Dry Skin Around the Lips


200354003-001_XSDry skin around the mouth can become red, swollen, cracked, and flaky. Although it is unsightly, it is a very common issue that many people experience one time or another. Dry skin around the mouth can also get so inflamed that it becomes painful, itchy, and in worst circumstances- it can start bleeding.

The causes of dry skin around the mouth can range from medical conditions such as acne, dry skin, and other things or there can be environmental causes like exposure to really cold temperatures that can bring it on.

Because this condition is not too serious there are many home remedies and protocols that one can take to prevent and treat it.

Dry Skin around Mouth: Causes

There are variable causes of dry skin around the mouth including, environmental, medical, heredity, and other causes. It seems that this condition is more common in older people or people that reside in cold, dry regions of the globe.

Allergies or Reactions to Elements

Certain allergies or reactions to foods, toothpastes, perfumes, makeups, and more can cause an adverse reaction that results in red, dry skin around the mouth.

Seborrheic Dermatitis

Those individuals who suffer from chronic oily skin can contract a skin condition known as seborrheic dermatitis. This can be instigated by climate changes and usually results in skin that is itchy, because it is a yeast induced infection.

Natural Process of Aging

The natural process of aging, decreased collagen production and decreased elasticity can cause dry skin around mouth that is chronically experienced. The best way to prevent this from happening is to use creams, and gentle moisturizers that help keep the skin moist and replenished.

Lips that are Chapped or Licking Them Too Much

Chapped lips caused by dry, cold weather or dehydration can cause a referred dry skin reaction that locates itself around the mouth. Also licking your lips with your saliva can irritate the skin around the mouth and make it dry, sore, and inflamed.

Peri-Oral Dermititis

If you see bumps that are red and raised around your lips and mouth it could be caused by a condition termed perioral dermatitis. The cause of this condition is yet to be pinpointed, however it could be a reaction caused by steroid ingredients contained in face creams and make-ups.

Climate and Environmental Exposure

Environmental conditions where the weather is cold, and wind chills are severe and dry can cause dry skin around mouth area that is irritating and not pleasant looking. Wind can cause this much like when your cheeks or lips get chapped.

Angular Cheilitis

This is a condition where sometimes a vitamin deficiency or other causes can result in the crevice between the corners of the lips to dry, crack, and split. Often if this condition is left untreated it can bring birth to excess thrush and yeast infections.

Dry Skin around Mouth: Home Remedies and Treatments

Keep Your Lips Protected and Moistened

You can employ a gentle moisturizer that is organic or natural to help cure and treat dry skin around the mouth. You can use creams, balms, or gel-based moisturizers to help soothe dry, inflamed skin.

Stay Hydrated

Skin and your whole body requires water. By drinking enough fluids and staying hydrated you can not only treat dry skin around mouth, but you can also help to prevent it from occurring frequently. Do drink enough water so that you skin and body can stay healthy. Besides water drink natural fruit drinks that are high in anti-oxidants that also help to promote skin health.

Use Sunscreen

Sunburn or too much exposure to the sun can cause skin to look aged and to be dry. Taking precautions by protecting your sin from the sun’s harmful rays can prevent burns on your face that can cause the skin to become dry and flaky around your mouth. Do apply when you are outside or even at anytime when you are in harms way of the sun.

When Exposed to Weather Cover Your Mouth

If you have to fair the cold weather for any reason and are going to be outside where the wind can blow directly on your face (even if for a short amount of time)- you should cover your mouth with a scarf so that it is not in direct point of the wind.

Apply Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter is a wonder for dry skin. It can heal chapped lips and cure dry skin around mouth. You can use it on the skin around the mouth and also on the lips.

Try OTC Topical Medications

Some dermatologists can prescribe you medication that will help cure the condition that is causing the skin to be dry around your mouth. Additionally, you can pick something up from the local drug store that will help relieve itching, discomfort, stinging, and inflamed skin to heal. To give you even more healing power you can take an antihistamine such as benadryl that will help reverse the effects if an allergy is the cause of the dry skin.

Use Yogurt to Soothe

Yogurt is creamy and it has natural properties contained in it that can help to open pores up, soothe inflamed skin, and cure yeast infections that are affecting the skin.

Do Not Scratch, Pick, Or Lick Your Lips

Lastly it is very important that you do not scratch or lick your lips or skin that is surrounding the mouth. It could damage it and dry it up further. Also scratching or picking at the flaky skin can make the skin even more raw and painful- so at all costs avoid this.


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