Coconut Oil for Nails

All across the United States, people always want to look as good as they can, from their heads to their feet. Each day, thousands of people get manicures, to help their hands and nails look and feel better.

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But we don’t all have time to book manicures or sit in a nail salon. Perhaps the money for manicures and pedicures isn’t in your budget right now. If you have broken or chipped nails often, or want your nails to grow more quickly, you should try using coconut oil for nails. Since coconut oil strengthens as it moisturizes your nails, it is quite popular, even among manicure specialists, and others who are interested in healthy nail growth.

Why use Coconut Oil for Nails?

Who among us doesn’t want to show off beautiful nails? However, daily chores, harsh weather and an improper diet can leave you with lifeless, dull nails. Your nails are keratin based, but they contain a high content of water, which makes them soft and flexible. When your hands or feet dry out, your nails may become rough and dry.

Using coconut oil ensures that your nails won’t lose the moisture they need. So, they’ll keep looking great, from the nutrients in the oil. The nutrients strengthen your cuticles and nails and make your nails shinier, too.

6 Benefits of Coconut Oil for Nails

There are many benefits associated with using coconut to keep your nails healthy. Below are six of the most important reasons for using coconut oil, and how the oil can be applied for maximum efficacy.

  1. It Helps your Nails Grow

Coconut oil is an excellent way to help your nails grow, since it contains the nutrients and moisture that your nails need. It is also helpful in curing hangnails and strengthening your cuticles.

What to use:

1/4 cup honey

1/4 cup coconut oil, organic

4 drops rosemary essential oil

To apply:

First, mix the ingredients and place the bowl in your microwave for 15-20 seconds. After it’s warm, soak your nails in the coconut oil mixture for about 15 minutes. Apply this once each week for healthier, stronger nails.

  1. It Treats Nail Fungus

Regular use of coconut oil can protect your nails from fungus. It has acids that are antifungal in nature, and it moisturizes your skin and nails as it gives your nails the nutrients it needs.

What to use:

5 parts organic coconut oil

1 part organic oregano oil

To apply:

Coconut oil can be purchased at health food stores, as can oregano oil. Use oil only, not capsules.

Mix 5 parts coconut oil to 1 part oregano oil. Use the resulting mixture on your nails. Massage them gently. Use it on that area where the skin meets the nail, too. If the oregano burns at all, you can dilute it before using. Leave the mixture on your nails and fingertips until your skin has completely absorbed the oil. Do this two times a day for two weeks or so for best results.

  1. It Prevents Hangnails

If your nails are exposed to water often, you’ll probably end up with hangnails one time or more. Poor quality manicures can cause hangnails, too. Basically, it’s a small bit of extra skin that comes out from your nail cuticles. The opening it creates provides fungus or bacteria a place to enter the skin, spreading infection. Coconut oil takes care of this issue.

What to use:

Organic coconut oil

To apply:

Apply coconut oil to your cuticles. Massage them gently. If you do this on a regular basis, this will aid in strengthening the cuticle and your nails, and it will prevent most hangnails.

  1. It Cures the Ridges

If you don’t have much moisture in the nails, you will probably develop nail ridges. Coconut oil helps prevent and eliminate ridges, because of its antimicrobial properties.

What to use:

Organic coconut oil

To apply:

Massage coconut oil into your nails every day. If you do it this often, your nails won’t develop ridges. They will be shiny, strong and flawless.

  1. It Moisturizes the Cuticles

When you use coconut oil for nails, it cures infections in nailbeds. It also helps in keeping your cuticles moisturized. This means that your nails will be healthier, shinier and stronger. Coconut oil works wonders for raggedy cuticles. The emollients in coconut oil help in protecting your nails, so they won’t become brittle.

What to use:

Organic coconut oil

To apply:

Use just a small amount of organic coconut oil. Apply it on your cuticles. Massage the oil in. When you do this regularly, you’ll fix rough and ragged cuticles. It can even soothe painful hangnails and torn cuticles.

  1. It Cures Athlete’s Foot

Athlete’s foot can be painful and embarrassing. But you can keep your feet fungus-free by using coconut oil for nails.

What to use:

Organic coconut oil

To apply:

Wash your feet first. Wash them very well, making sure to cleanse the area between your toes. Dry your feet with a towel by patting, rather than by rubbing with the towel. Warm some coconut oil and massage your toenails with it four or five times each day.

More Tips for Healthy Nails

While coconut oil works wonders on your skin and nails, there are other tips you can use to improve the health and beauty of your nails. Below are several helpful tips:

  • Make sure that your hands and nails are kept clean by using good hygiene.
  • Trim your nails regularly and keep them rather short, so they won’t become injured by getting tangled in something. Cut the nails straight across, using a sharp clipper or scissors. Afterwards, round them with a file to ensure that they will remain strong.
  • Don’t bite your nails and don’t remove cuticles. These habits will only damage the nails.
  • Don’t use your nails for opening pop cans or any other kinds of cans or bottles.
  • If you have thick toenails, soak your feet in pre-warmed salt water. Use one teaspoon of salt for every pint of water. Soak for 10 minutes or so.
  • Wear only properly fitting shoes that support your feet well.

Don’t try to dig out toenails that have become ingrown, particularly if they have become infected.


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