Does Walking Induce Labor?


Having a child is the ultimate source of happiness for any parents. A woman longs to give birth to her precious child. In some cases, even after the due date has passed the woman may not be able to give birth to the young one. This is the condition when women become desperate and try to give birth to the young one at any cost. This situation may turn out difficult. There are various tales as to how a child could be given birth once the due date has passed. However, whether a particular method of giving birth to your child is effective or not is a point to be argued upon. However, there are interesting natural ways of giving birth to a child. One of them is said to be walking which can induce labor.

However, it is crucial to be sure about this saying. Women will wonder whether or not walking can induce labor? The next thing that will come into the minds of women is to determine whether this method is safe? It is highly encouraged to visit a doctor before you choose this method to give birth to your precious one. It has to be determined what amount of walking is safe for you to induce labor.


Does walking induce labor?

This question has to be answered before choosing to walk to induce labor. According to medical science, walking does induce labor, however, in certain cases. It has to be in mind that it does not matter how much you walk; you won’t be able to give birth to your child unless your medical condition permits you to do so. It is advised to move around and be upright once you have entered the stage pf active labor. The amount or the duration of walking that is sufficient to induce labor will vary from women to women. The optimum result could be derived from walking if both you and your baby are ready for active labor.

Staying upright is a good move to take during pregnancy. This will help the baby to slide along further down the cervix. When you walk, you have the ability to apply some form of rhythmic pressure to the baby’s head. This phenomenon will help you to release the hormone called oxytocin which will assist you during your pregnancy. You should be active and make note of the time when the head of the baby is down into the pelvis. This is the condition when walking may help you to achieve an ideal position so as to give birth to your child.

However, you should always remember that too much of anything is not good. Similarly, the act of walking too much might have adverse effects related to labor. You should avoid walking too much so that you do not get exhausted. The ideal thing to do is to go for a casual stroll.

Can labor be induced with safe walking?

The answer is definate yes, however, not always. You can afford to take a casual walk around your home to get benefit during active labor. You might consider to walk around the hall or the kitchen at your place or even check your emails to achieve the significant benefits during labor. Sometimes, you might also afford to visit your regular neighborhood store or the park around you. However, you might want to take someone along with you for your safety. Please be careful while putting your steps to avoid fatal injuries.

Walking during active labor may be of various types. The means of walking could be classified as follows –

Walking on uneven ground

It may be worth mentioning that walking in any way might be helpful for you to induce labor. You might consider walking on the uneven surfaces as well. This might be in the form of placing one foot in the curb and another in the street. However, this method should be applied so that you do not lose your balance while walking. It may be mentioned that people find it difficult to maintain balance during the later stages of active labor.

Walking up stairs

You might also choose to walk up and down the stairs of your house. Your body needs to be lifted while you walk down the stairs. This will make sure that your baby can be in the right position for birth. You should ensure that you walk down the stairs with comfortable and safe pair of shoes. It is also ideal to have someone while walking. This will ensure that you do not fall or even if you misplace your stepping someone is there so that you can grab the support.

You should avoid walking –

You should choose not to walk if you have not completed the full duration of pregnancy. This situation might be difficult as your baby has not developed yet to come out of you. You should avoid walking if you are associated with complexions during your pregnancy. This may be during the conditions of premature pregnancy. The doctor may advise you not to walk when your amniotic is broken. There is a fluid released when the sac is broken and could prove to be hazardous for your baby during the pregnancy stage.

Alternatives to induce labor

There are other ways of inducing labor than walking. Some of these methods of inducing labor could be summarized as follows –


You can choose to have sex to induce labor only when the cervix begins to efface. This method is fruitful as orgasms could prove to be useful for uterine contractions.

Nipple Stimulation

This method may be applied to induce labor. This encourages the body to release oxytocin that will stimulate labor. However, you should consult your doctor first.


This method may be effective in inducing labor. However, the scientific facts of acupressure are yet to be established firmly.


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