25 Cute Paragraphs to Send to Your Boyfriend


Struggling to find the right things to say to him everyday? No worries, here’s 25 cute paragraphs you can send to your boyfriend anytime to let him know just how much you love him!

Being with you makes my heart soar. When I’m with you I lose track of everything else in the world, because you become the only thing that really matters. Everything else just seems to disappear. Without you by my side I would be lost forever and always. You are my everything. I love you.

You are so handsome, kind and generous. You have loved me more than I could have even thought it possible to love someone. Not only do you accept me for who I really am, you also seem to cherish me dearly. That makes you a good man in my eyes. No,not good, it makes you a great man. I am so grateful to be yours and I hope we can live out our days together in happiness. You are my forever.

A thousand men could ask me on a date and I’d say tell each and every one of them no. There would never be a moment of weakness, because my love for you in stronger than anything else. I will never lay eyes on another the way I lay them upon you. I will never dream of another like I dream of you. I will never touch another like I touch you. That is a promise. I don’t think I could even if I tried.

Every minute you are gone is another minute that I cannot bear to live through. I miss you so much that it almost physically hurts. Hurry back into my arms soon, they ache waiting for you.

I can tell you now that I have finally given my heart away forever. To you, that is! You never have to worry about me leaving, I have decided you are the only one I ever want again.

I know that things can be rough sometimes, but no matter what we have always got each others backs. We can stand tall, strong and undefeated through any obstacle that comes our way. I know we will never let anything get in the way of our hopes and dreams. We will overcome all together.

Going to bed at night is hard because all I can think of is your handsome face and shining eyes. They haunt me beautifully as I drift into sleep. I am so deeply in love with everything about you. You make my heart bounce right out of my chest every time you cross my mind. You are amazing. I love you!

I tell you I love you all the time, but somehow it doesn’t feel like enough. I can say it a thousand different ways, a thousand times and it still wouldn’t be enough to truly show you how much I love you. I hope over time, I will be able to prove just how much love for you I have, but until then I’ll tell you I love you every single day.

I hope every day when I come home that you will be there waiting for me with your arms wide open. I could not imagine not crawling into your arms and hearing you whisper sweet nothings into my ear every night. You are so perfect in every way. Thank you for always being there to make me feel safe and loved.

If I had one wish, I would not use it on clothes, jewelry or any material items whatsoever. I would not spend it on fancy restaurants or shiny cars. I would not wish myself a house or a trip around the world. No, if I had one wish, it would be that we would be together forever. It would be that I would always be yours and you would always be mine.

My dearest boyfriend, thank you for loving me just as I am. Thanks for always making me laugh when I’m feeling down. Whenever you text me or call me, my heart skips a beat when I seeing your name pop up on my screen. When I am with you it really does feel like my dreams are coming true right in front of me. You are more important to me than anything else in the universe. You are my everything. I love you so much, baby.

Before I met you I was very sad, lost and hopeless. You have brought so much warmth, joy and happiness into my life. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you for everything you’ve done for me. I no longer feel sad or hopeless, but instead I am filled with joy and ecstasy. Thank you for doing that for me. I love you.

All of the best memories I have that I hold dearly are the ones I share with you. When I think of all the amazing times we have had together I find myself smiling like a complete fool. I am absolutely head over heels for you. You are the perfect man for me.

It’s not often you find someone who truly cares about you the way you care about me. A man who is considerate and puts effort into the little things is a rarity in this modern age. You have proved that true gentlemen still exist.

When we met we didn’t get along. You made me crabby and I drove you nuts! But now that I look back on it, I laugh, because little didn’t I know that the annoying boy from school would be my one, true love. I smile, because it’s ironic how much I love you now. You are so special to me and I cherish every moment I get to spend with you. I love you so much, I’m glad that we fell in love!

I can picture it now. Us sitting on the front porch, rocking in our rocking chairs while watching the sun go down. My heart fills with joy as I think of our future and I can’t imagine it any other way. I love you.

I want you now and forever. I will never stop wanting you here with me. The thought of living even a single day without you here with me brings me the greatest agony. I have never felt so strongly about someone before and I don’t think I ever will again! You are the one! I can’t wait to start our lives together.

You are always on my mind. Even if I try to distract myself you still run around in my head all day long. I am so blessed to have such a loving, kind man in my life to take care of me. The last thing I would ever want to do to someone as special as you is hurt you. Your happiness is everything to me. If you’re not happy, I’m not happy. I hope I can make you happy every day. I love you!

I have never been more committed to anything in my life than I am to you. My dedication overcomes anything else in my life. My love for you triumphs over all. I just know we are meant to be together. It is fate, not coincidence that brought us together. I am destined to be yours. I’ve never been more sure of anything.

If you asked me to pick my favorite memory of us, it would be too hard to do. There are so many beautiful times we have shared together. Even though we have had a few rough patches here and there, there are so many more good times to reflect on than there is bad ones. Love you, babe.

Time spent with you is the time I appreciate the most. You make every day worth living. You are the one thing that makes my world spin round. Without you it would stop spinning and everything would turn dark. Thank you for bringing in the light and beauty. I’m sending all my love to you.

There is nothing more precious than the bond you share with someone special. Just like the bond I share with you. I love you, I hope you are having an amazing day!

I miss your adorable smile and the way your hair shines in the sun. I miss your lips and how soft they feel when they meet mine. I just wanted to let you know I can’t stop thinking about you. I love you.

We may have our ups and our downs, but it will always be worth it. I don’t think I knew what true love was until I finally met you. You showed me how to become a strong person and guided me into a better life. So no matter how much we fight or how many things get in our way, I know we can defeat it all, as long as we have each other.

You are my inspiration and my motivation. Every day I wake up knowing you are there to cheer me on. Thank you for making me a better person. I love you.


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