doctor to make sure that your pregnancy is progressing healthily. Good luck and congratulations, Km!

  5. Hey,im 17 yrs old today my fiance and i had sex everything was fine until he fingered me ( i was standing over him while he was doing it) i got a very sharp pain in my vagina and instantly fell down.. My lower stomach and vagina are hurting really bad. And my cervix are swollen and hard. I also missed my period i was suppose to start on the 4th. What do you think is going on?

    • It could be from a vaginal infection from some sort. This type of pain can also happen due to rough sex or a variety of other conditions. If you have been sexually active however, you should take a pregnancy test. Your period was supposed to start nearly a week ago, so it is possible that you are pregnant. In early pregnancy, the uterus has to contract to make room for a child, and this can cause some cramping. Take a pregnancy test. If it is negative, you should go to your doctor to make sure that you do not have an infection or a medical condition that could cause these symptoms.

  6. Hello, am 30 and am have a dull pain in my lower abdomen, along with thick sticky clear discharge. My last cycle started on the 18th December and ended on the 24th. I didn’t know I was ovulating on 1st of January and had unprotected sex with my husband. Is it possible am pregnant?

    • If you were ovulating and you had unprotected sex, then it is likely that you are pregnant. Continue to monitor the experiences that you are having. Be sure to reduce stress in your life at this time. Take a pregnancy test five days after your normal period date. If you determine that you want to speak with a doctor, then make an appointment. Best of luck, Niecey!

  7. Hello,

    I’m 24 years old and I’m TTC. My last period was Dec.12-18? I’ve been experiencing stuffy nose, mild frequent headaches, fatigue and increased CM after ovulation. Could I be pregnant? it’s 5 days until my next period.

    • It is possible, but some of those symptoms also happen during PMS. At the moment, all you can do is wait the week and see what happens. A pregnancy test would probably not be accurate this early, so all you can do is wait and hope. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you! Good luck!

  8. Me and my boyfriend have been trying to get pregnant we have been having unprotected sex for almost three weeks last week i started having lower back pains i can eat alot and 5 minutes later my stomach is growling again ive been moody like happy then crying for no reason i feel like im going to start my period but i dont could i be pregnant

    • It is possible that you are pregnant. Continue to monitor the changes that you are experiencing. This will give you additional information about your situation. Take a pregnancy test during your normal period date or five days afterward. If you determine that you want to speak with a doctor, then do so. Best of luck, Brianna!

  9. Hello! I am 30 and was wondering if I were pregnant as during my last period I didn’t have any cramps or other regular symptoms, it was 2 days late…which is very unlikely for me as I have my period around 27-28th day of my cycle for the last 18 yrs. The bleeding was normal which lasted for 4 days without any kind of obvious symptoms. It was a happy period as I encountered no discomfort at all. So I am curious why was it like that…is it possible that I am pregnant?

    • If you have had your period, then you are not pregnant. However, if your bleeding was implantation bleeding, then you may be pregnant. Continue to monitor your changes that you are experiencing. If you are concerned that you may be pregnant, then take a pregnancy test five days after your normal period date. Best of luck, Ms Chatterjee!

  10. Hi! My last period was Dec 5/6th. My cycle is typically 28 days. During my ovulation time (dec. 17th-21st) I had Unprotected sex on the 15th, 18th, and 21st. I was wondering if I could be pregnant. I took a at home first response pregnancy test on Saturday Dec 31 abd both tests cane back negative. My first pregnancy I found out at 5 weeks 3 days. In terms of symptoms tender/sore breast mainly on the soreness Is on the sides, sometimes they tingle abd itch but overall it’s been a dull pain thts uncomfortable at times, I have no appetite or craving for anything but still feel like I have an empty stomach, this morning while brushing my teeth I ended up nauseous abd dry heaving/having the urge to vomit but because i hadn’t ate yet nothing came up. I checked my cervix yesterday afternoon and it was high and soft. Energy wise I have noticed tht I don’t have the energy to do daily tasks, I find myself wanting to lay down in bed and just rest. I was wondering when I should take a test again?

    • It is possible that you are pregnant and it is possible that you are not. Continue to monitor the experiences that you are having. Take another pregnancy test in five days, as this will give you additional information about your status. Best of luck, Jasmine!

  11. Hi! My last period was the 5/6th of December. I believe my cycle is 28 days and during what would be my ovulation time (December 17-21), I had Unprotected sex on the 15th, 18th aND 21st of December. Is it a possibility I could be pregnant? I have beem physically tired like it’s hard at times to ger stuff done all I want to do is lay down in bed, my breast are tender/sore mainly on the sides, but every now and then I get a tingling feeling in them, they are a little swollen, I have no appetite or craving for food, occasionally I’ll feel dizzy/lightheaded, this morning I was brushing my teeth abd swallowed a lil of the toothpaste abd immediately felt began dry heaving and having the urge to vomit but nothing came up because I hadnt ate all day. I took a at home early response pregnancy test yesterday afternoon both rest cane back negative, my period is supposed to come this week like 5 or 6th, should I wait till then before taking another test?

    • It is possible that you are pregnant and it is possible that you are not. Continue to monitor the experiences that you are having. Take another pregnancy test in five days, as this will give you additional information about your status. Best of luck, Jasmine!

    • If you are asking if you could be pregnant, it is possible. However, even if you only have unprotected sex, your chances of becoming pregnant on any given month are still about one out of four. It can also be hard to distinguish between the symptoms of PMS (breast tenderness, cramping) and early pregnancy (also breast tenderness, cramping). We actually have an article on Med Health Daily that covers the differences. Until it is late enough to take a pregnancy test in a couple of days, you can read through the article on PMS vs. early pregnancy symptoms and see if the symptoms line up. Best of luck, Aieasha Langston!

  12. Hi there I’ve just turned 35 and I have a child of 12 nearly 13. We’ve been ttc for 7 months now and not had a positive. But last month I had large egg yolk cervical mucus and my moods have been awful! This month however I feel completely different, extremely hormonal, crying and feeling down and tired! I’ve had constant cramping all month and I even felt when I ovulated, so we had unprotected sex several times in that week leading upto and after ovulation still feel tired and nauseous, dull aches in my tummy and I have aches in my arms and legs. My boobs are sore and heavy, not darkened or veiny! I’ve been checking my cm and cp, and it’s very high and soft and my cm is creamy and very wet. I’ve got 3 days till I’m due on my period. Getting rather excited to test, but I don’t want to get too excited because of all the other negatives! Do you think I could be pregnant? Thanks

    • Don’t get too hopeful just yet, but is sounds entirely possible that you could be pregnant. The only way to know is to wait a few more days and take a test! Good luck, Carla!

  13. Hi,
    My cycle was due on 21st Dec, 2016
    All HPTs are coming back REALLY negative, like not even a faint line :-/
    It has been 4 days that I have missed my period and my cycle is very regular 28/29 days every month like a clock!
    My cervix is low, one side feels like the tip of my nose and I can feel it’s opening too.
    Vaginal discharge is odourless, creamy white but very little.
    Slight cramping I have felt today but I am not sure if it is really cramping or it’s just my mind.
    My breasts are sore but moody sore, like sometimes they are and sometimes they are not. From the sides they are persistently but from the nipples/areola, sometimes they are tinglish and very rarely they itch, like I feel like scratching.
    Other than this, I have taken naps during the day but I am not sure if they are because of fatigue or is it because I am just being lazy…. :-/ so confusing this all is…
    Have been waking up one in between at night.
    Cannot say if it is frequent urination or it is me drinking more water…..
    I do not know what to do, I suffer from Lupus (SLE) and currently am on no medication because it is in remission with minimal symptoms like bloating, off and on nausea, headache and a little bit of skin rash….. so it is easy for me to think I am pregnant every day even after menopause because Lupus has so many symptoms that could be taken in this category too 🙁
    I have had 4 miscarriages in the past in the first trimester and have been trying consistently from the last 17 months after my fourth miscarriage with no luck of conceiving at all.
    All other tests are OK except that my left Fallopian tube is blocked.
    I understand that I may be asked to wait for like a week or so and then test again but my question is that is it possible that all of a sudden a person goes into missing periods like this if there is no pregnancy? I cannot say for sure that I am not pregnant but if I am not, I am very concerned that why my periods got late because they never do. Considering all conditions have been normal around me and this was the only month out of the last 17 when I had stopped tracking my cycle and didn’t not focus on the peak days etc…. so I was totally on a different pedestal and had stopped thinking of focusing on conception…..
    Another thing that bothers me is that are there any other people whose pregnancy tests come out positive really really late? And if so, what could be the reason for it? In the past, my tests would always turn positive the day I had to miss a period.
    Coming to ovulation this month; it makes me wonder that if my period is delayed because of late ovulation then the only reason they should be delayed is because if I have conceived but if I did not ovulate around the usual time that I do (around days 14, 15 or 16) after that I did not even have sex with DH….. so, period should have come…..
    This thing with ovulation makes me think that if it was not around the usual time, I could not be pregnant because time after the usual we did not even have sex, in fact, it makes me think that we probably did not have sex during the peak days – as I said that this month I did not focus at all because I was so fed up…. and if Ovulation was delayed then the chances of pregnancy are again zero because of no sex……
    My mind is going bonkers as you can see from this post!! :'( :'(

    • It would be best for you to speak with a doctor about this question. It would be unwise for us to diagnose or answer these questions are it is likely that you have important things that need to be addressed. What would be wise for you to do is to continue to monitor your experiences and take a pregnancy test in five days. If you find that you continue to have symptoms of pregnancy, but your tests are coming back negative, then make an appointment with a doctor. Best wishes, Rabiya!

  14. I had sex the day after my period, dec 18th. Dec 20, until now, i have been experiencing a cramping and pinching sensation. It seems like it’s going away a little but am concerned I’m pregnant. Last year i got pregnant days after my period, like this time. Also, on Dec 20 my cervix was low, by dec 21 its been high and softer than when it was low. When i had sex on the 18th i assume it was high since i didn’t feel him bottom out. Could this be implantation cramps I’m feeling?

    • It could be implantation cramps. It would be just long enough to be that, although it could be from an infection or something else. At the moment, the only thing that you can really do is wait until you would miss your next cycle and then take a pregnancy test. If you experience other symptoms though, you may need to go to your doctor earlier to make sure that a health condition is not at fault.

  15. Hello I think that im pregnant but cant really confirm it.but something is definitely goin on.I was suppose to come on my cycle on december 21 .My last menstrual was November 21i did but it hasnt been regular flow it just spotting light pink the first two days since ive came on. And today early morning it was like a brownish red then checked again later that morning the color changed back to light pink.And its not alot of blood like a normal menstrual should be.But the symptoms ive had to make me believe im pregnant is on the 16 or maybe 17 i vomitted twice I cant really remember the exact times but it was early in the day. and i couldnt run the errands i had to do it was like i was drained and tired i got back in bed and took a nap. Ive felt certain feelings in my abdominal area like movement or unexplained feelings like something is there. I have been emotional crying for reasons i dont know why .yes my breast are sore and seem to be bigger .I have been peeing much but its been like steady .and i dont take birth control. I jus dont understand what is going on. Am I having implantation bleeding or is this a late cycle. Or am i really pregnant i tested the first day to see if i was pregnant wich was dec 21 . Because i didnt understand the spotting. the results were negative .So why is my period spotting.Am i pregnant I would really appreciate your help.

    • It seems as though it is certainly possible that you are pregnant. Continue to monitor your experiences and you move into the future. Take a pregnancy test in five days, as that should be enough time to guarantee a certain answer. If you determine that you want to make an appointment with a medical professional, then do so. For now, reduce stress in your life and remain positive. Best of luck, Kandi!

  16. Hello there. I have also a concern. My LMP was on Nov. 20, 2016. After my period and during ovulation time I had unprotected sex but we only used withdrawal method. On dec 19 should my period start for this month. But 2-3 days prior to that, i had very light spotting, brownish to be exact. Its on and off. And on dec 21 it became red. I touched my cervix it was soft. But today i had minimal amount of spotting and its again brownish. I assessed my cervix its now like the tip of my nose. I already had 2 PTs and are all negative. And my spotting/bleeding only appear when im urinating or wiping my vagina with tissue. Do you think those are signs of pregnancy?

    • You may be experiencing signs of pregnancy or you may be having unusual period symptoms. Take a pregnancy test in five days. Continue to monitor your experiences. Reduce stress on your body at this time and remain positive. If you find that you are pregnant, then make a medical appointment. Best of luck, Lily!

  17. My last full cycle was in oct 2016. I am always on time if not a day early. 2 days prior to my cycle in nov, my boyfriend went in unprotected with the intent of getting me pregnant. I made him pull out before he orgasmed but i was afraid of the precum issue. I took a morning after pill 14 hrs later. I never got a full cycle that week. I spotted for 7 days with occasional light bleeding. On the 7th day, we had sex again and he had the same intent. I made him pull out but this time I did not take the morning after pill nor am i on any form of birth control. That was the 29th of nov. For the past week i have been nauseous, spotting off and on, vaginal discharge, bloating…. and other symptoms as well. I went to the dr who told me that my cervix is soft. Im not due until sometime next week. All test are showing negative. Signs are pointing to yes but test results are saying no. When does the body release the pregnancy hormone so that i can get an accurate reading? Im really worried about this test and the my period or missed period is not coming fast enough.

    • If your tests are negative now, you did not get pregnant in October because it would have already appeared. Stress may have caused your last period to be just spotting, so you might still not be pregnant. Bloating is also a symptom of PMS, which would make sense since your period is supposed to start next week. If you did get pregnant this month, then the tests should be accurate after your period was supposed to start. In the meantime, we have an article on Med Health Daily that covers the similarities and differences between PMS and early pregnancy symptoms. Other than waiting and reading the article, there is no way to know for sure until after your next period was supposed to start. If you are not pregnant and would not like to become pregnant, you should go on birth control since your boyfriend is not being very conscientious or careful.

  18. Hello, am 28 now and I had my first child August last year using clomid once. am trying to conceive now for about eight months but haven’t succeeded. I used clomid at d 7th month but it didn’t work. what should I do

    • You can talk to your doctor about other fertility treatments and options, although your doctor will most likely want to give it more time before intervening. While you have a one out of four chance of getting pregnant on any given month without birth control, the statistics unfortunately do not mean that everyone will be pregnant within four months. Sometimes, it can take a year or longer until a pregnancy happens. Until then, try to reduce your stress levels, eat healthily and live a balanced lifestyle. If you are still worried that something could be wrong or limiting your fertility, go back to your doctor for tests and treatment. Good luck, Nike!


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