Creamy White Discharge Before Period


During the time of maturation, various symptoms occur in woman body. They experienced different types of discharge at their period. Discharge from the vagina may occurs in various color. A Certain amount from vaginal discharge is normal for every woman.  Among these white discharge is one of them which occurs for different reasons. Creamy white discharge normally occurs at the beginning and end of the time of the period cycle. Before and after discharge ova from the ovary is elastic, clear and watery and gets thicker and deeper in color when the period is closing. Sometimes it is the symptom of pregnancy that is known as “pregnancy discharge.” Every woman should be aware of it and should understand of its normal and abnormal condition.

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Creamy White Discharge Before Period, Is It Normal?

It is the frequent occurrence of every woman. Most women found it is to be normal with no itching and odor. During the discharge timing, it is found white and thick and getting changed in color, quantity, and consistency during the period cycle. It is quite common in the middle timing of the period to have excessive clear and white discharge.

Why Would I Have White Discharge?

Every woman has the experience of white discharge that is non-itching and odorless. It starts at some point in life and after puberty. Vagina and the cervix glands produce this discharge. For this, the vagina remains in infection free. This discharge removes the dead cell from cervix and vagina and keeps it bacteria free and healthy.

Periodicity of White Discharge Before the Period

Various stages of maturation cycle have controlled the secretion of estrogen and progesterone hormone. Different stages of maturation are controlled by the levels of these hormones in the blood.

In the first stage of the mensuration which is called dry days, there is no opportunity for conception or fertilization is very less. So, discharge production is almost zero. The timing is following a period.

After two or three days of the dry days, these hormones control the huge white and thick discharge. This discharge is not convenient for conception.

After two to three days of the dry stage, a clear viscous discharge occurs which is favorable for sperms cells and conception is ideal at this point. This phase is called egg white stage.

At last, the egg is released and after that, a creamy white liquid is discharged before the period.

When Is Vaginal Discharge Abnormal?

White, odorless vaginal discharge is common. It does not cause any itching problem. The normal discharge condition is creamy and white. This condition of discharge is normal and no need to worry. The discharge that causes discomfort has a different hue and with bad odor is abnormal. It causes various health issue for a woman.Yellow gray or green and clumsy nature discharge can be a symptom of one of the following diseases.

Chlamydia or gonorrhea: These are sexually transmitted infections(STDs). These can be a cause of sudden massive amount discharge. It is a matter of concern if you are not pregnant or in the middle of the menstrual cycle. This abnormal amount of discharge also causes the feeling of burning sensation during urinating.

Yeast infection: Swelling, itching are the signs of yeast infection.

Trichomoniasis: In this case the discharge smells like rotten eggs and consistency is frothy.

Vaginosis: This is one kind of vaginal infection which caused by bacteria. In this case, discharge is yellow, gray and green and has a fishy smell.

How to Prevent Abnormal Vaginal Discharge:

Various methods can prevent this abnormal discharge that is not a part of normal menstruation cycle. There are various steps with which abnormal discharge can be controlled. Take some care and avoid some material and substances near to vagina. Some healthy practices will always help to maintain the menstruation cycle in track as enables the immunity system to fight infection as this menstruation cycle cannot be avoided.

Some steps are described below to maintain your menstruation cycle usual:

  • Oil and petroleum jelly should be prevented during vaginal lubrication as these enables the rapid formation of bacteria within the vagina region
  • Always use cotton underwear as other material are not allowed air to make vaginal area dry. Cotton is the best material for this purpose. Another way is to go to sleep without wearing underwear; this will also help to keep the vagina dry.
  • Vaginal douches should always be avoided in that time.
  • Hygiene products like perfume, lotions, soaps should be kept away from the vaginal area. Soap bath should also avoid at this time. Do as much as you can or at least, minimize the use.
  • Sexual dealing should be prevented as much as you can at this time as the issue may prolong. In a similar way always use condoms during sex, as it stops to spread bacteria between partners.
  • In the case of itching, do not scratch in vaginal area as this may create a worse condition of infection.
  • Dresses like swimming suit, exercise suit should be avoided at this time as the risk of infection may getting higher.
  • Medical advice is sometimes needed if infection stayed for a longer period. Sometimes intense medical treatment is necessary to get rid of the situation.

Always follow these steps at the time of your menstruation period to avoid any significant issues of infection.


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