Clear Semen Explained


Perhaps you have noticed that you are ejaculating clear semen and you may be wondering whether you are sick. Or perhaps you are woman and you have noticed that your husband is producing the same. What is the cause of clear semen? Is it a disease? Can it be treated? Read on to get answers to your question.

There are many causes of clear sperm. Here are some of them:


This is the most common cause of clear sperm. In boys, sexual maturity starts at the age of 11. A boy will experience the first ejaculation while aged 13. This is an indication that testes have seminal fluids and the reproductive system is starting to function. However, it is difficult for the initial ejaculation to be as potent as it will be later in life. For the first year or two, the boy will produce clear semen. This is quite normal and should not be a source of concern.

Constant ejaculation

Men who masturbate frequently or are super-active sexually may also produce thin or colorless semen especially as the day move on. Like you may have guessed, this is just but a matter of biology. The body always tries to do its best to meet the supplies required by the environment. However, when the rate of ejaculation is higher than the rate at which quality and rich semen are being produced, the man will only produce thinner and clearer semen. Generally it will take around 5 hours for the body to rebuild the volume of sperms as well as semen nutrients after an ejaculation. In case a man ejaculates for 5 or more times in a day or in very close succession, he is likely to produce semen that is clearer.

Low sperm count

In the long run, sperms that are uniformly clear can be an indication of low sperm count. This is due to the fact that the sperm count is one of the factors that contribute to the cloudy appearance of semen. The sperm count is considered to be low where the semen of a man doesn’t have the required number of sperms. The normal sperm count ranges from 20- 50 million sperm cells for every milliliter. While the clear liquid will also have sperms, the number will not meet the required threshold especially if it is ejaculated without the normal coagulated consistency. While this may not be considered to be a serious health issue, it can be difficult to impregnate a woman.

If you are concerned about low sperm count, you should talk to a medical practitioner preferably an urologist as they have the expertise in the fertility and the male reproductive system. The medical expert can begin by carrying out an analysis of the semen to measure their vitality. The health care professional may recommend that you change to a diet that is less acidic. You should also abstain from masturbation especially if you are planning for a baby.

Fertility issues

There are many causes of infertility in men. These can include hormonal deficiencies, aging, alcohol abuse, smoking and genetic inheritance. In case you find that the semen are consistently clear for a period of more than one month and the couple is still unable to conceive, there are chances that the man has primary infertility.  Every month, the chances of a couple who are sexually active to become pregnant are around 25%. Where the couples go for an entire year without getting a pregnancy, it is may be an indication of a problem. If a couple already has a baby but is struggling to get another baby, the condition is known as secondary infertility.

Retrograde ejaculation

This is the only medical condition that has been identified to cause clear semen.  Retrograde ejaculation is marked by a situation where instead of sperm exiting properly through the urethra during an orgasm, they get into the bladder. One of the major symptoms of the condition in men is cloudy urine. This is as a result of semen getting passed through urine leading to urine that is slightly tint. In most cases, the condition will not require any treatment. However, in case it affects fertility, various medications such as ephedrine, brompheniramine and imipramine can be prescribed.

Remedy for clear semen

If you have clear sperm, one of the first things that you should do is to change your diet. Foods containing foliates and zinc can contribute to healthy sperms. Some of the major sources of zinc include lean minced beef, dark chicken and beans. It is recommended that men should eat 12 to 15 milligrams of zinc in a day. Other measures that you can use to remedy clear semen include:

  • Have sex in a safe manner. Minimize the number of sexual partners and avoid having sex frequently.
  • Reduce stress. Stress has various effects on the body. It can lead to reduced sexual function as well as hormonal imbalance that can decrease the production of sperms.
  • Stop smoking. There are studies that suggest that smoking affects sperm quality
  • Take less alcohol. Alcohol can reduce both sperm quantity and quality
  • Manage healthy weight. One study showed that men who have a high Body Mass Index can have sperms that are abnormal. The low quality of their seminal fluids can cause clear sperm
  • Exercise well. The testicles have a lower temperature as compared to the rest of the body. It is possible to increase the temperature of the testicles through intense exercising. However, you should avoid cycling as it can lead to the death of the sperms.


  1. My boyfriend has claimed and he isn’t one to lie to me, his ejaculate has only ever been clear. Only clear. He is 39 now and has impregnated women before, he says, but it’s still completely clear and lacking in volume excreted. It’s not a result of masturbation. I would’ve known and he would’ve told me. Is this a problem that should be addressed? Should we see a doctor or are some mens’ …um…”spend” just clear for no reason?

    • He has said that he does not frequently masturbate or ejaculate. It is possible that he is sharing false information. If he is honest, then he would find benefit in speaking with a medical professional. Since you trust your partner, the two of you main find benefit in speaking with a fertility specialist. Best of luck, Janine!

  2. My bf has clear sperm and we’re trying to make a baby. He doesn’t ejaculate much, anymore and he’s in great shape but it’s still difficult to make a baby..

    • It is possible that he has a low sperm count. It is possible that he ejaculates more often than he shares. It is possible that he has a medical condition that causes his ejaculate to be clear. If he is not masturbating frequently, then he may find benefit in speaking with a medical professional or fertility specialist. Best of luck, Ryder!

  3. I don’t often masterbate and I had clear sperm, normally it’s very coagulant however I’ve gained an excessive amount of weight and do drink a lot of Coke which is very acidic.

    • You should avoid consuming processed foods, sugars, and sodas. This is not only for the benefit for your reproductive system, but also for your bodily health. Abstain from masturbation at this time. Develop a healthy lifestyle by eating a plant based diet and exercising at least half an hour a day. Work toward your health and your sperm will improve in health. Have a great day, Paul!


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