100 Cute Names to Call Your Girlfriend


We all have different pet names and nicknames we use for girlfriends, boyfriends, friends and family. Pet names can be cute and special, as they are terms of endearment. The important thing is to pick ones that not only we like, but the people we call them like as well. Otherwise it can go terribly wrong…


Often pet names come about as we find ourselves in a specific situation – maybe you go sailing one summer and come to call your girlfriend “Sailor Girl,” as you start calling her that during the vacation and later associate it with good memories. This is also how we sometimes end up with completely weird names that become incredibly cute by association.


However, there are also many cute names to use that that are situation independent as well. Names that could make anyone melt. Given they are right for that person, that is. You have to choose wisely. The better you know your girl, the better you’ll be at coming up with cute pet names for her. If you are looking for some inspiration, you’ll find a list below. Feel free to add your own favorites in the comments!


  1. Angel – who doesn’t want to be referred to as an angel? It implies kindness, even divinity.

2. Angel Eyes – if someone has the most sparkling eyes.

3. Angel Face – she has the face of an angel.

4. Babe – this is a standard term and some like it, some don’t.

5. Baby – simple yet, cute.

6. Baby Doll – it happens to be my favorite perfume, but it’s also an excellent term of endearment – sweet as a baby doll.

7. Baby Girl – sweet as a baby.

8. Babelicious – if your baby is delicious.

9. Beautiful – this is a good one as beautiful signifies more than just looks; it takes into account personality as well.beautiful

10. Blondie – if she’s blonde and she knows you like it.

11. Blue Eyes – because of her stunning blue eyes.

12. Bond Girl – if she’s as sizzling as a Bond babe, then why not call her as such? Of course, it helps if you’ve got some James Bond joke going on between the two of you and she calls you Bond. Maybe your lives are shaken, not stirred?

13. Boo or My Boo – well, because she’s your boo of course!

14. Boo Bear – like a cuddly bear.

15. Bootylicious – if her booty is delicious and you know her well enough to make a comment about it!

16. Brown Eyes – if you love her big brown eyes!

17. Bubble Butt – this is not as cute as it is sexy, so your relationship should have reached a certain level before using this one. And it sort of implies she does have a bubble butt, so obviously that’s a prerequisite.

18. Bunny – sweet and soft as a bunny. Just watch out though – some rem strippers go by this name too…

19. Buttercup – a classic.

20. Care Bear – ever watched Care Bears? Those sweet little cuddly bears that made the world a better place to be.

21. Cherie – the French term for Sweetheart.

22. Crazy Hot Stuff – because she’s crazy hot!

23. Cupcake – something sweet and delicious…

24. Cutie – pretty self-explanatory this one!cutie25. Cutie Pie – if she’s cute as a pie, then this is the one!

26. Dancer Girl – because no one dances as well as her to your mind. Of course, the prerequisite is that she really can dance!

27. Dancing Queen – one up on Dancer Girl, but it depends if she likes ABBA…

28. Darling – just add the British accent for the best effect…

29. Delicious One – if your girl is deliciously wonderful, then why not call her as such?

30. Divine One – now there’s a nickname from heaven!

31. Doll – this likely came about as some women were “pretty as a doll,” but be careful as some women don’t, well, like to be compared to dolls.

32. Dove – because she’s as sweet and soft as a dove.

33. Dream Girl – if that’s what she is.

34. Dream Lover – she’s your dream come true.

35. Glorious One – making you glorious…

36. Gorgeous One – someone who is gorgeous, inside and out.

37. Green Eyes – because she has the most stunning green eyes.

38. Gummy Bear – not all women like to be compared to bears, but if she loves the sweet gummy bears, then this can be a good one!

39. Heavenly One – if she makes you feel like heaven.

40. Honey – the standard one for someone sweet as honey.

41. Honey Bee – like Honey, but with a sting!

42. Honey Love – sweet love, in other words!

43. Hot Stuff – who doesn’t like to hear they’re hot?

44. Hottie – so long as you know her well, this should go down well. Calling a stranger a hottie on the other hand is just a bit sleazy.

45. Kitten – sweet as a kitten, yet with a bit of a bite…

46. Lemon Drop – if she’s as sweet as candy. Just watch out so she doesn’t think the lemon implies she’s sour!

47. Light of My Soul – quite the deep nickname.

48. Lioness – because she reminds you of the Queen of the jungle.

49. Loco – if she’s a bit crazy and you love it! Be sure you mean it in a good way though.

50. Lovebird – because she’s your one and only lovebird.

51. Love Bug – if she’s given you the love bug that is.

52. Loved One – implies you love her.loved-one

53. Lovely – if someone is truly lovely, what better name for them?

54. Lover Girl – remember the scene in Dirty Dancing where they dance and the song goes something like “Hey lover boy…[…]…and if he still doesn’t answer? I say baby, my sweet baby…”

55. Miss Dreamy – there was a certain McDreamy in a certain TV series. So if she’s the female equivalent…

56. Miss Steamy – if there can be a McSteamy, there can be Miss Steamy too!

57. Miss Sunshine – if she’s like a ray of sunshine to you.

58. Miss Universe – if she’s the prettiest girl in the whole universe.

59. Miss Wonderful – if she’s your kind of wonderful.

60. My… – almost any name on this list can be used with “My” beforehand. My Little Cupcake, My Sweetie Pie, My Loved One… Likewise, “One” can often be added at the end!
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61. My Dear – classic. Stands up to the testament of time and if said with a posh British accent, she might just faint!

62. My Fair Lady – it so happens to be a musical, but it’s also a classic pet name.

63. My Juliet – you know the story. Who isn’t looking for their Juliet or Romeo?

64. Passionate One

65. Peach – if she’s pretty as a peach and sweet as one too.

66. Precious One – because she truly is precious to you.

67. Pretty – who doesn’t like to be called pretty?

68. Pretty Lady – adds a bit of class.

69. Pretty Girl – if she’s younger than a lady…

70. Princess – if she believes in fairy tales.

71. Pumpkin – most likely the shortened form of Pumpkin Pie.

72. Pumpkin Pie – likely came about as people are nuts about pumpkin pies!

73. Scrumptious – because she’s delicious of course!

74. Sexiness – because she’s sexiness in motion!sexiness

75. Sexy – is what it says. Says what it is.

76. Sexy Mama – so long as she doesn’t mind being called a mama!

77. Smiley – because you love her smile.

78. Smiley Face – because she always smiles, or makes you smile.

79. Sparkly Eyes – because she’s got the most beautiful sparkle in her eyes.

80. Star – if she sparkle like a star in the night sky, or make you sparkle by her presence, then this is the one.girlfriend3

81. Star Bright – if she’s the brightest shining star of them all…

82. Sugar – another sweet used as a

83. Sugar Plum – only if she likes The Nutcracker  though.

84. Sun Beams – because she’s always beaming at you, or making you beam.

85. Sunflower – a flower that brightens the day (and night).

86. Sunshine – if she is happy or makes you happy this is the perfect pet name.

87. Star Shine – like sunshine, only for the night owl, or she who prefer the stars…

88. Sweetheart – old fashioned, but still cute.

89. Sweetie – cute, simple.

90. Sweet Peas – sweet as a sweet pea. And possibly because you’re like two peas in a pod.

91. Sweetie Pie – the sweetest of them all.

92. Sweetness – because that’s what she is.

93. Sweets – because she’s sweet as candy.

94. The Fairest of Them All – if we are to go all fairytale like…princess

95. The Mrs – once you’ve put a ring on it, that is.

96. The Sweetest of Them All – means what it says, pretty much!

97. Tigress – this one’s got a bit of a roar.

98. Twinkles – if she makes you twinkle, or twinkles herself.

99. Wifey – when you’re married.

100. Wonderful – says it all doesn’t it?


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  1. What name I should gives to my gf who used to dance, who spent less time with me ,she talks less with me in phone etc

    • It looks like you may have commented twice on this one. I have to answer and approve each comment individually, so it may take me a bit to approve all of them. If you do not see a response immediately, do not worry because you will. Read through my last response and let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks for commenting!

    • There are 100 options on this list that you can try, and many more in the comments section. Pick a couple and try them for a few weeks to see which feels the most natural. Good luck, Deepak Rao!

    • There are 100 nicknames on this list that you could use and a few more in the comment section. Pick a few of your favorites, try them out for a couple of weeks and see which ones seem the most natural. Good luck, Chase!

    • That is an adorable name to call your girlfriend–I love where you thought of it as well. I am sure that some of our other readers will like that nickname as well. Thanks for commenting, Kent C.!

    • Thank you for sharing your experiences. You may want to speak with her about the ideas that she has for you. Have a great day, Leary!

    • I think that both of those names are cute. You can always try one of these names if you want–there is no reason why she cannot have multiple nicknames. Good luck, Isaiah!

    • That would be a good idea–although we’d have to change the title to 101 names! 🙂 Perhaps some of our readers will read your comment and enjoy the new idea. Thanks for commenting!

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts and ideas. That is a cute nickname. Please feel free to share more of your words in the future. Have a great day, Shayzee!

    • Thank you for your positive comment. Please feel free to share more of your insights and experiences in the future. Have a great day, Jake!


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