Does Coffee Have Calories?


Does Coffee Have Calories? We’re all guilty of being caffeine addicts from time to time, relying on that barista latte to see us through the morning and then perhaps another one at lunch to see us through the rest of the afternoon too!

Do you really know how many calories are in your coffees though? If you’re trying to lose weight and you’re counting calories right now, documenting everything you’re ingesting in a bid to cut down, those guilty coffee’s could be doing more harm than you first thought.

Does coffee have calories? 

Coffee, by itself, doesn’t actually contain very many calories at all. An eight ounce cup of regular, instant black coffee will contain just 4 calories. Brewed coffee contains less than that at 2 calories per cup.

Coffee alone doesn’t contain many calories at all but it’s when you start dressing up the drink that you start adding them up.

A latte from McDonalds, for example, can contain upwards of 170 calories and 9g is fat. The McCafe Caramel Mocha contains a whopping 320 calories. Most people’s lunch contains fewer calories than that.

It gets even worse when you get to iced coffees too, with many of the easy to buy and fast food range sitting in the range of 150-300 calories depending on the flavors and syrups you opt for.

You see, black coffee is fine. Add just one sugar and you’re adding on 50 calories right away. Add a splash of milk to that and that’s another 5-20 calories depending on the milk you use, and if you opt for a more luxurious and tasty cream addition rather than milk, you’re looking to 50 to 100 calories more.

How to cut down on calories in coffee

If you’re counting the calories and worried that your mid-afternoon caffeine fix is messing up your diet regime, there are ways you can add to your coffee without making it quite so calorie-packed.

You can buy coffee flavorings which are unsweetened and low in calories and by doing this, you can add that creamy consistency and various flavors without adding empty nutrition. You could also look at making herbal or flavored teas and then adding these to your coffee grounds rather than just plain water. You could even add a pinch of spices like nutmeg and cinnamon which taste just perfect in coffee.

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