40 Best Compliments for Guys


Show me one person who does not like to be complimented –and I will call you a liar on your face. We are not talking about the old boring clichés. Dear ladies, are you looking for ways to compliment your man? Why not try the tips discussed below that will really make his day and lift his spirits.


  1. Thanks for the advice. You are the best

Women love men who take time to listen to their problem and whines. Men who pass no judgment make good listeners. Women feel appreciated when a guy takes time to listen to them and give them advice, even if it is not applicable in that scenario. Words like” I knew I could count you to give the best advice” will make a man feel like he has grown six feet taller.

  1. Complements that show you believe in him

One of the things that can greatly boost a man’s ago is when their partner supports and believes in them. It may simple things ranging from their driving skills to their dreams and ambitions. Simple phrases like” I love how you drive” or “Congratulations on getting the promotion. I knew they would pick you as the right man for the job”. Such simple yet genuine compliments will make a guy melt in awe.

  1. Body and appearance specific compliments

It does not come as a surprise that men are concerned about their physical appearance too. However, unlike women where body shaming is rampant, for men it is less common. Men have certain insecurities about certain elements in their physical appearance. They want their partners to find them aesthetically pleasing. Women can pick on certain parts of his body and give him praises in that regard. It may be his arms, eyes or private parts for non-picky guys.

  • You are so handsome.
  • Wow… That shirt is really showing your abs. You weren’t kidding when you said you hit the gym.
  • I love whenever those sexy arms are wrapped around me.
  • You have a beautiful smile.
  1. You are very funny

In case you are wondering, men love women who can smile at their jokes, however dry. Men with a sense of humor tend to get a lot of compliments. Telling him that he is the funniest man on the face of the earth is a great winner for him.

  1. You are so handy

Men are expected to be protectors and problem solvers. They are expected to save a damsel in distress without any qualms. Helping her fix the light bulb, a broken faucet and changing a tire will land your name into her good books.  Want to boost a man’s ego?  Tell him how handy he is.

  1. I feel safe around you all the time

Women have this belief that men can protect from any kind of danger. Men who attempt to pull this stunt and succeed tend to receive a lot of love and compliments. As a matter of fact, guys will go to any extend to protect his woman from harm and danger. By simply letting him know that you appreciate all the efforts made to ensure you are safe, will make him feel twice the man he is.

  1. Wow- so you can cook

We live in a gender stereotyped society. There are certain duties that are female and male oriented. Cooking is considered a woman’s affair.  Very few men can prepare a decent meal. Therefore, any man who can spare a few minutes and whip a delicious meal for their partners will earn extra credit points.

-Wow. You are one in a million, thanks to the delicious meal you made.

  1. You are the strongest man I have met

The big yet fragile male ego needs to be constantly massaged. Telling a man how strong he is will greatly boost his ego and feel like he is man enough. Muscles and strength make up a man. Trust me; nothing will make a man proud that knowing someone considers him the STRONGEST man.

  1. Those girls are staring and drooling at you

Human beings love attention and appreciation.  Nothing excites a man when a group of women check him out. When a bevy of beautiful girls stare and drool at your man, he gains an extra 10 ego points. This is a compliment that will cheer his spirits especially if it comes from a woman. He will love it. Hands down!

  1. Any woman who gets you is lucky

This compliment will work as long as you are not his lucky lady. It will greatly boost his confidence and may be an indication that you are interested. It may be time to make the next move. For a woman that is part of his life, a simple” I am so lucky to have you” will brighten his day.

  1. That shirt compliments your abs

“You look nice “sounds cliché. Why not personalize it?

-Wow. You really rock in that muscle shirt.

Wow. Those shoes look great on you.

Say this to him more often and see how he cheers up.

  1. Thanks for loving and respecting me

Fact: Women want to be loved and appreciated.  Any man who loves and appreciates the women in their lives needs to be complimented on a regular basis.

  1. I love spending some quality time with you.

People crave to be loved and wanted. Men who take the time to keep their women company deserve some praise. This is a simple yet deep compliment that he will love.

  1. Is there anything you cannot do?

Assign any manly duties such as changing tires and opening jars. Ask him to help you carry your heavy bag across the staircase and when he is glistening in his sweat ask him how he manages to do that. He will feel like a superhero.

  1. You will make a great dad. You are so great with kids.

You and your man have been hanging around some kids? How does he treat them? Is he affectionate? This should be said to a man who is ready to settle and have kids with you.

  1. It is so easy to have a conversation with you

Is your man easy to talk to? Can you hold a reasonable conversation without thing spewing out of order? If he is, let him know he is a great conversationalist.

  1. I respect/love you

Guys who love and respect their women need a standing ovation. We live in a patriarchal society where women are treated as second-class citizens. Men who respect and love their partners or male figures in their lives should get a reciprocation of the same.

  1. You sure know how to treat a woman

Does he open doors, hold the elevator door for you and pull you a seat during a date? If he treats you like a princess and you appreciate it, compliment him.

  1. You always make me smile

Did he do something that brightened your dull moods? Why not let him know he made you smile?

-Hearing your voice over the phone made me smile.

-That dance move brings a smile to my lips.

  1. You make me feel so beautiful

Find an opportunity to let him know how beautiful he makes you feel.Wear that sexy dress or killer pair of heels he bought for you and tell him how beautiful you feel. It will melt his heart.

-I feel beautiful in that dress you bought me.

  1. My parents /friends liked you

Human beings are always looking for approval. For any relationship to be successful, approvals have to make. Telling your man that your family and friends love him will add 10 points to his ego scorecard.

  1. You are so good at your job

Whenever a man helps you out, remember to thank him. Any time he does something related to his work and does it perfectly, tell him he is the best.

  1. You are so handsome

-You are way handsome than Brad Pitt.

Telling your man he is cute sounds so undergraduate. Tell him you love his well-contoured face and the green eyes. Compare him to a celebrity or someone of high status in the society who has good looks.

  1. I love your deep and masculine voice

Compliment his voice. Tell him his deep baritone voice gives you goose bumps. Tell him you love how you love his deep husky voice as he whispers sweet nothings in your ear.

  1. You really know how to turn me on

Every guy dreams of hearing this from their partners. Hearing that compliment will greatly boost his confidence.

  1. You are such an amazing friend

Talk about how he is a great friend. Mention an incident or two where he stood up for his friends, and he will love you for that. He believed his friends are a reflection of his.

  1. You smell magnificent

Telling a guy that he smells great is an obvious winner. It shows that you have taken an interest in him.

  1. You always know the right things to say to me

Nothing makes a superhero to the womenfolk like knowing what to say and when to say it. Telling her that she is beautiful despite a big pimple on her forehead will put a big smile on her face. Be sure to get some praises from her.

  1. You are different from other guys I have met before

Nothing makes a man cheerful like hearing that he is different from the others. Tell him of something that he does differently from other men you have interacted with.

  1. I feel comfortable around you

Guys feel proud when the woman in their life is comfortable around them.  We all want to be with people who “get us”.  Guys love women who will walk around in their underwear and talk to them without any inhibitions or fear.

  1. His bar skills

This has nothing to do with law school. A guy who makes those mouthwatering mojitos or can recommends the best whiskey for you deserves a pat on the back.

-That mojito was awesome. Can I get some more?

  1. His ability in bed

Does he satisfy you in bed? Is he a good lover? Complimenting a guy on matters related to sex will boost his ego and make him more adventurous.

  1. His tastes and choices

What do you like about him, his movie or book collections? The kind of music he listens to?

-I love that rock collection music you own.

  1. His principles

A man who has principles is a great catch. If he has morals that he religiously follows, compliments such as “You are so principled” can be used on him.

  1. His looks

Compliment his most noticeable features. When he gets a new haircut or a new outfit, flatter him.  Tell him you love the color of his eyes or his muscular, chiseled chest.

  1. His job

Depending on how serious he is, remind him how hard working and dedicated he is. Compliment him when he gets that promotion or pay rise.

  1. I cannot get enough of you

Men will get some sense of security when they know someone relies on them.  After taking you out on a date or a picnic, let them know they mean the world to you, and you cannot get enough of them.

  1. Ask for his help

Men love helping out where they can. Let him fix your computer and thanks him profusely after he is done. Let him know were it not for him, the world would come to stand still.

  1. Boast about him

Once in a while, boast about him to your friends and family. Mention incidences that will give a super hero status to people who care to listen and he will love it.

  1. His dreams and ambitions

Guys have dreams and ambitions from a tender age. Mention them in your conversions. If he starts building castles in the air, compliment and encourage him. It will bring you closer.


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