The Do’s And Don’ts Of Texting Your Crush


Now that you go the number of that hottie, congratulations! It is time to begin flirting. However, the wrong text can end the chances of taking the relationship to the next level. On the other hand, the right text can help you to melt his or her heart . All you will need to do is to bring the flirty side by following some time tested dos and don’ts.

Do not wait for a certain number of days to text

One of the hardest parts is in sending the first text. You will faced with a major challenge on deciding how long to wait before you can text that hot girl that you met in the gym. Asking for answers to this question will give you a wide range of answers with some people telling you to wait for a given number of days. However, this strategy doesn’t work. The most important thing is to ensure that you have connected with her sooner than later. Where you fail to text them relatively soon, they will either forget about you. The message is more important as compared to the actual date when you reach out.

Avoid just saying Hi or Hello

Avoid texting him a simple “hey” messages. Even though it may seem to be harmless in the dating arena, not only is it generic but it can also be lazy and dull. When you send this message, the recipient will feel as if they aren’t important or special.

Focus the first few texts on making plans

After the contact, the early text conversation should focus on the plans. Sending too many of the predating texts can remove the spark that is needed in the first date. This can end up making you to overthink of what you should do or say during the date rather than just focusing on the natural you.

You will also need to be very direct when making the plans. Instead of just telling the person that you should hook up over the weekend, you can simply tell them of a specific time and day for the date. For instance, instead of asking them whether there is a specific thing that they would like to do for the weekend, you can ask to take them for dinner on Friday.

Remain calm and avoid being pushy

You should avoid making your first texts as if they are an interview. It is important to avoid this as you will end up using all the starters to your conversation. This is on top of adding other stress to your life such as wondering whether they got the text and why they may not be answering. You should also bear in mind that even if the guy doesn’t answer immediately, it doesn’t mean that they will not answer. Experts suggest that you should give them enough time to answer to the texts.

Be keen on the spelling and the grammar

Even though this is debatable, the use of good English will provide you with some extra mileage with the person whom you would like to date. Using the wrong grammar and spelling can be a great turnoff and you can come off as lazy and unintelligent. Do not also use the shortened chatspeak such as plz or b4. Though this may be okay to use with your friends, it will not come off well with someone whom you are trying to date.

It can also be difficult to understand the chatspeak incase the receiver doesn’t understand the use of abbreviations. It is therefore very important for you to stick to words that are spelt in the correct manner.

Consider your tone

It can be quite difficult to gauge the tone that is used in texts. Even where you make use of emotions and emoji, you will also need to keen on teasing, jokes or even flirting. For instance, you may be thinking that you are being funny and flirty but you may come out as crossing the line. During the early stages, make sure that you use the real name of the other person rather than their pet names or nicknames. Where you are trying to use humor, a good idea is to recall something that is from your previous interaction with the person.

If you feel that there is something that might be taken out of context, you should stop and have another look on the text.

Avoid overthinking the response time

Some people suggest that you should ensure that you have answered all your texts immediately that you receive them. However, experts warn that this may be counterproductive as you may seem desperate or overeager. Even though this may seem to be strange, not responding immediately  can end up making you more desirable.

Many people end up wasting their energy and time thinking of the right amount of days or hours that they should wait for a response. One thing that you should realize is that majority of people are so much attached to their phones that they will see the message the moment it gets into their phones.

Text a simple question

If you need a reply to the text sent to your crush, you will need to give them a reason as to why they should reply first. The text should ask a simple question such as something that is related to a conversation that you had. Avoid being shy and in you happen to meet them, you should show them that you have an interest in them.

Avoid texting twice in a row

After sending a text, do not send another one until you have heard from them. When you end two messages in a row, it is easy to be seen as desperate or even a stalker-ish.

Ensure that the conservation keeps going

Let us hope that your hottie responds to the text. To keep the conversation flowing, you should also reply and see where the conversation will take you. In case they respond using the one word answers or if there are more time that passes between the texts, you should ensure that you hold for the night. This is important as it could be a sign that the time for conversation is over.

Ensure that you follow up personally

Texting is a great option that enables you to communicate without too much pressure and it is also not nerve-wrecking. However, it is important to realize that you cannot build a relationship based on the text messages alone. Therefore, if you happen to see your crush alone, you should go up to them in person and personally continue with the conversation.

Look for signs for their lack of interests

In case you are the one who is always texting your crush, it could be a sign that your crush is just texting you as way of being polite or even out of boredom and they rarely think of you when you aren’t around. Therefore, you may need to hold the texts for a period of time. If you happen not to hear from them, it could be an indication that you are better off without them.

Attach some fun photos

Adding a photo can be a great way of eliciting their interest. This is because a picture can be worth a thousand words. However, you must avoid sending explicit images. While images are good, those showing genitalia aren’t.

Try to be funny

If you are able to make her laugh, you will be halfway home. Therefore, there is a reason why you need to make jokes. Being funny will also make you look sexy. However, you must avoid finishing your texts with lol, hehehe or even hahaha. Unlike what many people think, this isn’t sexy at all. Perhaps something that you should ask yourself is on whether you are laughing out loudly and whether you would laugh after every sentence if you were with your crush.

Do not ignore the gender rules

If you are a man and just had your first date with her, you will need to remember to check on her after she gets home. However, if you are a lady you should forget the gender rules that say that the man should text first. Remember that we are already in 2016 and not the 18th century and the woman’s fingers are as good as those of the man in writing texts.

Break that radio silence

Even where you haven’t spoken in a little while, you can try to reach out. You can say ask them to join you for lunch or something else that is not too suggestive. Also remember to be direct on exactly what you need. This will help save everyone the guesswork.

Avoid pretending to be what you aren’t

If you find that your crush is a top football fan, it doesn’t mean that you have to pretend to also be a fan. The truth o the matter will come and they will realize that you do not even understand how many players are in the game.


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