60 Cute Things to Say to Your Crush


Do you ever wonder what happens to your brain when you start to have a crush on someone? Having a crush on someone is like being addicted to drugs. It sounds silly, but, really, we’re serious! Science tells us that when we develop a crush on someone, our dopamine levels in our brains rise. Dopamine is a chemical that is released also when we find ourselves addicted to drugs or food or- Well, addicted to anything actually. So you literally get addicted to your crush! That’s why you just can’t get them off of your mind or seem to let them go. Kind of makes it pretty hard to approach them, right? When you have a crush on someone it can be nerve-wracking. Mainly due to the fact that you’re always worried you’re going to blow your shot by saying or doing the wrong things. You can say your thanks to all the hormones and wonky chemicals doing their thing and making you feel like a hot mess! The first step into pursuing a crush is not letting that get the best of you or letting it make a fool of you. That’s why you’re right here, reading this, right now. And you’ve come to the perfect place for advice. You need something to help you say the right things so you can get to that desired next level of a budding relationship. But finding those golden words to peak your crush’s interest isn’t an easy task. Not everyone is born a poet, but it’s okay! You definitely don’t have to be to get your message across to them. We’ve got some easy to say phrases, quotes and paragraphs for you to try out on your crush whenever you feel ready. So muster up that confidence and give these 60 cute things to say to your crush a chance!

You must be a light switch because every time I see you, you turn me on!

If they didn’t know they got your gears going before, they will now. Lines like these are perfect for flirting the right amount, without coming on too strongly.


I could watch you smile all day. It lights up rooms and brings so much happiness. It’s perfect.

Nothing lets your crush know you like them than complimenting a part of their physique, like their smile.

Do you believe in love at first sight yet? If not I can walk by you again.

Da’whh, what a cute way to tell them you like them!

Your style is so unique, I love it! I think the world would be so much better off if everyone had your taste!

It’s never a bad day to try out some flattery on their clothes. Who doesn’t love hearing they make the right fashion statement?

You must get a ticket every time you drive because you have fine written all over you.

Cute and cheesy, but the perfect thing to say when pursuing a crush.

I may not be a photographer of any sorts, but I can picture you and I together perfectly.


Guess what I’m wearing right now… The smile you gave me! It’s my favorite thing to put on everyday.

Letting them know they make you smile is a great way to hint at your affection.

I’m no organ donor but I’d be more than happy to give you my heart. Actually, I think you already have it.

Really, what’s cuter than this?!

I’m always a fool around you, you make me so nervous. In a good way.

You can take a simple route and tell them the truth about how nervous they make you. That would open the doorway to talk about a future relationship.

Looking into your eyes gives me passage to the world I long to be a part of. What a beautiful world that is.

An enchanting thing to say to that love in your life.

There isn’t a word in the entire dictionary that can describe just how amazing you are. I looked and looked, but I never could find one.

A cute pick up line for you to use.

You must be the square root of two, because I feel irrational when I’m around you.

Perfect for if you dig mathematics.


Do you have a map? I keep getting lost in your eyes.

How romantic is this? We’re melting over here.

The first time we met I kept looking for a signature… Because all great pieces of art have one.

This will have your crush smiling immediately! Maybe even blushing. T

If happiness starts with the letter H why does mine start with the letter U?

If your crush isn’t swooning over this, they aren’t worthy of you.

Because of you I find myself crying less, laughing a little harder and smiling a lot more.

It will make them feel good to know that they make you feel good.

If I was gifted a star for each time I thought of you, I would have acquired an entire galaxy.

Perfect for you to use if you’re a hopeless romantic.

Excuse me, could you empty out your pockets? I have proof to believe you stole my heart.

If you’re looking for a more clever thing to say, this one is it!

If you’re down here right now, then who is up there running Heaven?

Compliments are everything when trying to impress someone.

You must be a magician, because every time I look at you everything else in the world suddenly disappears.

Sappy, we know, but so worth saying after you see the look on your crush’s face!

Hey, could you tell me what time it is right now? I just want to know so I can remember the moment I met the most handsome/gorgeous person on Earth.

Wow, we know we’d be breathless if someone said this to us.

Here you go, here’s some hot tea. Because you are a hottie.

A little tea humor for you tea lovers out there.


I have one question for you: Have you always been this good looking or did you have to work for it?

One of the coyest ways to say, “I dig you.”

Even if all of the gravity left Earth, I’d still fall for you.

Obviously gravity is here to stay, but the thought is adorable.

Normally I find myself shy around people. I have my guard up. But when I’m around you I feel at ease. I feel like I can be myself.

A perfect statement to make it clear the relationship between you is special to you.

I’m writing a paper on the finer things in life and I was wondering if you had time for an interview.

What’s more adorable than a cute compliment like this one?

There must be something wrong with my eyes… I can’t seem to take them off of you.

How else will they know you like them if they don’t know your eyes are only on them?

I’m not drunk, I’m just always intoxicated by you.


You know, you might just be asked to leave soon. You’re making everyone else in the room look bad.

A funny thing to say that will surely get your crush laughing! Not to mention you will also be raising their self-esteem. That’s crucial in any new relationship.

I really hope you’re good at giving CPR, because every time I’m around you I seem to lose all of my breath.

It’s a tad bit corny, but oh so cute! Don’t be afraid to say things like these. Even if they make you feel dorky, because your crush will probably enjoy it more than you know!

Don’t ever stop talking, I could listen to your voice all day. I melt with each and every word you say. I don’t want to ever stop listening.

Ah, can you feel the love dripping from this cute thing to say to your crush?

You know what sounds really good? Me, you and dinner tomorrow night.

You don’t want to get overly assertive in your flirting, but showing a little leadership isn’t a bad thing. Who knows, it might just land you that date you’ve been daydreaming about!


If I had one wish it would be to never end this moment end. Being with you is pure bliss that I don’t want to give up.

If you want to send a deeper message to your crush or feel like your feelings for them are pretty intense then this cute thing to say is perfect for you.

The more time we spend together, the more it feels right. Don’t you think so?

That’s a great one to use if you’re trying to ease into the “I want to take things to the next level” convo.

Your lips look really lonely. Would they like to meet mine sometime?

A wonderful way to let them know that you’re ready for some smooch action.

My favorite part of every day is the part where I get to talk to you.

Cute, simple and easy to say. Give it a shot!

Ever since the first day we met I’ve felt something growing. A bond that was nourished and has now blossomed into something so much more. I hope we can continue to grow it in the future and see what it becomes.

A little more on the mushy side, but it will let them know you’re into them.

I may not have all of the things I want from life, but I’m extremely grateful that I got you. It was almost as if my prayers were answered when I asked for happiness.

For if you truly feel like your connection is a blessing.

Are you an alien? Because you’ve seemed to have abducted my heart.

A cute pick up line to get their attention!

Do you mind if I walk you home? My mother always told me to follow my dreams.

This would make us blush in a second. You can’t get much cuter than that.

Excuse me do you have any raisins? How about a date instead?

Asking a crush on a date has never been easier than it’s going to be when you use this line.

I wanted to let you know that I like you a lottle. That pretty much means I like you a little, but a lot.

If you want to make your crush laugh and feel good, use this cute thing to say!

If you were a vegetable you’d be a cutecumber.

We think this one is so perfect! If you’re not ready to get into it too deep with your crush and you want to keep it light, then these types of cute things to say are perfect for you.


You look really familiar. Did we have a class together? Because I could have sworn we had chemistry.

What’s a better pickup line than this one? How cute!

I don’t remember the last time someone made me laugh so much. How did you ever get to be so funny? You should be a comedian!

Better to say this if you really believe it. You don’t want to seem like you’re overselling the compliment.

Just one look from you gets my heart beating out of my chest.

A flirty, yet cute thing to say to your crush.

Next Halloween can I dress up as your girlfriend/boyfriend?

If you feel like suggesting that you have a future together!

I know you already have a name, but I’d rather call you mine.

But if you suddenly start feeling like asking them out on the spot then this is one of the best ones for you to use.

If you were a triangle, you’d be acute one.

Some more cute math humour. We don’t care if it’s cheesy, it’s adorable in every way!

I want to c_ddle, but I can’t because I’m missing U.

You don’t cuddle your friends (usually) so they’ll get the idea of what your feelings are if you suggest something more intimate, like cuddling.

You always look nice, but you’d look even better here with me in my arms.

Talk about being suggestive! The confidence in this will surely be appealing to your crush.

You have to stop being so darn attractive, it’s very distracting!

Flattery is the perfect way to let them know how you feel about them.

You want to know what the best thing in my life is? Read the first word of that last sentence.

If they didn’t know they were important to you before, they will now.

Shall I compare thee to a Summer’s day? What I’m trying to say is you’re HOT.

Yowza, you can’t be any more forward than that, can you?


Where’s your favorite place in the world? Mine’s right here next to you.

Can you feel the love with this one?

You’re like a book I want to stay up all night reading.

Bookworm or not a bookworm, this is a cute thing to say nonetheless!

Kissing is the ultimate language of love. So how about we have a conversation?

If you want to get things heated up right away, this is the cute thing that you should say to your crush.

You should change your name to Waldo. Because someone like you is really hard to find!

Everyone likes to hear that they are unique. Your crush will too.

When I’m having a bad day the only thing that makes me feel better is the thought of you.

A sweet and simple thing that you could say to show all of your appreciation that you have for your crush. It never hurts to let them know how important they are to you.

You make me feel like no one has made me feel before. I know we are just getting to know each other, but I feel a connection. Don’t you?

If you’re uncertain of how they feel about you then this is the perfect way to find out once and for all.

Making good impressions is extremely important when developing a meager crush into something so much more. These cute things to say will break the ice in any situation and help you get conversation moving smoothly. Don’t be shy, and remember you’ll never get them if you don’t try! You can do it, we believe in you.


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