25 Cute Things To Do For Your Boyfriend


Are you looking for a way to make your boyfriend happy? There are some small ways that you can use to show him that you are a wonderful and sweet person. Here are 25 cute things that you can do for your boyfriend to make him believe that you are simply the best.

  1. Fill gas in his car

One of the best things that you can do for your boyfriend that will make him happy is to fill gas in his car. You can choose to let him know what you are going to do or you can make it a surprise for him. If you want to surprise him, ask for his car and tell him that you are going to buy dinner. He will get surprised the next morning when he finds the tank full and will love you more for it.

  1. Iron for him

Unlike what many ladies think, you do not have to take your boyfriend on a holiday to the Caribbean so as to make him happy. Simple things like ironing his clothes without making a fuss about it will make him love you.

  1. Wear fishnets

Do you want to leave your boyfriend wondering whether this is the same girl that he has been dating? You can surprise him by wearing fishnets the next time you go out for dinner.

  1. Prepare popcorns for him

Are you really searching for a way to treat your boyfriend? Why don’t you make him some homemade snacks? Pop corns can be a good choice if you combine them with different toppings and seasonings such as light cheese, caramels, chocolate candies and many more.

  1. Tokens of love

Who doesn’t appreciate tokens of love? You can buy different plastic tokens as well as a drawstring bag. Write different actions on the different tokens that you expect to do for him. These could be a kiss, hug, massage, cooking a delicious dinner or anything else that is romantic.

  1. Candle-lit dinner

Your boyfriend will definitely be tired after a hard day at work. Why don’t you surprise him with a romantic candle-lit dinner? Not only will he enjoy it but he will believe that he has the most romantic lady on earth. However, you need to sure that you cook something that is simple, dim the lights and light the candles.

  1. Buy dinner at a top restaurant

Are you searching for a way of breaking the boredom in your relationship? You can surprise your boyfriend by taking him for dinner at a restaurant by the waterfront. He will definitely love the experience.

  1. Barbecue party

barbecue party

A barbeque party can also be a great way of surprising your boyfriend. Most guys enjoy the cookout bash at the backyard with their buddies around them and some refreshments. Therefore, you can choose to throw for him that surprise party and he will surely enjoy and love you more.

  1. Massage

Your man wakes up at 7 o’clock every morning and work all day until 4 or 5 o’clock in the evening. This is his routine for 5, 6 or even 7 days in a week. You will definitely agree that this can be a little bit overwhelming or draining on him. It doesn’t matter whether he works in an office where all he needs to do is to use his brain or he is in the construction industry where he remains in the heat all day; a little relaxation can go a long way. And there is no better way to make him relax like a body massage from the woman he loves. Bring out the baby oil, put on some soft music and light the candles. He will definitely love the experience.

  1. Take his mom out

If your boyfriend has taken his time to introduce you to his mum, you will need to search for quality time that you can spend with his family. Men love it when their ladies have a good relationship with their mothers. This is because you and the mother are the two most important women in his life. You are the best placed to cultivate a good relationship with the mum-and there is no better way to do this than to take his mum out for dinner.

  1. Be kind to his friends

You may not love his friends because they take the time that you were supposed to spend with him. You may also not like the fact that they spend time watching sports or drinking and he is not at home as much as you would like. Instead of complaining and showing your resentment towards them, why don’t you be kind to them? You can raise the issue in a diplomatic way rather than being unkind to them. When you do nice things to his friends, it is an indication that you care about him.

cute things to do for your boyfriend

  1. Get a gift for him

Surprising your man with a gift can work wonders. Find out what he loves and think about a good gift that he will appreciate. If he loves sports, why don’t you surprise him with a ticket to his favorite team? If he loves music, you can get him the latest CD of his favorite music. When you give him that special gift, it is an indication that you cared to know about his interest and you took the time to give him something that is related to his interest.

  1. Write him a love note

Your boyfriend will appreciate something special and sweet once in a while. You can write down a little note that simply says you love him and attach it to his laptop. The most important thing is for you to show your wit, romantic and fun side. However, avoid boring him by overdosing him with romance. Write something that he will enjoy reading and that which you will use to show your feelings for him. Be creative on where you place the love notes. You can hide them in his shoes.

  1. Plan that special day out

A major cause of breakups is routine. This is due to the fact that these can become boring. If you always go for a dinner every Wednesday, it may already begin getting bored. Instead, you need to switch it to something like going for a movie on Friday. You can end the night with dinner and this will help you realize how well you can match.

  1. Get kinky

Like we have stated above, the greatest mistake that you will make in your relationship is to have a routine. This applies in the bedroom, too. Look for ways to make things more interesting. It could be by beginning to wear that silky lingerie. You may also want to try out that new style that you were not brave enough to. When you make things spicy, it will only serve to make him lust for you more. It will also be indications that not only do you adore him but would like to make him love you more.

  1. Do what he wants

Has your man being asking to see the latest Spiderman movie every day and yet you are the biggest hater of Spiderman? Why can’t you put yourself aside and do something that your man loves? When you show such a simple sign of love and selflessness, it will be an indication that you really care about him.

  1. Give him lots of kisses

a lot of kissesWhen all has been said and done, kissing is the one thing that will show the biggest sign of romance. If you would like to show your level of romance, you will need to cover him with kisses. Give him that surprise kiss when he is playing the video game and more kisses when he wakes up in the morning.

  1. Write him a love poem

Are you feeling artsy and romantic? Why don’t you allow your inner self to speak by writing a love poem for him? If you are not creative enough, you can search for one on the internet that speaks about your relationship in a positive way. This will really touch him. You can frame it on his briefcase, under his pillow or any other place that he will be least expecting such as his steering wheel.

  1. Be good to his family and pet

We have already stated that being nice to his mom will do wonders to the relationship.  Why don’t you help her mum do the cleanup after dinner? When his family loves you, he will start looking at you with a sense of appreciation. You can also assist the mom to shop for his birthday gift. Buy gifts such as toys and candy for his little sister and buy a special treat for his dog. Showing up at family events can also help to work wonders.

  1. Buy a favorite book

favorite bookDoes your man have a book that is his favorite? Why don’t you buy a signed copy that is leather bound? You can look in areas such as the book store, auction sites, thrift shops and other such areas. You can look in the site of the author whether there is an opportunity for the book to get autographed. This can also work well for the movies, CDs, coins or even other things that he collects.

  1. Bring back old memories

If you feel as if the idea of buying a book doesn’t work, you can try to do something that will bring back his childhood memories. You can try to find a favorite toy that he loved as a kid and see whether there is something similar that you can buy that he will appreciate as an adult. For instance, you can have his favorite picture framed and matted. You can also organize his keepsakes and old pictures in a scrapbook. While you will need to inform him of some of these things in advance, he will definitely find them sweet.

  1. Make him scavenge for a gift

You can buy him a gift and make him go for a scavenger hunt around the home or even in town. Scribble some clues on ticket stubs, old photos, programs and such. You can look for such ideas on sites such as GetRomantic.com on how to create that perfect scavenger hunt. Use clues such as “the place where we first kissed.”

  1. Show him affection publicly

Before you try this one, you need to be sure whether he is the kind of guy who loves the public display of affection. It can work best if you don’t like anything more than just holding hands in public because he will understand that what you are doing is for the sake of him. Spend more time in his embrace during the dance or give him that quick kiss when he says that he loves you. If you do not love the public display of affection, you can do little things like leaning closer to him or just giving him a hug.

  1. Sign him as a volunteer

Do you feel that your man is affectionate about a specific cause? If your answer is yes, why don’t you sign him as a volunteer? However, you must ensure that you are available to engage in the activity with him.  You can engage in activities such as building homes for the people who are less fortunate, volunteering at the animal shelter or participating in a marathon for a worthy cause.

25. Scrub his house

Do you feel as if his house looks disorganized? Instead of complaining about it, why don’t you give it a major scrub? I guarantee that when you transform the look of his house, he will feel that you are the best wife material. When you visit him, remove the cobwebs, scrub the oven, and clean the windows and all that areas that are usually forgotten.

When you do these 25 things for your boyfriend, not only will he love you more but he will feel lucky to have you in his life.


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