50 cute things to say to your boyfriend


Everybody likes to hear something sweet from their loved ones. Your boyfriend is certainly not an exception. We usually think whether girls love to hear flattering words, but the fact is not only girls but boys too. Although he knows that you love him, expressing love for the right occasion will help you to keep that spark last forever. It is really pleasing when you keep hearing compliments and something sweet. You don’t really make an effort to achieve this, saying cute little things go a long way, even if you don’t use too many words. Simple words when wrapped with your love towards him have such a magical effect on him.

So here are 50 cute things to say to your boyfriend that can make your relationship livelier and fun filled.

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  1. I love you more than the sands of the Egypt.

Okay, so you aren’t much of a poet may be, in fact, you might be struggling to put up sentences when you are thinking of saying cute things to your boyfriend. Don’t worry- a lot of writers have already made the task simpler for you. You can borrow their quotes to confess your true love for your sweetheart. Or you just can simply say “I love you” to him when he least expect it. You can also leave love notes containing the “L” word for him.

  1. I just want to love you like you love me.

Always remind him that you just want to be a wonderful partner to him like the way he is to you. Every guy would love to hear this from their girl.

  1. You give me butterflies!

Tell him that, “you give me butterflies,” next time when he gives you Goosebumps or make your heart race.

  1. I love it when you touch my little finger.

Touch is the first sense we acquire and it is really sensuous. It is a secret weapon in a successful relationship. You can never forget his first touch that gave you a chill down the spine even if it was on your small finger. Don’t forget to tell him if you have experienced it.

  1. I love sleeping by hugging your T-shirt.

This is the cutest thing to say to your guy and let him know that you love to sleep by hugging his shirt so that you can get his smell.

  1. Any lady would be lucky to have you. But I only like it when I’m that lady.

This phrase starts with describing that he is so worth that all girls would love to have him. This is like the best compliment to a man. When it comes to the second line, it shows your cute little possessiveness along with the love you have for him. This shows that you want to be with him forever.

  1. I wish I could turn back the clock.

Convey him that you wish that you could have found him sooner so that so you can live with him for long.

  1. I love the fact that you were brought up by a queen.

When a girl says to a guy that she respect his parents for bringing up him to what he is right now, it makes him proud. A guy would expect his girl to love his parents, and if she expresses it, he would really like it.

  1. Your voice is my favorite sound.

Tell him how much you love to hear his voice. Talk about his manly voice and how it gives shivers to you.

  1. You are the dream I wished that became true.

Express how lucky you are to have him in your life. Though guys might not admit it, they love being appreciated by their girls.

  1. You make me feel like a princess

Your true love would definitely make you feel special then why hesitating to share it with him.

  1. I feel protective when I’m in your hands.

We all feel warm and safe in the hands of our beloved ones. Personally, I  feel the most comfortable when my guy hugs me tight. So why don’t you tell him that

  1. I love that you are passionate about ____.

Your guy will have his own passions and interests. You should definitely tell him that you love his passions because it is a sign of respect you have towards him.

  1. You are created for me by God.

God has created a woman for a particular man, and he would allow them to meet when the time comes. Acknowledging it to him is a token of appreciation for his love.

  1. I love you with all your imperfections.

1 Peter 4:8 reads, ‘Love covers a multitude of sins”. Love always accepts imperfections, which is the best characteristic of love. Nobody is perfect, not even one human in this world! There might be some small habit of your boyfriend that really irritates you. The love you have towards him is enough to forgive his shortcomings. So tell him that you love him to the core no matter how imperfect he is.

  1. It is said that nothing last forever, will you allow me to be your nothing?

True love always lasts forever. Tell him your desire that your love should be forever everlasting.

  1. Just give back my kiss if you don’t like me!

This is one of the best things to say whenever you want to end small fights between you. When you guys are in a small fight, and if he is not giving up, you have the opportunity to end it on a sweet note. You mean what I’m saying. (Winking smiley)

  1. You are my best friend.

Every guy would like his girlfriend to be his best friend. This little quote means that he is the right for you in many roles. He will be really happy to know that he is your priority when it comes to important things.

  1. Your smile is the reason for my smile.

Most men find the smile of their girl as one of their beautiful features. So hearing that he is capable of planting that adorable smile on your face is an instant confidence booster for your guy.

  1. I want to do things for you.

It is a pleasure to cook for your guy and do things for him. Share your joy of doing things for him with him.

  1. Someone looks very handsome today.

Tell that he is looking handsome when he all dressed up to earn his smile.

  1. You are the best thing that happened to me ever.

Even if there are up’s, and down’s in your relationship, that doesn’t mean that he is not the best thing happened to you. Tell him that meeting him was the best day in your whole life and you cherish it the most. It means that your life would not be complete if he were not there.

  1. You are my bliss.

You feel joyful and happy when he is around you. He would like to hear this from you that he is your true happiness.

  1. I love the way you smell.

Don’t you love the smell of your boyfriend? Then let him know that you love the smell he brings into the room.

  1. We are going to watch your favorite show together.

Does it sound silly? Think about it, though, it shows that you are interested in his favorites. Even if it is not your area of interest, making a little effort for him is a good thing.

  1. I simply love it when you kiss my forehead.

A forehead kiss is actually a symbol of deep affection to your loved one. It is more powerful than a lip kiss at times.

  1. You are the hero of my heart.

Every guy would like to be his girl’s superhero. No matter what, he will be the hero of your heart forever. He will be super excited to hear it from you.

  1. I love it when you…..

If you love when he kisses you or touches you in a certain way, please do tell him soon. This will make him proud of how good he is at pleasing you and encourages him to do it more often. (Winking smiley)

  1. See you in my dream tonight.

When it is time to bid goodbye to him at night either over the phone or otherwise, tell him to come in your dream that night. Even night can’t separate you even if it is for a few hours.

  1. I trust you, baby.

Whenever you are asked to take a decision or make a move out of the box, exchanging a word of trust to him will make him confident.

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  1. I love it when you hold my hand in a crowded place.

It means that he is protective and at the same time it also shows that he is okay with letting others know that you are his girl.

  1. I wish I could touch you through this computer screen.

Whenever you are with him on a video chat there are times when you would have felt that it would nice if you could touch him or enter his room through the screen of your laptop or PC. I have felt this quite a couple of times.

  1. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.

Make him happy by saying how eagerly are you waiting to start a new life with him.

  1. The hours fly away when I’m with you.

You never thought “goodbye” as a bad word till you guys had to say it to each other.

  1. There is a smile on my face every time I see your name in my message box.

You always have the biggest smile on your face when you wake and see his messages on your phone.

  1. I never thought I could love somebody like this.

Thank him for teaching you how it is to love and to be loved.

  1. I want to be yours by all means.

Let him know that you love to be his alone emotionally and in all possible ways.

  1. You are missing from me!

I would like to say that you are missing from me rather than saying that I miss you.

  1. My heart whispered, “He is the one” when I first saw you.

Share with him how you felt when you first saw him. Discuss that moment, even years later and you could experience that spark again and again.

  1. I fall in love with you again and again when you drive 12 hours just to see me for a few minutes.

Soul mates don’t care about the efforts they make to see each other; it is that moment that they cherish ever.

  1. I feel like going for a long drive to an unknown place.

Guys love exploring an unknown place that too without any proper plans. He would love it when you say that you love to accompany him.

  1. I like it when I catch you staring at me.

It happens to all of us sometimes we might catch him staring at us when we expect it the least. Guys like to watch us without our knowledge.

  1. I love it when you sing for me.

Even though he doesn’t sing well, the effort he makes to convey things using songs is really cute and must be appreciated.

  1. I can’t imagine how my life was when you were there not with me.

It would be very difficult for you to think even about how your life was before your relationship with him.

  1. You make me believe in soul mates.

Soul mates are considered as sugar coated lie, but many have experienced that kind of affection and togetherness. Tell him that you have found your soul mate in him.

  1. My cheeks hurt when I’m with you.

Your cheeks would always turn red, and they would start hurting because you are all smiling and laughing when he is around you. Pass this sweet compliment to him.

  1. I love it when you say “How sweet” when I say the most stupid things ever.

Guys always found their girls cute and adorable. So that sometimes even when we say the silliest things, they would just smile at us.

  1. You are really addictive.

He would love it when you say that you are addicted to him.

  1. My reason to wake up every morning is “YOU”.

Every person will have their own reason for waking up with passion each morning. Tell him that yours is “HIM.”

  1. Now I understood why it didn’t work with anybody else?

When you meet the right person, then you clearly know why it didn’t work with anyone else earlier.

All the above simple texts are emotionally charged to warm up your relationship.  It is important to express your feeling, emotionally by words, gestures and actions. Love is the most magical feeling and to be in love and to be loved by somebody is the wonderful feeling that can take you to a world of fantasies. Enjoy your relationship!


  1. Thank you!! I will be using some of these for sure, to make my man feel like the king that he is. More females should take the time to give your Boyfriend a little boost.

    • I am happy to hear that this article could help! We have a few other articles on topics like this on Med Health Daily, so make sure to check them out! Thanks for commenting!

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