19 Cute Ways To Ask a Girl Out


One of the most challenging things that guys find to do is to ask a girl out. The reason for this is that talking to your crush can cause butterflies in your stomach. You may end up being nervous as a result of the fear of rejection. However, this doesn’t have to be challenging as all you need to do is to ask. If you are wondering how to do it, here are a few tips that you should consider using.

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  1. Consider how you should do it

You can have some motivating ideas from friends on how to ask her out. You can even have a few pickup lines but when the moment comes, you begin sweating. However, if you are truly in love with her and would like to know her closer and have decided to ask her out, you will be left with no option but to wipe your sweaty palms and take a deep breath. You will then need to prepare on now to ask her out. You may opt to do this directly or you can choose to do it in a romantic manner.

Before you decide how to go about it, you will need to consider the type of character that you are. Could you be the bold or shy type? Are you open and frank? Depending on the kind of person that you are, you can decide to ask her out through text, call her or just sending her a text in person.

  1. Have a hearty chat

You can talk to the girl, tease and joke with her. When the two of you are in that great mood, when the joking and laughing is at its peak, you can ask her to take you to a nearby café, a stroll in a green surrounding or a bench in a park. Before she will realize it, you will have taken her out. This is a spontaneous and romantic way of asking a girl out and she will not have an opportunity to say no. The good thing with this method is that it comes with a guarantee of a “Yes” answer.

  1. A note never fails

While this is a traditional way, it is still a cute way to ask her out. This is due to the fact that notes can be thoughtful, lovely and inviting. However, you need to be honest here. You should mention that you will be 100 percent honored to spend your evening with her. Avoid using innuendos. Ensure that the note is simple and sweet. You can drop the note at her workplace together with some roses and a box of chocolate.

  1. Write the message on your tee

If she is the creative type or the one who would like things to be different, you can pick a spray paint and a marker. You can ask something as simple as “Can I take you out tonight?” You can drop this in her car, workplace or anywhere else she can see it. The most important thing is to ensure that she sees it. If she responds with a smile, you can consider it a done deal. However, if she frowns, it is time to run away.

  1. Call her personally

In a world where internet dating has become the norm and most communication is done through chat and text, you can see why men are afraid of approaching a woman for a date. While social media and email can make our work easier, our social life is what ends up suffering. Instead of asking on asking her on Facebook or whatssapp, why can’t you call her?

  1. Burn a great CD

If you are wondering how to ask a girl out, there is this nice tip that can work well if you know her well and her kind of music. You can use this method to get her attention. All you need to do is to record a song in which you can request her to go out with you.

  1. Get a beautiful teddy bear and place a recorder inside

It is an open secret that girls like teddy bears. Therefore, a good way of asking a girl out is by placing a recorder in one. You can record yourself asking her to go out with you and give it to her as a gift. In case she happens to love it, it will be difficult for her to say no to the proposal.

  1. Sing her a song

If you happen to be blessed with a beautiful voice, it is a good idea to invite your friends into a karaoke night. When you get the opportunity to sing a song, choose a great love song and sing it for her. If she doesn’t pick the clue with this one, nothing else will help.

  1. Wrap it on a soda bottle

If the two of you happen to be in a party, you can create a label and stick it on a soda bottle. You can then hand it over to her. This is definitely a flirty gesture.

  1. Celebrate

You can wait for her big day to ask her out. You can hard her card asking her to go out with you after class or work. Alternatively, you can put the words in a cake asking her out.

  1. A balloon with red shape

This is definitely a romantic way of asking her out. All you will need is to fill a balloon that has a red color with air. You can write on it, “Will you go out with me tonight?”

  1. Buy her movie tickets

This will definitely cost some buck but it will be worth the effort. If she loves going to the movies, you can buy tickets for a romantic movie, place them in an envelope and drop it in her mail box. You should attach a note asking her whether you can join her for the movie.

  1. Say it on a cake

You can order a cake for her and ask her on the icing whether she would agree to go out with you.

  1. Serenade her

This is a good way of asking her out. Write down a romantic poem and song. You can then surprise her at the workplace by singing out the song for her. However, this will need some guts for those who don’t sing well. Don’t forget to add the lyrics that ask her out. Not only will this impress the girl but you can be assured that the chances of her saying now are low.

  1. Create an outline using chalk

This is without doubt a cute way of asking her out. All you will require is a few chalks and you can leave her a message that says, “I would love to take you out. Kindly accept this invitation.” Ensure that you have signed your name in the end. This is not only romantic and creative but it can leave her blushing

  1. Use a creative crossword puzzle

You can create a password in manner that will create your name as well as a message such as “Will you go out with me this weekend” will be the result she will get after completing that puzzle. This is a fun idea that is also very creative.

  1. Tell her face to face

In case you feel that the above methods don’t work for you, why don’t you speak to her face to face? The golden rule is to ensure that you look at her in the face. She may love it when she sees some genuineness and agrees to your request.

  1. Use a flip book

A girl will like it when your show her how creative you are. If you are shy of other out of the box methods, why can’t you use a flip book to ask her out. This is not only a simply but it is also an effective method.

  1. Buy her a gift

A gift has the ability to melt the heart of a girl. It doesn’t have to be an expensive gift. In fact girls will rarely determine the value of the gift based on its price tag. The most important thing is to understand her liking and ensure that you give her a gift that she will reciprocate. You can do these two or three times and then ask her out.

Remember that asking your crush out isn’t rocket science. The most important thing is in the way you handle it. All you will need is a bit of preparation on the things that your girl loves and the kind of character that she is. However, you will need to do this at the right place and right time. It can also be helpful to gauge her mood and whether she is attracted to you. When you find that she is in a great mood and shows that she likes you using the body language, you should not allow the opportunity to bypass you.


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